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Horoscope for the week of 11.4 - 11.10

Grand rising! I hope that you are all having a fantastic start to your Monday, or whatever day you're reading this. Last week was very interesting with Halloween being on the same day that Mercury stationed retrograde in Scorpio on the 28th degree. To recap, this is a close of a big cycle that has been working us since 2010 - we've all had to transform something, it keeps coming up - this is our chance to really leave it in our dust. Even though Mercury retrograde does have ties to reflecting on the past, it's important to still stay at least partially focused on the future - it's looking bright for those of us who have done the deep work to shed the last pieces and parts of what has held us back so we can come into 2020 without this baggage, something that will prove to be quite important.

Venus also moved into Sagittarius - this is a very freedom oriented Venus transit and encourages us to follow our bliss point wherever it takes us - even if it seems like the unconventional thing to do. Venus is going to conjunct Jupiter in the middle of November near the Galactic Center, which is going to bring beautiful blessings in relationships, insight and prosperity - this is partially why I'm saying that it's important to be future-oriented - to ask the question, "Do I need this in my life?" and make those final cuts for things that you desire to leave behind this year. Finding your own authentic truth with the Sun in Scorpio is super important in this process.

Monday will be a build-up to an aspect that will come exact on Tuesday - Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. We'll be able to see potentially with harsh clarity where our indecision has backed us into a little bit of a corner. This is the time to get off the fence! Decide what you want to give yourself fully to and do your best to trim the fat. Mind your motives during this transit - it's possible that some of the stuff that on a surface level you're saying out of love could have a passive-aggressive punch behind is. It's important in this life to try to cultivate a healthy relationship with anger - it's a really healthy human emotion that each person has. Take yourself to kickboxing, scream at the top of your lungs - do the things that release your anger as it comes up on Tuesday.

Wednesday, the moon in Pisces comes in to soften the Mars-Pluto square, adding a dreamy, intuitive and fantastical complexion to the potentially angry skies. This can bring us to a space where we want to escape, but we're doing really important work here on earth right now - so keep your feet on the ground & enjoy all of the creativity and inspiration that is to be found here.

Thursday the Mars-Pluto square can still be felt on a deep level, so it's important to continue to work through things as they come up - knowing that things only come up for us to heal and our healing of ourselves has a ripple effect that is far and wide. It will become a little less intense after Thursday, though Friday has an intensity in a different direction all its own.

Friday, there will be a really positive grand sextile, the highlight being the sextile from Neptune in Pisces to Saturn in Capricorn - two outer planets in their home signs - Saturn in Capricorn being exacting and clear, while Neptune in Pisces opens up our spiritual realities which of course comes with a little bit of disillusionment. It's really important with this aspect to spend some time in reflection about the work that you're doing here, if there's a purpose in it and if you'd like to move towards more meaningful, self-directed work. The answers that you'll receive during this weekend likely come from your time in nature, your meditation cushion, your easel, the dance floor - inspiration will be high. The Sun in Scorpio, highlighting our transformation and authenticity, making a trine to Neptune, opening up a beautiful portal for healing, and sextiling Saturn will be illuminating ways to bridge these two seemingly opposite worlds - and this bridge exists at the very center of us. Go there!

The moon will be in Aries which will make us want to act- it will certainly be energizing and will allow us to step into action with great ease - we may be a little bit impatient over the weekend and sometimes tensions can run high on a transient level with the moon in Aries - you'll wanna run around this weekend.

Saturday, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio makes a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn - showing us from a place that we can observe what we can clearly commit to, what makes sense in our lives, and what doesn't - make a mental note of these things that come up - or write it down. These sextiles to Saturn are asking that we take our power back and act from a space of our own authority.

Enjoy your week loves! <3 M

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