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Horoscope for the week of 1.3 - 1.9 || transpersonal times

Hello and happy new year, if you celebrate new years at this time of year ;) I typically celebrate the new year on March 20th, which is when we bring in the first day of spring. It just feels more right... I like to very subliminally set intentions in the winter as I take part in the personal process of my leaves falling off, however.

The Capricorn new moon on January 2nd served as a very powerful time to set goals and to draw inward ~ and also as a checkpoint for this ongoing Venus retrograde transit (direct January 30th). This new moon actually was on the very same degree that Venus will station direct, so it's almost like ... ok where are we? What do we have? What do we value in the long-term?

Mercury also is in Aquarius and I love this energy to be honest because it helps us to really see problems from a more neutral perspective, gives us alternative pathways and also really opens up a genius energy for us to benefit from. Mercury in Aquarius is in its shadow phase ~ it will station retrograde on January 14th and stay in that station until February 3rd, so we'll get some nice momentum after both January 30th and February 3rd with these inner planets gaining some "forward" motion. (Really they just become more accessible to us energetically, in my opinion).

Jupiter in Pisces is actively making a square to the North Node while it's in its early degrees of Pisces, while the north node is still in the sign of Gemini... bringing up truly a three ring circus ridiculous type of energy... Jupiter in Pisces is super expansive, super dreamy very at home where it is... this type of Pisces energy is prone to extremes, and Gemini can also be prone to extremes in different ways as well. This also hits over to the South Node in Sagittarius so there's some aspect of where we want to go, where we feel we will benefit, and where our belief system is and where our mind is. I'd say this can produce this desire to overextend ourselves, overcommit but underdeliver... really good to pull yourself back into a space of integration as we get started with this week ahead.

Tuesday, January 4th, the moon will move into Aquarius and right into a conjunction with Mercury for what could be quite a flash of insight especially after that new moon we just had. I love when the moon comes into Aquarius personally it draws us into this neutral field that's very high up where we can contemplate and laugh about the ridiculousness of the divine comedy / tragedy. I feel like combining this with Mercury in Aquarius will give us a flash of insight and genius that will help us with whatever we're navigating Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 5th, Venus retrograde in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. I really like to think of this subtle, somewhat transpersonal aspect to be like a portal into some kind of insight and information that is connected to the concept of "destiny." In the video I did on the new moon in Capricorn I brought up the connection that both the signs Capricorn and Pisces have to destiny, to what is fated, and Venus and Neptune's energy can be felt similarly so I think this aspect is beautiful. This is definitely Venus being softened up when she needs to be and I think this will heighten the spiritual impulse on Wednesday in a very gentle way.

On Thursday, January 6th, the moon moves into Pisces which is where we can get into that dreamy, transcendent illusory type of state. For the empaths that read this, boundaries are of the highest importance... I have my natal moon in Pisces and nothing does it for me quite like solitude and so maybe you'd like to try that on for Thursday. The moon will connect with Jupiter which gives us a really nice, warm and optimistic magical feeling... and I find that my dreams are always a bit more vivid when the moon is in Pisces as well so enjoy the creative and spiritual riches that this lunation comes with.

Saturday, January 8th, Venus retrograde in Capricorn will conjunct the Sun and I genuinely feel like this will provide us some insight around the residuals of this Capricorn brigade over the last several years we've been experiencing that Venus is reviewing right now in her retrograde station. There's a tremendous amount of potentials to pull insights, especially if you have Capricorn placements of any kind, right now under this Venus retrograde that stations direct on January 30th.

The moon also moves into Aries on Saturday which means we'll have a little bit of get up and go, a little bit of spontaneity, though the tendency is to emotionally react under this type of energy. The moon will be making a bit of a square with the sun, the first waxing square since the new moon in Capricorn on January 2nd so we can kinda reach a frustrating plateau in the energy around what we were trying to bring in. Capricorn and Aries are both extremely ambitious, the difference is that Aries doesn't like it when its plans don't come to fruition immediately, where Capricorn has some patience.

Sunday, we close out the week with a nice sextile of Mercury in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries... Mercury is in a shadow phase and so we'll see this sextile again shortly as Mercury stations retrograde on January 14th... this is an aspect that kinda helps us to embrace the weirdo of ourselves and others, opens a pathway for unconventional but authentic communication... I likes it! :) The moon will be in Aries on Sunday still so we may be feeling a bit touchy but I think this Mercury will add lightness to it.

I hope that you enjoy your week!

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Take care <3

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