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Horoscope for the week of 6.1 - 6.7 || surrender mode, eclipse season

Greetings loved ones! I hope that you are having a beautiful evening and that you're making it yours.

I've taken a few weeks off from writing - something about these retrogrades that are challenging me to go within and to take inventory and stock, get organized. And to be honest, the writers block has been real as I find myself to be distancing from a lot of things that I used to be very enmeshed with. I'm sure that the same can be said for my readers - that the purge is real - the desire to become a bit more self-sufficient, to plant a garden and tend it daily, to pray and meditate and dance. I've found that I'm feeling repelled against things like salt and certain preservatives and have been very much slipping into Empress energy in the kitchen and the garden.

I think it's important during this incredibly stressful and polarizing time to really pay attention to what you're giving your energy to. We've come to a point where we're kind of divorced from our spirit, our life force, our ability to create.

In school, we learn about how logic is superior to creativity and spirituality. Every creative person I know and every mystic has had to minimize that part of themselves, and that's a huge part of the program that we're in the process of breaking as humanity, as a collective.

I'll invite you to consider divesting your energy. Take back your spirit. Every single aspect of what is going on, known or unknown to us, has a consciousness, a spiritual energy to it and it takes a certain level of soulful work and acknowledgment of our traumas and our wounding to move through. It takes courage and bravery to approach matters of the heart and of spirituality - the first layers of that are often painful.

Concentrating your energy and intention on what you desire to create, while also working to internally heal your shadow and your resistance to each and everything that is happening in the world is our souls work - it's what we chose to come here to do and partake in. The powers that be depend on us being disconnected from our truest selves - they're counting on that. Regardless of what your political ideology is, the overarching system is something that generally we can agree needs to be completely uprooted - and that's a process that first happens in our own gardens.

When we're in our own gardens and we're tending to it, it's easier for us to have the self-awareness to know when we're being played or are adding energy to some kind of spell.

So using the Jupiter and Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn to really dig up the deepest weeds and to find the pests in your own garden - take the time (Capricorn) to till your own soil, day in, day out, in service to others - because if we aren't whole or on our way, we aren't going to be useful for other people.

Find the soil that allows you to thrive. Certain foods, certain activities, certain human being connections. This is a time of digging deep and facing all of this anger, rage, war, deception, sickness, loss of control, violation & poverty - and how a lot of that programming keeps us from seeing how powerful we truly are. Healing my resistance to my deepest triggers has really helped me, through my own growth periods in the last month. If we can be at peace and can generate warmth in all circumstances, our souls become truly liberated, and it becomes easier to become embodied. A lot of my friends have reported feeling pain-free for the first time in their lives just because this inner work doesn't feel as optional anymore.

I bring all of this up because we are about to enter into one of the more powerful retrograde seasons we've seen in a long time. Venus has been retrograde in Gemini and will be until June 25th - and this is really causing a lot of shifts and changes in our love lives and our financial situations. When Venus stations retrograde, she finds herself in the underworld and shines her light on some of the stuff that at times we'd have better luck keeping hidden. Venus in Gemini in her retrograde station in her transition to a morning star brings a close to a cycle that has been in effect from May & June of 2012. Venus is going to start a new rose this week - a new cycle.

In June 6 planets total will take their turn.

As we move into this wild eclipse season that contains three(!!) different eclipses, the main thing to do is to go downstream, to surrender, to coast. Destiny takes over and changes are made for us during this eclipse window that begins on June 5th with the prenumbral lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and goes until July 4th!

Monday, the moon is in Libra in a nice harmonious alignment with the Sun in Gemini making Monday a really nice day in our microcosm that offers the ease in sharing ideas and connecting with others. These two dual air signs offer the opportunity to keep a unified front within yourself and your external world. This offers radical understanding in some of our relationships as well. The moon in Libra will square Jupiter and Pluto, asking that we surrender our desire for everything to look nice or to look a certain way - sometimes change and transformation is messy and there's some level of grace in allowance for that.

The tension is building on Monday until the square from Venus in Gemini to Mars in Pisces is going to be exact. Venus retrograde is bringing things up from the underworld, especially as she prepares to complete her cycle as an evening star as she forms a conjunction with the Sun in Gemini on Wednesday to emerge as a morning star. Let this Venus-Mars square bring things up for you in your relationships and with money so that you can see what is about to close out for you! This is going to be a flippy-floppy kind of a week in whatever house you have Gemini in your chart, especially in relationships. In our personal lives we may see some changes around love, money and expression.

