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Horoscope for the week of 1.17 - 1.23 || Uranus direct, nodal shift

Hello! I hope you're doing well and that you're not too snowed-out or on tsunami watch wherever you are. <3

I created some new content on my substack in addition to an exciting new subscription service. Here's what will come with that:

1) Daily blurbs on the energy

2) Weekly recordings

3) 40% off code to purchase a recorded reading on this site on the "get a reading" tab

4) Current events, premonitions, investigative astrology (have been really feeling myself going into this realm a bit more naturally so I figure I will put this content there as well) ~ currently working on a long article about dating in this time that's super interesting, as well as an article on the US Pluto return

5) Esoteric topics I may decide to share like universal laws, other speakers, different types of tools or practices

6) I will break down big transits (like the Mercury retrograde transit I did )

ingresses, retrogrades, major aspects for each sign and the collective implications :)

I'll be amenable to feedback from my subscribers ~ and I believe it's only $7/month :)

We come into this week with Mercury and Venus both continuing on in their retrograde journey in their awkward clonkiness ~ Mercury does move out of the square to Uranus and away from Saturn this week, so that does create a bit less frustration, but Mercury is going through quite a journey of discovery where it has to really meet itself in a conjunction with Pluto, especially on January 26th when Mercury comes into the last few degrees of Capricorn, which is where it stations direct on February 3rd.

That's intense! I think a lot about Mercury in terms of contracts ~ contracts made, contracts broken and I think that Mercury-Pluto conjunction with Mercury stationing direct... like we really want to be conscious about what we are contracting with and that some contracts that may even be ancient snap and are broken.

Today, Monday January 17th, there is currently a full moon in Cancer going on. I wrote about it here for all of the signs :)

In short, it is a great day to feel, to heal, to meet whatever it is that has you scared, compulsive or addicted... the reason I say that is because this moon sign is opposite Pluto in Capricorn... and maybe there's been a bit of an emotional processing lag that catches up with us today. That's okay ~ let the release of emotional baggage happen I can guarantee that as the South Node moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, January 18th, you'll be better off for it. This is not a day to make major decisions in my opinion... the energy with Mercury and Venus is too too weird, but definitely a good day to notice how the things in your life make you feel.

Tuesday is quite an intense day... with Uranus stationing direct in Taurus and the Nodes changing. I'm writing about this on substack extensively because it's quite intense. Uranus in Taurus stationing direct offers us both a short and long-term surprise. I think that Uranus and the North Node both moving in Taurus are going to offer us a massive opportunity to break down personal patterns, complete with tests to make sure that we have overcome the challenges and the ways of thinking taht kept us in those patterns.

Uranus in Taurus direct will likely feel like a catapult into the future. Uranus in Taurus is what is astrologically reflecting the changes in our realm ~ the digitization and the instability of it, alike. This is also causing disruption in the monetary system, which I anticipate with the North Nodes influence will only get a bit louder. I do still feel like innovation is very high in a lot of different ways with Uranus and the nodes traveling in proximity until July 18th 2023. This Uranus direct station could come as somewhat of a shock in the realm of resources, values and personal allegiances changing, earth changes... these are definitely tectonic, seismic times with Uranus here, since Uranus is change, innovation and Taurus is the sign that most closely represents this planet, in my opinion.

The nodes changing into Taurus and Scorpio means that the existing narrative definitely changes and shifts and evolves, and there's going to be an emphasis on natural resources. The spectrum of scarcity and abundance, purity and corruption, what you have and what is borrowed, what you possess and what possesses you, these are Taurus and Scorpio matters.

A lot of people are about to start to value themselves, the divinity in them, and I do believe we'll see a significant surge towards individualism, both healthy and unhealthy, with this transit as one of the ones to watch for that.

Things like farmers, food, water, fuel, gold, silver ~ these things become a bit more important under this type of astrological climate. And also, connecting with people in the physical in your local environment! I think we could see a bunch of new communities forming during this time.

The South Node in Scorpio is definitely a background darkness, a Gotham-type vibe potentially, with rise in crime rates, desperation, so the idea I think with the North Node in Taurus is like... suddenly we recognize we have to value ourselves, our lives, we may have to collaborate with people that we grew to hate during the big divide with the north node in Gemini. I genuinely believe that this time could be like a baptism or some kind of activation for people who have done a lot of inner work and I think that there will continue to be a glorification of victimhood in some instances as well, a wearing of the shadow and the trauma... so I think since this year, 2022, is all about relationships ~ this south node Scorpio/north node in Taurus transit should provide a lot of clarity around that.

There's something too with sex during this time... the south node in Scorpio may cause the amount of actual sex being had to be less... I'm not sure exactly why that is or what will be the cause of it, outside of some people being afraid to commune for multiple different reasons. I'll cover this more in my dating blog on substack hehe :)

Also on Tuesday, Mercury in Aquarius (retrograde) is going to be sextiling Chiron in Aries. Sextiles are normally very benevolent, easy, and this may feel like a humbling type of moment, perhaps one that is in time with some of the felt changes under Uranus direct and the nodal shift. It definitely adds a bit more clonky, awkward energy to this week, but in a way that allows us to maybe glimpse on a moment of the past, seeing where we may have been wrong, maybe making some apologies if that's in our situation on Tuesday. :)

The moon will move into Leo on Tuesday after this releasing full moon, which isn't being very well-aspected by a lot of the planets right now. If you have Leo placements, I do too and I know how challenging aspects of this time are. Leo is warm, Aquarius is cold and it's as simple as that. So in a sense, where we have Leo in our charts are kind of that leg that we need to pour into, with all other fixed signs occupied. We really have to stoke our own fire where it is placed in what houses, with what planets. :)

Wednesday, the Sun in Capricorn makes its final aspect, a lovely trine with the North Node in Taurus to give a glimpse of foresight in what we need to do practically in our real world and almost like a snapshot in time where we have awareness, and then into Aquarius which is good in a sense, feels a bit lighter than the Sun in Capricorn, but the Sun gives itself away in Aquarius to the collective at times, and it's good to continue to keep the focus during this season of the sign that represents the collective, on our inner work, with Mercury and Venus retrograde. The Sun in Aquarius this year may be quite futuristic, while aspects of us are still lagging in Capricorn in the old-world past. So it's definitely a foot in between two worlds type of energy, and absurdity is definitely making a comeback.

Thursday, the moon moves into Virgo for the first time since the nodes changed, since Uranus stations direct, so we'll be acclimating to these new energies as we continue the week and I think this Virgo moon can help us arrange things and works well with the Venus retrograde as well to assist us in getting some stuff together. Venus retrograde won't exactly trine Uranus direct, but throughout the end of this week and into next week it's enough to make us feel like we have some assistance with frustration, maybe new solutions that help us practically and glimpses and moments of internal electricity.

Sunday the Sun and Mercury conjunct each other, which is going to happen another time in Aquarius when Mercury stations direct and catches up to the Sun all the way in March 2nd. I anticipate with the astrology of that Mercury-Sun conjunction that will be a whole different feeling ~ perhaps a soft, dreamy, spiritually charged feeling with how much Pisces there will be in the sky at that time. The moon will also be in Libra on Sunday which is such a lovely, collaborative aspect. I think of every aspect that Mercury retrograde makes as an aspect that we can review, and to me this looks very social ~ reviewing the friendships and relationships in your life, taking inventory especially under this Venus retrograde for how they make you feel, coming together with others around a common goal, getting together with people and having a meal, that sort of thing.

Enjoy your week! Take it easy with this full moon and the changes in the energy tomorrow <3 eeeease into it.


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