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How the New Moon in Virgo will affect each sign: August 30th 2019

The Virgo new moon is coming in on August 30th - this is going to be a very powerful day of physical rejuvenation and healing as well as looking over our lives and really evaluating what is working for us and what isn't - this is a day where we're looking at how much we can continue to digest moving forward.

If we have any tasks that really need our attention, now is the time to look at a plan for completing those so that we can carry out our year with less stress. It's easy to be critical of ourselves on such a day - try to key into the gentle, grounded side of the sign of Virgo if you can rather than the critical piece.

Virgo: for you, this is a huge rebirth - one that may be full of actual physical cleansing and a marked opportunity to see how far you've come from where you started.

Libra: you may feel more inward on Friday and your dreams or intuitions may show you the next direction to take.

Scorpio: you may recognize changes in your community that have taken place - maybe you feel more or less supported by your tribe - the new moon is the day to ask those questions and make those revisions!

Sagittarius: This is where you'll examine the next seeds to plant on the career level - take inventory of what is going on in that space and notice what can be changed and how to support yourself on your way.

Capricorn: Changes to your belief system become grounded during this new moon - also this is a great time to look at places to travel or to go back to school.

Aquarius: This new moon can bring an emotional release - certain things may come up and out of your basement for you to look at them and heal them. This also creates a really good dynamic for intimacy and vulnerability.

Pisces: This new moon may rejuvenate a partnership that has been struggling- it can cause you to see the other person for who they are. This could also be a realization in what you're looking for in a partner, if single. Take some time to set intentions around that.

Aries: You are experiencing the fullness of this new moon in the house that relates to Virgo - you really are breaking your vision down into smaller parts on this new moon. Not to mention, this is a day where your body may talk to you if it's not getting something it needs. Take care of your health.

Taurus: You get to have fun - getting outside and making mud pies, catching fireflies - this is a day to let your inner child out or to connect with your children if you have them. Get in touch with your creativity by removing the stern adult lens.

Gemini: This is a day where you may find yourself pulled more towards being at home - perhaps you decide you want to start a cleaning or redecorating project. There is a tendency to feel more emotional with a new moon in this space - so perhaps it's a good day to lean on your physical and nonphysical supports.

Cancer: Your mind and your mouth may be dueling it out for the loudest on this day - and it's important with the new moon in this space to create from a clear space. Do something to clear the mind and your thoughts and words will be more intentional and powerful.

Leo: Make your money wishes Leo rising! This is also a good day to plant seeds that may lead to some kind of recognition - a good day to let yourself now just how much you love yourself, although interestingly enough Leo risings can be quite self-deprecating in that way.

Enjoy your new moon!!!

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