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Horoscope for the week of 2.22 - 2.28 || a great week!

Good afternoon (or whenever you're reading this)! I hope that you're finding ease, flexibility and resilience in accordance with the years astrology.

Last week was a big shift with Saturn squaring to Uranus ~ and I don't feel that we've seen the last of events like the one we had in Texas ~ and this happens two other times this year, one on June 14th and again on December 24th. I do personally feel as though the weather is manipulated and that there's been a lot of greenwashing ~ we can expect some more geoengineering and strange weather events over the course of this year, as well as financial ups and downs. To be forewarned is to be forearmed ~ and I've been encouraging people to prepare with food, water and however you can prepare.

There's a youtube channel called Suspicious Observers, which I feel has some distortion but not all, and they said something that really struck me, which was that the magnetosphere/ionosphere and all the spheres of containment that surround this reality was depleted by 25% last year alone, and the earth spun faster on its axis than "normal" 28 times ~ so there's both weather control and uncontrollable weather that I feel like we'll be working with this year. Uranus in Taurus is asking us to shift our relationship to the earth however we can ~ be it looking into things like regenerative agriculture and soil replenishment ~ this year is a great year to plant a garden for numerous reasons!

The way that this influences us personally is going to depend on us ~ for me, it manifested as a migraine and some physical discomfort, for others in my life I noticed it carried the energy of snap your fingers, change your life and I do feel like that feeling of change, changes to make through recognizing what doesn't align with us will become more evident this year. Change could be good!

Mercury stationed direct last week though we are in the shadow phase of that so we're moving through that space of reconciling miscommunications we may have had ~ and ALL of the planets are direct! So this is positive, makes for our ability to take action and move forward! So as with everything since last year, if it matches a cycle that you've been in that you're trying to get out of, good to collapse that out. Mercury direct in Aquarius can bring a lot of things to light with some of the aspects we have this week, both micro and macro.

Last week the Sun moved into Pisces, which is a beautiful opportunity for us to surrender to our highest self, our spirit, and to move with compassion! This Pisces season is going to get a little bit more "alice and wonderland" than most other Pisces seasons so really good to watch for things like escapism, deception, illusion ~ but also this gives us access to a LOT of creative and spiritual energy this year. Aries season which starts on March 20th in my opinion should be the start of the new year, the start of spring, so really focusing on closing up old doors and allowing yourself to experience the transient in between space.

Monday, the moon moves into Cancer ~ so we could feel like some emotions come up and out and we may experience a felt desire to be cozy, comfortable, private ~ the moon in Cancer is great for inner child work and emotional work and sorta draws those things out whether or not we are conscious of them. The moon in Cancer is positively aligned with the Sun in Pisces as well, which can bring up a lot of emotional releases, some projection especially within our close relationships but this is something that is easily seen and recognized under this type of energy.

Wednesday, Mars in Taurus moves into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Mars, the planet of action, aggression, sensuality, passion, doesn't really enjoy too much to be in Taurus. It can feel lethargic or slow-to-rise and can be hard to motivate under the energy of Mars in Taurus. However, this trine to Pluto I think will be the thing that helps lots of people to see where they need to make changes and transform in their life, what kind of ideas/concepts need to be made manifest into form.

The moon will move into Leo on Wednesday where the impulse is to become very heart-centered and generous, but at the same time we could feel some opposition with this or some challenge because of Uranus and Mars being in Taurus, and Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius ~ we may face some opposition especially on Wednesday in expressing our emotions or feeling a sense of closeness ~ and we're also likely in for some surprises with Uranus involved. : )

On Thursday, Venus enters the sign of Pisces! Venus loves to be in the sign of Pisces and I think this will be a really great chance to connect with others under the basis of recognizing our humanity and will be a beautiful opportunity for compassion, healing, creativity. One thing to take note of is if you are prone to rose colored glasses or glazing over red flags, this could be something to watch if you're engaging with relationships, but otherwise I feel deeply that this transit creates an opportunity for healing for those who want to access it.

The Sun in Pisces will make a sextile to Uranus in Taurus too which brings up some very multidimensional energy and perhaps a chance to make those bigger picture connections using our intuition and divine intelligence that we may not have otherwise made.

Friday, Jupiter in Aquarius will be trining the North Node in Gemini! This is what I'm most excited about this week even including the Venus in Pisces transit because it really presents the ability to accelerate our ability to access and retain knowledge and to speak on what we've learned, and also may present us with some good news both on a micro level and at a macro level. This comes with really good energy and there are a few things I feel that this transit will positively respond to ~ like getting together with others however feels good for you, investing your time and energy in what is rightly for you and staying in your lane, focusing on stimulating ideas and conversations. I am really excited about this aspect : )

Saturday, the moon will move right on into a full moon in Virgo. I love to compare this to that time in the afternoon where the sun shines in the room at exactly the right time to illuminate all of the dust particles on our furniture so we can see what our next steps are and exactly what needs to be done. Recommended highly for this full moon in Virgo to get out into nature however you can, plant some seeds into some dirt and see what happens. It could also function as somewhat of a reality check which the sign of Pisces can always use (my moon is Pisces so I am allowed to say this hehe)

Enjoy your week beloveds!

I'm going to be putting out a class shortly on energetic hygiene and maintenance ~ hope you can attend! If you enjoy or benefit from this, check out the links below to donate:

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