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Astro Weather Report 2.5 || mentally busy, action-oriented, anger, emotions, self-love

Good morning! Happy Wednesday, a day ruled by the planet Mercury - which means that our minds and our bodies can be quite busy today - which is only assisted by the Mercury-ruled moon in Gemini. The moon will switch to Cancer later today, the sign before the moon becomes full, and we'll have a very clear access point to what our emotions are - which will help us express them un-apologetically and completely on the full supermoon in Leo on Sunday. The moon is opposing Mars temporarily which gives us a lot of physical energy that could easily turn to irritation and aggravation, especially if we overextend ourselves.

Venus continues to move towards Chiron through the last degrees of Pisces - where we're telling ourselves certain stories and we aren't quite seeing things clearly - and when Venus finally connects with Chiron any illusions we've been feeding ourselves the last few days may shatter - Venus moves into Aries on Friday, right next to Chiron - where we'll really have to show who we really are, we may be faced with our own inadequacies - and really that's okay - Chiron in Aries is here so that we can pour into and cultivate ourselves, rather than maybe take care of everyone else first.

Enjoy your day! <3

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