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Astro Weather Report 2.21 || detachment, confusion, busy, inspired-action

Good morning!

I hope you guys are having a good day so far <3

The first thing I feel called to point out is the balsamic phase of the moon - the dark moon in Aquarius. The dark phase of the moon generally brings up the shadow-y traits of whatever sign it's in - and in the sign of the water bearer, humanity's personally impersonal vessel, the key trait to watch out for is emotional detachment.

It's really hard to have all of our feelings, especially because right now the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Pisces is bringing up a lot for us, especially things that are trying to really close, situations and relationships that really need to be grieved and to be healed and washed away - we gotta see that process through as it begins and not just cut ourselves off from our emotional nature.

Jupiter in Capricorn is still making a square to Venus in Aries - which can indicate some impatience potentially with not knowing - as all of this energy in Pisces is making where any of this is going incredibly confusing - and Capricorn and Aries are two signs that generally like to know where they're going, like to have the lay of the land. This is very action-oriented, even though Jupiter and Venus are the perfect power combination for manifesting, so see if you're really busying yourself about with stuff you want to be doing or if you're just doing stuff to do stuff.

Mars in Capricorn is making an exact trine to Uranus which really turns up the energy of surprise - and does make inspired action much easier, can bring us a lot of good ideas to be useful in the physical world... this aspect does give a lot of encouragement and inspiration, but it's also important if you're especially reckless or risk-taking already to be careful with yourself, walking with self-preservation.

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