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Astro Weather Report 12.11 || new ideas, dissolve of karma, discomfort with unknown

Grand rising! Hope you are all having a beautiful morning so far.

We're gearing up for the full moon in Gemini!!! It's fast approaching - so chances are your heads are all over the place. With the luminaries on this axis of knowledge - we can think of it as our perception, our mind and our understanding of ourselves, others and the world being stretched. As we open our minds and broaden our worldview here, we may notice that some thoughts just don't make the cut. This is a great day to write, to talk to others and to learn about something that pulls you. Energetically, the full moon can be a time of heightened anxiety and agitation, but it's cool because in medical astrology, Gemini rules over the lungs which means that we can shift all of that using our breathing and by training the monkey in our mind. Great day to meditate and attempt to ground.

Here's generally how this full moon will influence your sign (look at your rising sign first!)

Gemini: reflections about yourself through the eyes of others, rebirth

Cancer: intense dreams, visions and accessing a rare part of yourself

Leo: revelations about friendships and your feeling of safety within the tribe

Virgo: new career directions or ideas may present themselves

Libra: feeling of wanting to travel and explore, desire to dedicate yourself to study something, beliefs changing

Scorpio: emotional purging, unearthing of new dimensions of yourself

Sagittarius: understanding the people in your life on a deeper level

Capricorn: realizing new ways to take care of yourself and get things done

Aquarius: an opportunity to really have fun and let loose, express creativity

Pisces: feeling inward, wanting to be at home and with those closest to you, emotionally open

Aries: watching your thoughts carefully and parting with those that are out of rhythm with who you're becoming

Taurus: make your money wishes and discover your worthiness <3

Saturn shifted over one degree today, drawing it that much closer to Pluto which does increase the felt experience of discomfort. We're in totally new energetic territory here - so chances are we feel like we've never quite felt before and there's a part of this that's empowering and feels solid but there's also a part of it that feels uncertain and scared about whether or not this future that we're imagining will even come to pass with so many unknown variables.

With Saturn on the very same degree as Venus, with Venus shifting in between Saturn and Pluto over the course of today and tomorrow, and with the Jupiter-Chiron square still exact, this is a big grand clearing of karma within relationships. I think that where people can get into some trouble with this energy, especially with the Jupiter-Uranus trine coming this weekend that could pose as a reward for work done, is trying to force situations that aren't working. What is working is really working and is divinely ordained - and what is not working on all levels of our lives is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Trust that what you're being shown in your life is the truth - follow your intuition, with Mars in Scorpio trining over to Neptune. <3

Enjoy your day! If you found this to be beneficial to read, feel free to donate to my ko-fi, a site that lets you support all of your favorite creators for the cost of a cup of coffee!

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