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Horoscope for the week of 2.14 - 2.20 || goodness gracious...

Hello loves! I hope you are having a nice end to your weekend or start to your week, wherever and whenever this finds you. This week is a very intense one, both geopolitically and also within our relationships, as the micro is the macro. One of those weeks where I'm so grateful and simultaneously overwhelmed by what I chose to do professionally <3 this whole year is like that! :)

Mercury has been conjunct Pluto this week which has been quite intense in terms of profound breakdowns and breakthroughs in communication, perhaps having sudden epiphanies as it relates to our future and our relationship to power. Mercury and Pluto conjunct brought out some murmurs of the US, Russia and Ukraine, and it's evident that there's a war drum beating. War seems to be a part of the great reset, and in my compilation of materials for the US Pluto return on my substack for paid subscribers coming out this week, I'll be discussing the war narrative in addition to other narratives that may crop up to a head this year in the US, as well as where I'm putting my resources.

On Monday, the moon moves into Leo, waxing up to the full moon. Monday and Tuesday will be quite intense as the moon moves into an opposition to Saturn and Uranus. Here we may face where we may be feeling emotionally restless, or perhaps blocked creatively or in our relationships, as Leo moon usually just wants to love and create and can feel kinda hemmed in at least on Monday and Tuesday by the influences of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

One other thing that I will be doing for my subscribers on Substack is creating a full moon in Leo detailed interpretation for ALL rising signs, exact February 16th and the way in which it will almost feel like a mini eclipse (of the heart ;) )

Also on Monday, Pluto and the North Node in Taurus will come into its exact trine so it's very imperative to pay attention to the messages we may be receiving from our earthly environment as to which steps we need to take, what we need to work on. This is a time to transform, undoubtedly, and an opportunity to rise from the ashes to create heaven in our minds and in our physical environment, in spite of the noise in the world out there.

Tuesday, Mercury moves back into Aquarius where it started its initial retrograde season... so we have a little bit of light hearted, outside of the box type of energy before Mercury stampedes into a conjunction with Saturn, which impedes our expression on micro and macro levels, through people curtailing us or through censorship, would be my guess looking at this.

Wednesday is the full moon in Leo squaring the nodes... very intense fixed cross that can bring up some real stubbornness with what we want versus where we are, and this really brings a lot of relationship stuff to the surface, especially considering that Venus and Mars will be exactly conjunct in Capricorn on this day. We may be called to set boundaries, to step into something totally new altogether, or to tend the flames of what we're currently working on in our relationships and with our work/creative projects. We may feel a heightened sense of emotional intensity, more on this full moon than other full moons, and I suspect that if we can use this chaos and opposition energy it has the potential to be very inspiring and creative. We learn best and rise best through adversity.

Thursday the North Node will conjunct Algol, the demon star or the head of Medusa, which could trigger more earth changes in our realm, in addition to some shadow tendencies in ourselves and others, especially with regard to WHERE the North Node in Taurus is for us in our natal charts.. but specifically with regard to things like gluttony and greed, which is what the shadow of the sign of Taurus has to do with.

Thursday is an aspect that I personally have been very excited about with Jupiter in Pisces forming a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This is where we can come into gifts from the Universe, these little blessings, and I almost see this as rewards as potentials for how we handled the full moon and the intensity leading up to it. This aspect is very fated/very spiritual and is a CHOICE to tap into, as are all sextile aspects.

Also on Thursday the moon moves into Virgo and will oppose Jupiter, so we may feel quite a bit optimistic about some news that we receive, but we're not likely to get ahead of ourselves with the moon in Virgo.

Friday, the Sun enters Pisces! The Sun feels a bit more comfortable in Pisces than in Aquarius, where it is in its detriment, because the Sun gives itself away to the collective and the group in Aquarius. The Sun in Pisces will bring about this renaissance energy, especially as it waxes up to a conjunction with Jupiter at the beginning of March. This will strike the urge for people to be creative who maybe have been feeling like the well is a little bit dry, and can also amplify the collective delusion/victim/martyr/savior type of energies as this reel continues to play out.

Saturday, the moon moves into the sign of Libra for what hopefully is a weekend of collaboration, community and connection... though we may feel a bit floaty and a bit indecisive with the combination of the Sun and the moon in Libra.

Enjoy your week! Subscribe to my substack for dailies and special content <3

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