Astro Weather Report 12.8 || energy, momentum, wounding

I have decided to do something a little bit new - hopefully I'll be able to keep it up - where I put up a brief report of the astrological weather or energy for that day <3 <3 <3

There are a few things happening in the sky that I want to touch on today. The last few days, the moon in Aries was interacting with Chiron, squaring Jupiter - this has caused quite the discomfort on an emotional level for a lot of people. The truth is, some realizations are painful to hold, but if we're able to have compassion for ourselves, we can find a place for them and integrate them - so likely, today with the moon being in Taurus, coming up over Uranus, we're feeling better - having breakthroughs, feeling a little bit more free, having just a bit more energy and inspiration.

Mars is in Scorpio, which is forming a very temporary opposition to the moon and Uranus, which we can really key into for productivity. Mars loves to be in Scorpio and we can really see clearly where our action is best-suited. Mercury is just out of shadow - and soon will move into Sagittarius - our mind