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Horoscope for the week of 8.3 - 8.9 || The unexpected, tensions rise, a glimpse of the truth -

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are all doing okay in this crazy collective weather we're encountering. Unfortunately I don't think 2020 is going to stop heating up, heading into a climax in November and December, so it's a really good time to focus on what we CAN change, which is our own internal state, and what we can do for ourselves and those we love. In a sense, though the size and shape of the boat may be different, we're all in a similar situation riding along in the collective sea. It's of the utmost importance of this that as folks who are reading this, it's really important not to get too sucked into any narrative - use your discernment with everything you engage with.

The issues that are taking place on the global stage are way more nuanced and layered than simply two sides. Be aware of any consciousness traps! Focus on yourself and helping the people that are in your proximity and continue to build your immune system.

Today (Monday) the moon comes to its fullness in the very unconventional sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the collective, community as well as new inventions and scientific discoveries. This Aquarius full moon is making a square to Uranus in Taurus, which could mean that we are all in for a bit of a surprise under this alignment, both collective and personal. Uranus rules over the sign of Aquarius, both representing radical change, but Uranus is in fall in the sign of Taurus which can represent earth changes during its transit - storms, hurricanes, earth quakes. It's no secret that the earth is rapidly changing, and I suspect that under this transit over the next few years that will continue to happen. This could also refer to changes in the economy.

In our own personal lives, this is going to activate some radical belief systems as well as result in some very interesting changes of personal direction in whatever houses you have Aquarius and Taurus. These are fixed signs, which can be resistant to change, so it's good to look at where we're resistant to the changes that are transpiring in our own personal lives.

Also on Monday (today) Mercury in the very last degrees of Cancer, which can be a very emotional place where we're really seeking comfort and safety, perhaps externally rather than internally, is making an opposition to Saturn in the latter degrees of Capricorn, representing patriarchy, control & constriction. This is not a fun aspect and there's a chance that we could feel thwarted by the external today under this transient Mercury transit. These oppositions from the Cancer to Capricorn aren't really anything new, but it doesn't make it easy when we feel suppressed/oppressed or perhaps pulled apart by situations in our lives. Finding ourselves in our center can be very helpful today though somewhat challenging to attain.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into the sign of Leo which means that hopefully people will be willing to think a bit more about themselves and what they need to take care of - this is a time where we're reminded that it's okay to be a little bit selfish - an invitation for everyone reading this to ensure that your own cup is full and that you're speaking from a place of love. Leo represents the heart as well as the backbone, so Mercury in Leo can help us to access both - to think, speak and inform from a place of love as well as not letting anyone step over our precious boundaries!

Tuesday initiates the "battle of the Gods" as termed by The Leo King (check him out!) - I'm sure by now you've heard a lot of your favorite spiritual folks talk about the spiritual war that is taking place and how a lot of the craziness happening on earth is as a result of the craziness happening in the sky - as above, so below! Some astrologers have depicted wars breaking out over the next few months, which would make sense just looking at the collective frenzy of this year. I'd like to remind you all that despite what is going on in the astrology, that you are powerful creators and as a result, it is our conscious and unconscious mind that is used to create these potentials. The need is to divest your energy and to do things that make YOU personally able to hold a vibration of peace in your heart and mind.

However, Mars in its shadow phase in Aries, the God of War in its home sign will be combating Jupiter in this tense square aspect which can really have us feeling reactionary or impulsive. I'd say that's the challenge here is to not catch a whiff of anger or fear and then let that guide our actions. We want to act from a sound place which necessitates things like meditation and BREATHING (both of which are free- connecting with yourSelf is free) and coming to a space of sanity before you make choices that could alter the course of your life or someone else's.

On Wednesday, the North Node and Venus come together in Gemini! Yay - a breath of fresh air and truest truth to come forward with both of these energies being in the sign of communication and information. An opportunity for compassionate connection and to be empathetic and to put yourself in someone elses shoes has arrived! The North Node, wherever it's transiting your personal chart, is a pull of destiny or fate and shows us where we can put our energy to arrive at opportunity. This aligning with Venus, the goddess of love, shows us that there are blessings, ease and love to be found, though you may have to turn down the volume on the anger/sense of war with these Mars squares to Jupiter in Capricorn still felt undoubtedly from Tuesday to be able to experience it. This could also indicate needing to turn down our sense of pride/righteousness to find that compassionate ease that is available to us.

The moon moves into Pisces as well which does soften the vibe and adds a dash of creativity and intuition into the mix. For my readers that are empathic, this is a really good time to watch that tendency within yourself. Some empathy is good so that you can put yourself in the position of another, but if you feel like you're constantly bogged down under the dense state of the world, this is a time to work on empowering yourself so that you don't constantly feel other people's energy. My natal moon is in Pisces so I'm definitely guilty of this.

Thursday, Venus moves into the sign of Cancer where it really enjoys to be - Cancer is an incredibly loving energy and this can definitely bring in that sense of love and ease, especially in the earlier degrees before it starts to make some tense aspects towards the end of this transit in late August and early September.

The moon moves into Aries as well on Thursday which is going to light a fire under all of our asses - this will serve to motivate and uplift for sure, but sometimes this moon sign can indicate a sense of anger, especially as Friday and Saturday, our emotions will be a bit haywire and a bit harder to control. I think that we can all tune into the missing element, the sign of Libra, for a sense of balance. Libra takes time to weigh out words and decisions, is focused on harmony in the environment - and this is something we can definitely use to assist us during the weekend.

Sunday there is a beautiful aspect of healing that comes online with Mercury in Leo making a trine to Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries indicates that all of our egos, how we want things to look and be, as well as perhaps our core identity and truth has been wounded some way or another in our lives and this is what Chiron is highlighting - so this Mercury in Leo trine offers us the opportunity to bring our heart into the situation at play - offering immense healing through compassionate communication.

I wish you all a fantastic week!!! <3

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