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Full moon in Virgo || Mercury direct || March 9th

Hello and good afternoon! I hope that you are all having a great day so far. Pisces season has been quite interesting, with the Mercury retrograde in Pisces occurring while Neptune has also been in Pisces - energy is ripe for getting lost- our imaginations are likely more active than they ever have been and there's a lot of possibility ahead of us that we can feel if we're able to turn down our inner analyzer just enough. This energy also has been really ripe for miscommunications as well as things not being what they seem - illusions - so this full moon in Virgo coming up is going to really allow us to view the situations in our lives with renewed clarity.

Sunday, March 8th, the Sun came into a conjunction with Neptune, bringing the confusion, haziness, fog, to an all time high before we break through to total clarity on Monday when the moon becomes full in the sign of Virgo. Pisces as a sign is the most connected to God, the Divine, Source, Creator, the Cosmos - Virgo as a sign is most connected to what's going on here, on earth. It's important to have some level of trust and faith in what is happening in both realms - and Sunday on some level takes us right to the height of the unknown, both with the Sun & Neptune conjuncting but also with Venus & Uranus in Taurus conjunct as well, intensifying our need for stimulation, movement and perhaps also new revelations about relationships in our lives.

Mercury also stations direct at the end of Aquarius on Monday, coinciding with the full moon, which will allow us to really put some major pieces together, get stuff done in the real world and to really take stock of what we want to harvest six months from now. We're still in Pisces season - still in the water - still releasing, letting go and just simply imagining what we want next - our imagination during this season has a LOT of weight with the Universe, and during the full moon in Virgo, we're able to see just slightly how we want to bring those imaginations into this reality.

Here is how the full moon in Virgo on Monday, March 9th will influence your sign: I recommend looking at the rising sign first ~*~

Virgo: This Pisces season and all of its confusion is influencing your house of partnership and other people - so in terms of romantic relationships especially, this season has brought up a lot for you in terms of where it's all headed, what the heck is going on - perhaps people aren't who they said they were, or you're feeling sorta disillusioned about the future of your love life. Monday is going to bring much need clarity around this - and what to do about it. You can't control other people, but you can control yourself - and this full moon will really highlight you and what you want and need - this is a good day to tune out others' needs to tune more into your own.

Libra: This Pisces season may have you kinda confused about what steps to take on a daily basis, perhaps you have some health stuff going on or some somatic things that you're trying to move through, maybe you're trying to make a dietary change and you're just not really sure where to start, maybe you're having a hard time structuring your days so that you can accomplish what you desire in your career right now. Maybe using Monday as a day to take total rest because that's what may be most needed - sometimes, you have to totally and completely exhale before you can inhale.

Scorpio: For you, this Pisces season has likely brought a lot of fun into your life- fun that's kinda been like a rabbit hole - easy to dive into, hard to pull yourself out of to attend to "real world" things - perhaps you've been spending a lot of time with your children if you have them, maybe you've been feeling quite creatively activated and inspired but also likely want to escape, hard. It seems like your friends and your community, on this full moon in Virgo on Monday, are really coming through for you to remind you of what is really real - or maybe you notice that you want to be of service in some way, either personally or for a certain cause in particular.

Sagittarius: This Pisces season may have you going through a case of "having a hard time leaving your house" - perhaps your living situation and how it feels is kind of nebulous, or perhaps on some mundane level, there's stuff going on with your house and you don't know quite what to do! Perhaps there's been some emotional healing surfacing for you related to a time long ago. On Monday, with the full moon in Virgo, this is a time that indicates a spike in career motivation, after what may have been quite a lag, so it's a good day as a result of that to really set your intentions in terms of where you see yourself in the next five years, ten years - the 10th house of career is all about the long game.

Capricorn: This Pisces season is all about communication for you, learning about the ways in which you subtly give yourself away or maybe say too much or too little - all of the different ways that communication can go wrong and be improved upon has been on the menu for review for you to look at. Maybe you've had some friendships go awry during this Mercury retrograde/Pisces season - and that's why for you, this full moon in Virgo is all about the horizon, the most optimal potential future, of where your life is headed outside of the problems of the small brain - momentary miscommunications that arise. Take this time to look on the horizon!

Aquarius: This Pisces season for you has been occupying the part of the sky for you that represents self-worth, money, personal possessions and values, likely making money very confusing and hard to relate to right about now. Perhaps you've missed a few bills or have had some monetary things sneak up on you or maybe you've had some echos from past invalidations sneak up on you for additional healing and today, this full moon in Virgo really sets a beautiful stage for a deep dive into yourself, into the depths of your soul and your shadow self, so that you can set yourself free from that weirdness once and for all.

Pisces: This Pisces season for you has been lighting up the part of your chart that represents you - your physical body, your identity and your personality - this has been highlighting an ongoing incredibly nebulous transformation - it's really hard to see who you're becoming if you're a Pisces rising - it's hard to see where you're going - who you're becoming. This full moon in Virgo can bring clarity to you through another person - perhaps someone that you're in close proximity with, maybe in a romantic discovery with, or perhaps one of your friends or family members. Pay attention to the outside world on this full moon and the messages that may come through others.

Aries: This Pisces season for you would be named "asleep standing up" or perhaps even "many worlds blending into one." Aries have been going through a long and winding intuitive awakening - and perhaps lately, there are too many synchronicities to ignore or process. You're so hooked up to the etheric realms right now with Pisces season with Mercury retrograde a few weeks ago moving through this space, and Neptune there as well - that this full moon really helps you to assimilate those things that you're learning in the here and now - in the real world.

Taurus: This Pisces season for you has likely brought up some disillusionment when it comes to new friendships or experiences of feeling separate from those in your community. Maybe this has been highlighting more of an ongoing process, with Neptune active in this house since 2008, bringing people into your life that maybe you shouldn't quite trust - or people who are a mere reflection of your internal world, whatever the case may be. This full moon in Virgo is in your fifth house of play, creativity, joy - so do something fun today - have a good time, tuning out the rest of the world, really prioritizing a space for yourself.

Gemini: This Pisces season for you has brought about a lot of confusion in your career realm - in what your trajectory is and where it's all going. Maybe you started at a new job and it's not what you thought it is, or maybe you have your own business and you're trying to see a clear way through. This full moon in Virgo is going to really assist with that - it's happening in your house of family and emotions - the house of "home" so there is a need to sit with yourself, to be where you are and to feel how you feel today - it'll help you to get clearer on where you're going at work.

Cancer: This Pisces season for you has possibly had you questioning some of your closely held beliefs about the way that the world works. I'd say that for you, this full moon is a great day to write it all down or talk it out with someone, to become clear on what your role in your life is moving forward. There may even be some disillusionment with God or Source or the Universe - and I do believe that there are ways to break through that during this full moon window as well - likely through communication with others or even just like noticing the thoughts passing through your own mind.

Leo: This Pisces season for you could have been quite challenging for you emotionally - maybe you're really taking a look at some of your own stuff, or the way that reflects in your intimate relationships - or perhaps you're having some feelings resurface that you thought you were "over" - whatever the case may be, this full moon is illuminating your house of money, foundations, your self-worth, your value - this is a good day to find some land to rest your head on - coming back from the depths of the sea and onto the safety of this earth, be that cooking really nourishing food for yourself, or setting your financial goals for the rest of the year - just let it feel good, whatever it is.

I hope that you enjoy the full moon~!!!

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