Horoscope for the week of 11.4 - 11.10

Grand rising! I hope that you are all having a fantastic start to your Monday, or whatever day you're reading this. Last week was very interesting with Halloween being on the same day that Mercury stationed retrograde in Scorpio on the 28th degree. To recap, this is a close of a big cycle that has been working us since 2010 - we've all had to transform something, it keeps coming up - this is our chance to really leave it in our dust. Even though Mercury retrograde does have ties to reflecting on the past, it's important to still stay at least partially focused on the future - it's looking bright for those of us who have done the deep work to shed the last pieces and parts of what has held us back so we can come into 2020 without this baggage, something that will prove to be quite important.

Venus also moved into Sagittarius - this is a very freedom oriented Venus transit and encourages us to follow our bliss point wherever it takes us - even if it seems like the unconventional thing to do. Venus is going to conjunct Jupiter in the middle of November near the Galactic Center, which is going to bring beautiful blessings in relationships, insight and prosperity - this is partially why I'm saying that it's important to be future-oriented - to ask the q