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Full moon in Pisces by sign <3

Hello! I hope that you are having a beautiful morning, afternoon or evening and that this finds you well.

Virgo season has been extremely busy for a lot of people, and not just in the traditional errands, work and diet kind of a way - it's been busy emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars have all been aspected by Pluto, the planet of transformation, Saturn, the planet of limitation and lessons, Jupiter the planet of expansion and hope, and Neptune, the planet of illusions/transcendence. This Virgo season is one of those "great and terrible" seasons this year because on some level it's been emotionally exhausting and full of little lessons and minor adjustments and improvements that can be made, but also there has been BIG movement, momentum, productivity and strides being made, which contrasted to a summer that felt quite stagnant and stuck, a persistent feeling of "not quite right," so we can see that some progress has been made. 

This Pisces full moon is conjunct Neptune, so this full moon posits an excellent opportunity for healing and spiritual alignment in the midst of all of this grounded, task-oriented Virgo energy. The most aligned Virgo traits are harmonizing with nature, being of service and purity of body and spirit while the most shadowy traits of Virgo are stressed, anxious, overworked and underappreciated and martyrdom. I think our experience of this full moon depends on where we are on this spectrum- where we have been made to be by our circumstances like our boss or our partner, the demands that life makes on us, or where we place ourselves because we're afraid to not be perfect or to not get everything done. It's super, super, super, super easy in this society to fall into the shadowy aspects of the sign of Virgo - this society supports and glorifies it. 

If we're in this stressed out, complaining, resentful vibe, we will use this full moon as way more of an escape route, and the Pisces energy with Neptune right there provides a vehicle and a highway to check-out-ville. But, if we're imbibing the qualities of Virgo that are more focused on natural laws, the law of rhythm being one that sticks out (honoring the ebb and the flow equally and not expecting yourself to be in a forced flow always at all times) we'll find this full moon to be particularly satisfying. There are multiple ways of escape - you can either get into a creative, spiritual, flow or trance state OR you can completely disconnect and go unconscious. We can always choose, so if escapism is your pattern (and it is definitely mine) we can choose to escape in a way that replenishes us. 

This full moon is square to Jupiter, which can bring us a good amount of grandiose ideas, the Jupiter-Neptune square highlighting our inner and outer illusions - the lies that we tell ourselves and other people to ease discomfort of any kind. This is the last of the three Jupiter-Neptune squares, and is an opportunity to take the leap into a slightly more painful yet more conscious awareness of ourselves, others and the world- it'll be worth it in the long run and the healing waters of Pisces and Neptune can really wash over us with grace and compassion if we allow them to (we'd have to deem ourselves worthy of that on some level). 

Perfectionist Mars in Virgo is participating in this whole charade with Jupiter, the full moon & Neptune. This can bring a little bit of an agitated, dissatisfied, restless component to it - it can make it a little bit more challenging to settle fully into your space of healing. This may mean that we need some physical activity- this can help us be super clear so we can be in alignment before we just act. Mars-moon oppositions can simply act without awareness and that's not very beneficial on this day of all days. 

Pisces: this full moon for you is bringing such a beautiful rebirth and will bring so much new life- into your body, into your personality, into you. Don't let the perceptions of the needs of others, the actions of others, or the words of others disturb your personal bubble on this day. There's a lot going on in the part of the sky for you that represents career, so try to not allow that to send you into overwhelm! 

Aries: this full moon for you is bringing a very active intuitive and inner space where you can really see beyond what you've seen before. This may present in dreams or in your waking reality, but it's important to give that still, silent part of life some room and not get sideswiped by all of the tasks that have been mounting on your plate. Perhaps you can give some thought to the way that your beliefs about yourself and God(dess) are changing based on what you're observing, but don't get super bent out of shape about categorizing what you feel and see. 

Taurus: this full moon for you can bring healing and breakthroughs in your friendships and the feeling of home within your community, as long as you don't allow you and any self-sabotage or selfish behavior to sideswipe the ability to see the love that is all around you. You're definitely unpacking some really deep stuff this year, but perhaps take today to give thanks to the community that supports you in your process. 

Gemini: this full moon for you is showing you the vision of your career, but not in a typical way that makes sense. You may have to really slow down, not be taken off course for how many tasks there are around the house to finish up and to burn through. You have some luck going on in your house of partnership right now and it can be easy to get lost in the eyes of another or in the fantasy of another, but for now, the vision of your career that you're forming is super important because where this is headed has been confusing to you for a hot minute and a half. 

Cancer: this full moon for you is going to be a very spiritual experience - this will be an opportunity for you to deepen your faith in whatever you believe in or at least open the door to discover in more depth what that is. Your mind is going to be very active on this full moon - the mind is sort of the antithesis of spirit - when we believe our minds, we can go in all sorts of strange directions. You may find your physical body experience to be a little bit easier lately, but exactly the tasks to do from this point forward are unclear - so perhaps put it down for today. 

Leo: this full moon is going to be profound for you - this will give you a super deep healing if you're ready for it. You've been working for a little while now making sure your finances, your time and your physical reality is in check - now it's time to move just for this full moon into the more psychological waters available to you at this time. This is important work and it's possible for fun to distract you, which is fine to an extent, but if you allow the opportunity to pass you by, you may miss a window of serious healing at your basement level. 

Virgo: for you, this full moon is highlighting where you've had illusions in your relationships and partnerships and how you can course correct - you will miss this if you are too focused on getting things done and each and every ache and pain in your physical body - your critical nature may be heightened at this time so it's important to go easy on yourself and others. Your home space is opening up to you in a beautiful way this year, but that's not an excuse to avoid other people which is where you're going to find your insight. 

Libra: for you, this full moon is going to assist in healing your physical body as well as maybe to show you if there's a new routine or rhythm that needs to be picked up - perhaps there's an easier, softer way to do the work that you've been trying to do. Don't allow the self-doubt happening beyond the surface keep you from finding that, and if you need to, write everything down - your mouth is moving pretty quickly lately and the need for you to be verbal is at an all time high, so just be mindful that you're not projecting on the world around you. 

Scorpio: for you, this full moon is going to heal your inner child and this day has a potential to be SUPER fun and exciting- lean into that creative, blissful space and try not to get pulled out of it by other peoples expectations or community suffering and support, just for this one day. You're very abundant financially right now which is another thing you don't want other people to infringe upon - you're really developing an understanding of how to keep what is yours at this time. 

Sagittarius: for you, this full moon may make you feel rather inward, you may feel pretty emotional, like you want to spend the day in comfy clothes and just having your own experience. This energy is set up to stay in and focus on yourself, without getting drawn into problem solving or trouble shooting on a work level if you can help it. 

Capricorn: for you, this full moon is bringing huge insights through the words that you hear from the people around you. Pay attention and notice the way that the Divine is speaking through people to get to you today. Be extra cautious of escapism today if you can. You may be really interested in learning all that you can learn and you may be spreading yourself pretty thin as far as that or travel is concerned - try to stay present in this here and now as best you can. 

Aquarius: for you, this full moon could bring unexpected waves of healing into either your bank account or feeling of enoughness in the world. It can be easy for you to be taken off course by taking on other people's emotions or insisting on staying wounded around something that is ages old. Allow the transformation to occur and be a grounded observer of it. 

Hope this day is awesome for you! <3 Enjoy it. 

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