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Horoscope for the week of 1.31 - 2.6 || new moon in Aqua, Mercury direct

Greetings! I hope that you are all doing well today <3

Two announcements before I get into the horoscope:

1) I added a $50 reading to my booking site that is recorded! Just letting you know :)

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Lots and lots going on in the astrology last week and this week. Mars moved into Capricorn and Venus stationed direct in Capricorn as well which allows for us in our personal lives to see some forward momentum on some things that maybe we've been feeling stuck on, things that we've reconsidered in the light of the Venus retrograde transit from December 19th until January 29th, undoubtedly a very clarifying transit that really showed us what we want out of life in a longer-term way, where we are looking out over the horizon and contemplating the future of love, money, our appearance (Venusian things) in addition to how we relate to the institutions that lord themselves over us and how we want to interact with those energies moving forward.

Mercury retrograde has been right on Pluto, and will be until it stations direct on February 3rd, which is when we'll really be off to the races and in a new chapter, perhaps in a new setting, with a new cast of characters. This Mercury-Pluto conjunction is quite intense and ongoing, makes for some intense conversations, breakthroughs and awareness of which contracts in your life, in your space need to be broken or perhaps new contracts of all kinds that you're wanting to make.

The Sun and Uranus also is in an exact square at present time and continues as the week begins... which echoes the chaotic and tumultuous Saturn-Uranus square we've been dealing with since the beginning of 2021 that has caused restructuring, upheaval, compression and expansion... where we have had the opportunity in the last several months to really form like diamonds, and clarify our boundaries and what we need to stand firm on. We've had to really learn how to embrace change in the last year, and the Sun-Uranus aspect that is felt Sunday (today), Monday, Tuesday is definitely felt, but not nearly as intense as that Saturn-Uranus square, last exact on December 24th and the next time will be exact on July 29th. So being open to change, trying not to get frustrated when things don't exactly work out how you want them to.

The US Pluto return is on the horizon and starts February 22nd, 2022! About 248-250 years ago, Pluto was in Capricorn when this nation was founded. Pluto has to do with the themes of death/rebirth... so America as an empire may fall, or be changed in some way. No one knows exactly what is going to happen since it appears to me that the powers that were are operating with game theory... so it really could be anything. In the last year leading up to this, my focus has been on finding alternative sources of power like generators, cybersecurity & making sure that things are backed up that need to be, diversifying my assets (some into crypto, extremely reluctantly, some into precious metals) have food backed up, have access to water if necessary... I've put a lot of energy in the last year into preparedness and have been sounding that alarm bell on all of my platforms. There's no doubt that the people who are in the US who are living through this year and this time are here for a reason, whether it's to restore the initial virtues of the US or to prevent the great reset from completely taking over, or to just observe as the empire falls. Hard to say. I'm kind of excited to see what happens! But it doesn't take a genius to look at the supply chain in the last few years, or the instability of our realm in terms of the solar flares and earth changes, or to be aware of the constant hegelian dialectics and authoritarian edicts that come from top-down. Either way, cheers! <3

Monday, the dark moon / balsamic phase of the moon will continue on... and the dark moon phase, which I mentioned in last weeks blog, is the phase right before the new moon and activates shadowy qualities of the sign it's in... and in this case, that is Capricorn so you want to make sure not to grasp too tightly to things occurring in the material world, do your best not to worry too much about money...

The new moon on Tuesday is a good impetus for us to ask ourselves what we want to commit to in our future? How do we want to move forward? What seeds would we like to plant? I offered an interpretation for each rising sign on my substack here:

But this new moon hopefully will inspire us to plant seeds of innovation, through the coming changes to our realm, our food supply... and ways to be creative, all of which we may need.

Thursday Mercury stations direct in Capricorn!! Woo hoo! This is happening really closeby to Pluto so we'll be able to enact the changes that we've been feeling we need to make, after some reflection. This is also a period of time where ALL of the planets are going to be direct until APRIL 29TH so expect that things will move quickly ~ this is the time to really work hard, set yourself up for the entire year, get things together, start things, manifest... especially in accordance with your human design strategy and authority :) ( for more information!)

The moon will move through the sign of Pisces Thursday and will join up with Jupiter, beginning to wax up to the full moon in Leo in a few weeks. When the moon is in Pisces our dreams are usually very vivid, we are quite empathic (so shielding and energetic maintenance becomes very important for folks who are energetically sensitive!) and we may seek out ways to escape and run away, though with having so much Capricorn in the sky we'll be rewarded by staying the course.

Friday, Mars in Capricorn will positively aspect Jupiter in Pisces... Capricorn and Pisces are two signs that are very destiny-bound, transpersonal, so this could feel like some cosmic assistance and support for what you're trying to act on. For people who have the gift of prophecy, you may receive some glimpses of the future that are important! This really allows even mundane folks to open up more to the bigger picture, to have a bit more faith in their life. Faith + action is definitely a magic formula.

The very serious aspect of the Sun in Aquarius coming into a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius also happens today... it's possible to feel very serious, sober, limited... this type of energy serves as a great reminder to only give attention to what is most important and may serve to clarify an aspect of our friendship circle or relationships in our lives, since Aquarius has such a strong relational component.

Sunday Mars in Capricorn will square Chiron in Aries! Oof. This is a potentially painful aspect... Mars in Capricorn can be unfeeling, getting things done at any cost, can be kind of controlling, wanting things to be done a certain way... and Chiron in Aries is that deeply insecure and wounded part of each individual that reminds us of our own humanity in a sense. Sunday could be awkward, make us feel emotionally vulnerable (because the moon also moves into Aries on Sunday additionally) and like our efforts aren't exactly getting where we want to go... so self-compassion is key here. Venus is also widely squaring Chiron during this week, not exactly, but enough to feel it!

Enjoy your week <3 <3 thanks so much for reading this! Take care :)


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