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Horoscope for the week of 2.28 - 3.6 || be like water

Greetings all! We are in the full swing of the long-term Pluto return for the USA. When this happened for Rome, it fell, and so in a sense I personally believe we're seeing the end of an empire. I am planning on doing a substack for my subscribers on a few things:

- war is a racket and all teams are funded by the same people

- initiation of cyber polygon and some of the steps that I'm taking to keep myself, my information and money secure (I'm in the trenches with you! I have not yet amassed too much personal wealth, but in case I do I have been looking into places to keep it and things to do with it).

- a few other things I'm looking into (creating my own fuel/oil, starting a garden, getting creative)

~ this is not meant to be financial advice or life advice but I do feel it helpful to share my own process and perhaps to initiate a greater conversation that could evolve over time

The most important thing this week as we're in between the in between and we're about to launch into some new energy for us personally and also collectively, is refocus on our own micro universe. I believe that there are some very impactful changes we're able to make this week, with Venus in Capricorn finally out of shadow from the retrograde (that it seems some people really discovered a lot from) it took from December 19th until January 27th... we are moving into a space of applying what we learned about ourselves in relationships, our values, what we really want and can feel good about for the long term. Mercury is also out of shadow so there's actually access to much more clarity this week and moving forward. March is extremely personally potent and not to be wasted! I'll be doing a video up on my YouTube channel about March here in the next few days.

Monday (today) February 28th, the moon moves into a dark/balsamic phase in the sign of Aquarius. What can tend to happen when we experience a dark moon phase is where the shadow tendencies of that sign are expressed, both in ourselves and in the world. We can very clearly see the shadow aspect of Aquarius showing up with a rising technocracy ~ but within ourselves we may experience it as disembodiment, detachment and disconnection from our hearts and our humanness. Make the effort during this dark moon to bridge the gap between mind and body and to really stay in touch with your heart. You can't solve the hearts problems with the mind.

Also on Monday, Venus comes into a trine with the North Node in Taurus which I perceive will feel very lovely, clarifying and will give us room to make the best choices for us. Earth signs value practical things being brought into the physical realm... and this is such a nice way to start off a week that could potentially be a bit ungrounding. Tuning into the North Node in Taurus as a connection to the earth and to our real lives and relationships is a great way to play this particular season.

On Wednesday, there's a new moon in Pisces which is so lovely, dreamy and truly supportive. Really pay attention to the personal messages that you're getting, the nods to go here or go there from your spirit because I personally feel that there are reasons for the nods or notions that we receive from our higher selves and when we don't follow those cosmic impulses we may not fully innerstand, we can come into resistance and weird situations. This may take a bit of listening to hear yourself speak, however your spirit speaks... and also practicing through this new moon having a sense of trust with where You're bringing you. This new moon is conjunct Jupiter, the Great Benefic, so use this energy to initiate and manifest and plant new seeds in your realm through your intention. This new moon is also making a sextile to Uranus which I like because it provides us with the choice to use spirit to change matter ~ to change something in our realities that we want to shift.

I wouldn't worry about getting too floaty, though. This new moon Jupiter Neptune Uranus good energy comes alongside a Mercury conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius allows us to be focused and sober-minded on this day as well so we don't get too carried away. Aquarius is representative of the future, so we could be working hard to set ourselves up for that.

Thursday is very intense. Mars, Venus and Pluto are all going to connect. I do feel like this could have implications for the world stage, the economic and geopolitical implications could be pretty massive. Mercury and Pluto met right as the Ukraine-Russia drama began unfolding in the reel and I do believe we could see more of that, though I do believe that the primary thing to focus on in that respect is protecting your money and getting prepared. I personally am not going to be keeping too much money in the banks moving forward, only enough to pay bills... based on your bank (Chase bank, citibank, wells fargo come up as ones to keep your eye on your accounts with).

In our personal lives, this has the potential to be very powerful in terms of reclaiming our sovereignty and authority, rising up into our power, making powerful declarations to the universe... has the potential to be pretty catalyzing, transformative, alchemical... in our inner worlds and in our relationships to people, relationship to power, relationship to boundaries and our ability to realy withstand. As much as I love my Capricornian friends, Saturn and Capricorn both deal in "the struggle" and this aspect is very strugglish but in a way that can really allow us to move forward in strength. Acknowledge how far you've come since 2008 because in just a few days it will just be Pluto in Capricorn... and then in 2023 and 2024, the Pluto in Capricorn story is over and the Pluto in Aquarius story begins. After Mars and Venus leave Capricorn, Pluto will be all alone in there, and we will just have come through the most intense Capricorn transits of our lives the last few years! Pat yourself on the back :) This should feel like intensely wrapping up a major cycle.

Friday, the moon moves into Aries and begins to wax from our beautiful new moon in Pisces on March 2nd... so really good time to get the ball rolling on some of what you were imagining and feeling into. This is where we'll feel quite a strong impulse with emotional Pisces sun and Aries moon to get the ball rolling on our new realities... and the fruits of that will come more on Sunday when there are the *most* changes.

Saturday is a Sun Jupiter conjunction day! This is a day where we could feel dreamy, positive, very lucky... it doesn't even matter that these frayed systems are collapsing on some level with the vibes we'll be feeling on Saturday. Sun with Jupiter is so lovely and really does bring down a very spiritual and positive energy to work with and through. Really good time to align with connections that feel more soulful, to create things. The shadow of this aspect and for that matter this whole week is wanting to escape it.

On Sunday, Mars and Venus enter the sign of Aquarius and conjunct each other again at the 0 degree... which is where they connected at the new cycle of Jupiter and Saturn connecting in December of 2020, which carried a lot of significance, first of its kind in hundreds of years. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in my opinion is connected to the digitization and attempted homogenization, but I feel that organically the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the Mars-Venus conjunction on Sunday is ALL about revelations within relationships. How we used to relate no longer works, things are different now and this catapults us into our new communities and aligns people to meet who are pivotally important on each others path.

Venus and Mars will eventually square Uranus (March 19th, March 22nd) and conjunct Saturn (March 28th & April 4th) which definitely makes for a bumpy ride there towards the end of March and beginning of April. The new connections we're making and the old ones we fortified through the Venus retrograde and direct station with Mars and Pluto will experience some shaking up, some surprises and I feel that this also brings up the question of reliable internet, cyber security concerns... I'm going to be delving on this a bit more in my video I'm making for my substack.

Much love to you all <3 <3

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