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Astro Weather Report 12.12 || mind, symbolic death, escapism, illusion, reward, inspiration

Grand rising and happy Full moon in Gemini! The full moon was exact a few hours ago and will stay in Gemini for the rest of our waking hours today - we'll wake up tomorrow with the moon in Cancer. This means that for the rest of the day, we have a window to be mindful of the thoughts in our minds - to watch and observe them and see what they're telling you - perhaps to do a ritual around anything that comes up for you, if you want to express gratitude for something or if you want to manifest something in your life. It's nice to do something to honor the moon even if we're all feeling a little bit busy or stretched thin.

Here's generally how this full moon will influence your sign (look at your rising sign first!)

Gemini: reflections about yourself through the eyes of others, rebirth

Cancer: intense dreams, visions and accessing a rare part of yourself

Leo: revelations about friendships and your feeling of safety within the tribe

Virgo: new career directions or ideas may present themselves

Libra: feeling of wanting to travel and explore, desire to dedicate yourself to study something, beliefs changing

Scorpio: emotional purging, unearthing of new dimensions of yourself

Sagittarius: understanding the people in your life on a deeper level

Capricorn: realizing new ways to take care of yourself and get things done

Aquarius: an opportunity to really have fun and let loose, express creativity

Pisces: feeling inward, wanting to be at home and with those closest to you, emotionally open

Aries: watching your thoughts carefully and parting with those that are out of rhythm with who you're becoming

Taurus: make your money wishes and discover your worthiness <3

We're likely now "feeling the burn" - feeling some discomfort around some of the relationships in our lives. Everything is crystal clear, with Venus beside sober Saturn and in Capricorn, and there's this really big cosmic push to end things that need to be ended, even if it's just a dynamic within a personal relationship - Venus meeting up with Pluto like this does require some kind of death - of an aspect of self, of a relationship or of a way of being - and I do feel that the way that we handle this discomfort will be positively reinforced later this weekend when Jupiter and Uranus make a trine to each other, exact this weekend but already felt now.

The Jupiter-Chiron square finally moved one degree away from being exact, so any physical discomfort may be waning and discomfort with our own sense of being may be waning - this is a good day to make a list of your accomplishments or remind yourself of how far that you've come.

The moon is temporarily opposing Jupiter and the Sun is still widely squaring Neptune, which does offer the opportunity to fall asleep, especially with Lillith on top of Neptune... this is what I've been encouraging myself and my clients to avoid is going with the illusion that you've already seen this year is not real - insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result - so see the clear picture that Venus, Saturn and Pluto are painting and key into that - see it for what it is and the truth will set you free.

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