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Astro Weather Report 2.19 || realism, craving instant gratification, nebulous floating

Good morning!

I hope you guys are having a beautiful Wednesday so far - Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury which is currently deep in its fog in a retrograde station in Pisces - I wrote all about that on the blog right before this one if you want to see how that influences your rising sign.

The moon is moving right towards Jupiter this afternoon in Capricorn and this can definitely be used to our advantage by being willing to look at things that are in the physical, material world and next steps that need to be taken there. Jupiter in Capricorn is squaring Venus in Aries - and though Venus and Jupiter are the blessings of the sky, these two planets are both not exactly happy where they're at. Aries is a sign that is ruled by Mars, so when Venus comes into Aries it doesn't really know how to relax, how to rest, how to attract people, pleasurable things - but it knows how to go out and get the "prize" whatever the prize is. Saturn rules over the sign of Capricorn - Capricorn has a sober mind with potentially limited faith - so when Jupiter, planet of faith and luck comes into Capricorn, we all have to work hard to create our own luck. Under this Venus-Jupiter square, we can have a hard time withstanding short-term discomfort for long-term gain, and Jupiter in Capricorn is trying to play the long game.

The Sun is in Pisces! Woo hoo! This shifts the energy towards everything we can release before spring comes and blesses us with plenty of new life. Sometimes we have to release emotionally, also sometimes during Pisces season we have to employ a lot of surrender, but especially during this Pisces season where Mercury is in its retrograde station with Neptune - we're really not sure about the area Pisces occupies in our charts, but it's a potential distraction from where Capricorn is, that's for sure.

Enjoy your day!

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