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Horoscope for the week of 8.24 - 8.30 || lots of opportunities for good with some snags to watch for

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Greetings earth angels and loved ones! I hope you are all doing great on the inside (of yourself) despite the craziness that is going on outside.

Each week seems to be building on itself in terms of intensity until November or December, so I wouldn't expect the craziness that 2020 has to offer to settle down any time soon.

What I've been encouraging my clients during this time is to focus on yourself, your own healing and your own home first and foremost - if there's a surplus of good energy, help others - but make sure your own garden is fortified first and foremost. This is NOT the time to get snagged into a certain belief system that you're sure is the right one - almost every single person on "either side" has an agenda to share. This is the time to focus on the next steps for us and for our own life - to wipe out fear and to practice commanding miracles from your healed and whole place.

Today, the Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn transit is exact. This is one of those aspects where it is what you make it - this does speak to the strict enforcements and restrictions not necessarily slowing down any time soon. The Leo King does a really awesome special on his streaming service "High Vibe TV" and it's called "Battle of the Gods" ~ I'd say it's highly worth the investment if you're interested in taking a deeper look at this.

Otherwise, Mars is at home and direct (though not for long, stations retrograde on September 10th) in Aries and feels like it can get a ton of stuff done. Certainly we've all felt a fire under our asses as soon as this ingress took place and there's definitely a nice window of time to get done what you need to get done before September 10th. Saturn, which is currently stationed retrograde in Capricorn, indicating the "old order" and the old systems of power sorta pounding the gavel, making us feel thwarted in our growth and our progress.

This is the time to find the freedom that exists within our hearts and minds and to rise above all perceived obstacles in favor of making your mission happen and making your truth and your dreams happen. This is the time to rid yourself of all excuses and to clear the victim/victimizer programming that seems to be pervasive in the collective at this time. Self-responsibility + community that is in alignment with you, be it in person or virtual, is the best way to navigate these harsher waters.

I've been advocating talking to your neighbors, preparing food and water and solar power systems not connected to the current electrical grid ~ not from a place of fear, but just preparedness so that no matter what your own ability to do life is not contingent upon anything outside of you.

Mars squaring Saturn retrograde in Capricorn can bring up perceived limitations and a feeling of being compressed or constricted. Contraction and expansion are two opposing forces that can exist in the same person and in the same situation and it wouldn't surprise me if we're all feeling a little bit of both right now.

The moon in Scorpio on Monday (today) is going to be felt as a deep dive with an electric tint as it comes into an opposition with Uranus in Taurus, as well as some claircognizance about the future - Uranus in Taurus has been dropping little hints for those who take the time to receive them about money, food ~ but also the changes and shifts within our own value systems that have been rapidly happening throughout the course of this year. There's likely some more information on business and relationships as well in the mix, waiting for you to sit and meditate so that it can come right in. The moon in Scorpio will put us in touch with our shadow selves (yay!) and our deeply held inner warrior!

Tuesday, Mercury in Virgo moves into a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, which presents a beautiful ability to think clearly with the past and the future in mind. The snag here is that Venus in Cancer, which wants everything to be nice and loving, is making an opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, which is contributing to the systemic crisis across the board we're seeing in the collective. On a personal level, it can be easy to look at what's not working, and it also provides an opportunity for us to overextend ourselves in the hopes of an expectation. We can use this energy to assist ourselves in finding our own inner authority, shoring up our inner adults (inner mother, inner father) and being able to comfort ourselves. There's plenty of mental activity that can really assist us with whatever we're going with Tuesday that you don't want to miss out on!

The moon will move into Sagittarius on Tuesday as well which does lighten up the energy a little bit - gives us a sense of humor to laugh about the absurdity of what is going on around us with!

On Wednesday, Mars in Aries is making a sextile to the North Node in Gemini and the moon will move into Gemini as well, which gives us plenty of next steps that we can take towards setting ourselves up as well as concepts and ideas that will be easier than this years normal to bring into form. We may have to be flexible, with the moon in Sagittarius which sorta forces adaptability! Good to stay a little bit "realistic" under this zany moon sign.

Thursday, Venus in Cancer will be trining over to Neptune in Pisces, which is currently stationing retrograde. This aspect can have beautiful implications for integrating a piece of ourselves, holding space for someone else and perhaps finding a piece of resolve you weren't necessarily expecting to find. On a collective level, it's good to be aware of global band-aids or something that has a lot of promise, like a theory about a politician or another stimulus check (which would be nice!) or something that isn't entirely upfront. This aspect gives us the ability to intuitively read the energy and also gives the proclivity to be lulled back to sleep.

Friday, the moon will begin its transit through Capricorn, which does sorta introduce a bit of a glum energy through the weekend. This is where we really start to take stock of where we can build.

Saturday, the moon comes into alignment with Venus which does give a bit of a sweetness to it, but it's good again with Venus still making this aspect to Neptune to still be discerning, conscious and aware, which will be easy with the moon in Capricorn making a conjunction to Jupiter ~ it'll just be easier to see those things that have been "hidden" from our sight.

Saturday, Mercury in Virgo, which is where Mercury loves to be, will be trining over to Jupiter in Capricorn in its retrograde station. This gives us the power to objectively look at some of the facts and gives us the ability to think on a whole other wave. The invitation with Mercury in Virgo is to take inventory and to think critically ~ there's nothing that Mercury in Virgo detests more than not being informed and burying our heads in the sand.

Sunday, the opportunity comes to truly do just that as Mercury in Virgo makes an opposition to Neptune in Pisces retrograde. Not sure if I even need to explain this to my readership, but in case you need the reminder, don't believe what you see in the media, especially on this day.

On a personal level, this Mercury in Virgo opposition to Neptune in Pisces stationing retrograde could bring something up from the past - an old pattern or way of being - that could seem too good to be true or tempting in some way. This year it's a good idea to remember: always forwards, never backwards.

Venus in Cancer on Sunday will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn, which can be a challenging OR great thing for our relationships, with not a whole lot of in between. Sometimes things surface that need to be transformed. Issues around home and family as well as the drive for domination & control, however that shows up, can be anticipated to rock a shaky foundation. If you're in a relationship that is fairly integrated, this can show up as a challenging situation that helps to bring you closer together, or a situation where your inner strength and will is able to really come out.

Sunday, the moon moves into the sign of Aquarius - and so in a Virgo season with both Aquarius and Virgo this is a day where our mind can easily get away with us, though we do have the advantage of having both signs that are highly intellectually aware, so that's awesome :)

Hope that this was helpful for you loves!

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Thank you kindly! Enjoy the week - sending tons and tons of love your way.

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