It's important when Venus is in Gemini in this square to Mars in Pisces, as tensions run high, to handle our relationships and ourselves with care - avoiding being too hard on ourselves and others. Ask yourself if in your relationships you're actually being fed and nourished and if you feel seen and heard - it's important to have a unified front within and without during this time.

Wednesday, Venus joins in a conjunction with the Sun in Gemini and becomes a morning star. This is where Venus becomes a bit impulsive, spontaneous and quick to respond, so perhaps some changes that have been backed up in our lives that could stand to be made. Keep your wits about you!

The moon will move into Scorpio as well on Wednesday, which is where the shadow self on an emotional level comes to have some tea with us. It's important that we welcome these disenfranchised, fragmented parts of ourselves under this current climate. It may be hard to contain our more compulsive emotions and that's okay - give yourself tons of grace and if you can, take some time for yourself over the next few days. The moon will oppose Uranus in Taurus which shows a harsh reaction to our "new world" and what is going on in it. Kinda reminds me of the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th and the heightened energy of that day - this is the first time that the moon will be in Scorpio since then, and so for those who enjoy tracking your transits, you can look to see what was happening, what you're feeling and how your intentions or wishes perhaps manifested.

On Friday the moon moves right into this full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. I'd recommend not using this lunar eclipse to manifest as this is happening in the same sign as the South Node in Sagittarius, indicating the energy of release - we are releasing something, not creating anew. Eclipse windows are usually times where you want to stay away from manifesting certain specific things or people, but rather keeping your imagination and visualization practice open, releasing the need to be right, doing your best to stay off the main stage.

This lunar eclipse also asks us to release the need to be right and the need to know - those who don't presume to know the future or know that the future is not fixed are onto something.

Mercury in Cancer makes a sextile as well on Friday to Uranus in Taurus - an aspect that opens the door for alternative perspectives to take as well as plenty of solutions coming through, easily and effortlessly. Uranus in Taurus is all about frequency of the earth changing, and so as a result our own frequencies have been coming way more into the conversation as well as spirituality the last few years - the truth being dispersed in some falsity as it goes. Our words have frequencies and with them we are spellcasters - Mercury in Cancer is asking us if we want to repeat the past, so just be mindful of that!

In addition to this big day, this full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, Mercury in Cancer will be squaring Chiron in Aries which really brings up for us the wounding that didn't originate with us. This is our ancestral trauma coming up in the collective without us getting to unpack it on our terms - that should be our choice to unravel as we go. This day suggests that we can take a deeper look at ourselves, at the past and at the origin of humanity and the origin of our family - so we have access to sooo much healing and release on Friday as well!

Saturday, the Sun in Gemini that has us scattering our efforts a little bit but also learning so so much SO quickly is making a square aspect to Mars in Pisces. We need to pay attention to our actions on Saturday because our life force and our highest good and our next steps may not be in that much alignment. This is a really good day for (and just an important time in general) for learning how to discern between our energy that we generate and the energy that is not ours, that is foreign to us - be it other people's energy or non-human energy. Ask yourself where you're acting from! Staying open minded to information that is coming your way, sifting through the bullshit to find the truth that resonates with you and taking care of our spiritual natures, with the Sun in Gemini squaring Mars in Pisces, is a great way to play it as well as paying attention to the way that we react to what is happening on the main stage.

Sunday, the moon moves into Capricorn and out of this full moon eclipse energy - but we are in the eclipse window at the point where the moon begins to wane, which indicates allowing ourselves to continue to release what we felt on the full moon on Friday. This can be sort of a depressing energy so with that we know that we can uplift in our own ways using our practices and doing what sets our own souls on fire. When the moon is in Capricorn we can see the limitations of our reality and we can really take that on - so it's a good day and a good time to spend in harmony with the earth, go outside, put your feet in some dirt.

It was a joy to write this!!! If you resonated with this message and you'd like to join my patreon or leave a one-time donation on ko-fi, here are some links to do that:

Have a blessed week!


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