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Horoscope for the week of 12.9 - 12.15 ||

Grand rising/good afternoon! I hope that you guys are all having a good day so far. Jupiter went into Capricorn last week for a year of creating our own luck through hard work and resilience! With Jupiter in Capricorn we have to show up to get paid - we have to show up to receive opportunities and attain what we desire. This is a different feeling than Jupiter being in Sagittarius certainly.

The Sun made a square to Neptune last week as well, which definitely offered up an opportunity to fall asleep at the wheel and head into a little bit of a delusion, and today (Sunday, 11.8) there's an exact square from Jupiter in Capricorn to Chiron in Aries which is pulling things up about perhaps where we haven't been able to be fully embodied, where we were told the core of us wasn't good enough - and really today (Sunday) offers an opportunity to heal this - and this aspect will be felt for most of the week ahead and will definitely fade in intensity.

Monday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius! Mercury usually only takes two and a half to three weeks in one particular sign, but has been in Scorpio for most of October and all of November - so it's ready to keep moving forward into the sign of the seeker, Sagittarius. Mercury typically is all about how we handle the details, and Sagittarius is way more about the bigger picture and the larger vision at play - so if you're not a naturally detail oriented person, this is a good time to make lists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

On a deeper and more esoteric level, Mercury in Scorpio offered us an opportunity to get onto a path in particular - to get off of the fence and to choose what our stance is on what we want for our life. Now, Mercury is able to get onto that path and start walking. We're still under a really fertile energy with Mars being in Scorpio still - so this week is not a week to spend in escape - but rather to be making the most of each day.

Tuesday, Mercury in Sagittarius will be making an exact trine to Chiron in Aries - trines to Chiron can be quite healing and I find that the medicine that Mercury in Sagittarius provides is both perspective, but also humor. We'll really be able to laugh at ourselves on Tuesday - and use humor to alchemize painful situations.

Wednesday, Venus moves in an exact conjunction to Saturn! And then will move between Saturn and Pluto until Friday. This is a rather intense time for receptive Venus - this is a very serious energy that asks us to be very selective about where we're putting our time and our energy. Venus was with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in February - now the South Node has moved off of this significantly - we've done a lot of work around releasing karma around where we feel obliged - now we can show up where we want to show up - where we feel pulled. Commit to what has been flowing really nicely for the last few months and look to see where all of this is playing out in your own chart for more insight into what exactly you're renewing your commitment on - for example, this is happening in my first house and I Am renewing my commitment to myself and my health.

Thursday marks the full moon in Gemini! Sagittarius and Gemini are signs that are primarily of mind, thoughts, concepts and ideas - so our mental experience will likely be particularly busy - this day will teach us a lot about the way our minds work and what perhaps we may benefit from learning - this day may bring a crazy flavor to it as these signs are both mutable and hard to predict - luckily we have all of that Capricorn energy transpiring to keep us grounded.

I'd recommend making a list of all of the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging thought forms that hold you back and release them by burning it - we can definitely become aware of a lot especially as Chiron stations direct on Thursday as well, which can definitely cause us to become more aware of our wounding but it also makes it a little bit easier to deal with - a little bit less nebulous and confusing and more straightforward. If there are any beliefs you have or thoughts you have around not being enough and not being able to show up effectively in the world, that is one for Thursday to burn.

Friday, Mars in Scorpio makes a healing trine to Neptune in Pisces which may slow or cloud our productivity over the weekend but it will make us feel very creative and spiritually aligned. From this spiritual alignment if we're present enough we can be even more productive in a holistic sense - sure, we may not be checking all of our boxes off but we'll be more present and available to new opportunities that may come up.

Also on Friday, Venus is also going to form a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn which gives a very transformative and deep feeling in our relationships - this is where we'll know very clearly on some level when we want to invest in something. If a relationship or a partnership is working, it will be very evident on Friday and if it's not, it will also be super evident. This is also where we want to question our relationship to power and authority - even if we're in a relationship, we should still be able to act from a space of our own authority.

Sunday brings a really lovely aspect that will be felt for a few days on either side - Jupiter in Capricorn will be making a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus which will bring a lot of inspiration into the mundane - we'll have a lot of awesome ideas, especially after the full moon on Thursday - and I think it's just making a choice which idea we want to go with and follow. This is also a really positive money aspect generally because Uranus in Taurus is reforming and reshaping the way that we look at wealth and having wealth, and Jupiter in Capricorn is here to reward those who have been showing up.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this - it was my pleasure to write! Have a beautiful week <3


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