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Horoscope for the week of 1.27 - 2.2 || Mars square Neptune, chill week

Good mid-morning! I hope that you are all having a beautiful day so far - with the Aquarius new moon over the weekend really propelling us forward into new directions and the energy being really well-suited for making connections and discovering who holds us in our value and who recognizes our essence and frankly, who doesn't. It's important to make that distinction even this week to not get sucked into the strange relationship aspect still forming between Venus and Mars...

Today (Monday, 1.27) Venus in Pisces will conjoin with Neptune, so it'll be hard to perceive things accurately in our relationships. It can be very easy and natural to get sucked into some sort of delusion or fantasy or construct that makes us feel "safe" but really is not beneficial at all. With Venus in Pisces still in a square to Mars in Sagittarius, it's important that we pay attention to which relationships are right and which are not. This weekend could have had some relationship conflict or feelings of dissonance - and that is unfortunately carried through to the week, with Mars gearing up to square Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday.

The Venus-Mars square here is really pointing out some of our differences in relationships, where we may be asked to switch gears or evolve and change the way that we're going about relating to others altogether. It can be tempting to try to force something or make something fit your romantic story, but at the end of the day we're still in a very Capricorn-dense sky with Jupiter, Saturn, the South Node and Pluto - so if something doesn't work in reality, if things aren't moving in a certain direction in reality, we're really being asked to look at that now.

The moon moves into Pisces as well during this Venus-Mars conjunction and will involve itself on Tuesday as it moves over Neptune and Venus. Neptune in Pisces will be making a square to Mars in Sagittarius - and this definitely puts a little bit of a challenge in our way of doing things that aren't really meant for us. Those tasks, conversations and actions may fall flat and short - so make sure that what you're doing is in alignment with your beliefs and also if you actually want to be doing it... the Universe has been sending us signs for years about what trap not to fall into - so don't fall into the trap of thinking repeating the same thing over and over again will work - we'll want to be inventive and try something new on Tuesday even though our emotions will be seeking creature comforts. Spirituality is heavily supported in times where things in the physical world may not be "clicking" - as above, so below. What is also really supported during this transit is to consolidate our energy and to rest, rather than burning ourselves out and overextending - that will feel worse.

Wednesday likely could feel like we're waking up from a dream with the moon moving into the sign of Aries - which may feel like a bit of a fire under our butts as well as a bit of self-consciousness with the moon moving over Chiron, the wounded healer dwarf planet - so perhaps Wednesday will have a little bit of a sobering effect.

Here we have a nice little window on Thursday and Friday that will really serve as a respite - no major aspects or even moon sign changes. <3

Saturday, the moon will move into Taurus, over Uranus which can definitely bring a lot of rapid realizations - this is the first quarter moon or the waxing moon phase during this Aquarius season - so we're sorta seeing if the seeds we planted on the new moon are coming to fruition and where - as well as perhaps wanting it to happen faster. A little impatience during the moon phases this week is something to watch out for.

Saturday, Venus in Pisces makes a sweet sextile to Pluto in Capricorn - for deep insight, compassion in the roughest places and an opportunity for ease in transformation especially in relationships. This will really help us to process what is being stirred up at the beginning of this week!

I hope that this is helpful for you! This week is kind of like a respite - still taking action but just consolidating your energy and your steps and allowing things to flow how they're flowing, resisting the urge to control everything.

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Enjoy your week!!

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