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Horoscope for the week of 8.5 - 8.11 || Uranus retrograde, Jupiter direct

Greetings earth angels, starseeds and loved ones! I hope you all are having a beautiful day, whenever you find yourself reading this. 

Last week we had some tricky squares from the Sun and Venus in Leo to Uranus in Taurus - this definitely heightened our need to surrender, relax and move downstream, relinquishing our attachments, some of us being caught by surprise in that space. There was a gorgeous new moon in Leo only a moment away from Venus, which was a really end to eclipse season that pulled us right into the center of our heart - personally, it had me seeing the world through the eyes of a child - more saturated. Sometimes it feels really healthy and good to get out of the mind and into the heartspace - it won’t ever mislead us and it keeps us alive, not to mention love is a constant in the majority of the spiritual belief systems and practices in the world. 

Mercury stationed direct last week as well! It’s still going a little bit slowly and will be until it’s out of its shadow phase on August 15th, but there has been a noticeable influx of insight and momentum as well as a solidified understanding of the importance of resting, going inward and reflecting. Mercury’s move out of Cancer and into Leo this week joins in during the peak of this weeks astrological intensity, on the 11th! That will certainly uplift us as well, with an understanding of the necessity of looking deep into the past to help us better understand where we’re going. 

On Tuesday, the moon moves into Scorpio, which is traditionally at its “fall” position, meaning it’s easier to move toward some compulsive or suspicious, challenging feelings or behaviors- but that’s not always the case. We have that ability when the moon is in Scorpio to sit with some things that are darker, to be vulnerable and to actually have an emotional release. This will be making a square to the Sun so be mindful of the harmful ego getting in the way of things that need to be looked at and tended to! 

On Wednesday, the Sun in Leo will positively aspect Jupiter in Sagittarius- both in their home signs - Wednesday certainly looks like ease in movement, motivation and expression- a connection to personal and higher truths. This aspect may give us a direction.

Thursday, Venus in Leo makes a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius which will produce that same kind of ease and strength recognition in relationships. Manifestation will be very easy on Thursday as Venus and Jupiter are two of the most receptive planets- on this day the action and the magic will really naturally support each other.  

Friday, the moon moves into Sagittarius which will bring some levity - we tend to seek the truth of the matter when the moon moves here which is always good- sometimes we can feel restless and like it’s challenging to sit still when the moon is here. This is definitely time to take a quick retreat and assess the situation before Sunday though- making time for meditation as a part of that will help us to go into the weekend in a way that’s really clear. 

On Sunday, many interesting things are happening in the great symphony in the sky. Jupiter is stationing direct which will allow our higher selves to be more accessible to us and the answers will be partially externalized. We have this huge need to go inward during Jupiter retrograde and we often realize that we are our own best teachers- it’s more challenging I’d say for folks in this society to do that. Issues of travel and education are both resolved with a Jupiter direct transit - Jupiter direct in Sagittarius has some serious manifesting horsepower so it wouldn’t surprise me if we receive a good amount of delayed gratification, especially if we’ve learned to stay faithful and be patient, resolving a bigger underlying trust issue with our Higher Power, whatever that is for you.

At the same time, Uranus stations retrograde. This transit is interesting - Uranus' archetype is the electrifying energy of change and surprise - it could be exciting and hopeful, but it can also be destabilizing. Sometimes, when planets are stationed retrograde, their influence becomes internalized. The internalization of this electric energy is what is to be expected- making really important realizations about ourselves, the way we interact with our money and our material world, our value, our self-esteem- these are things that will be coming to the light and rising up to the surface. Uranus' influence though destabilizing, as the higher octave of Mercury, is incredibly neutral - just consciousness, so these realizations may not be as harsh as even transits we've experienced this year. 

Mercury will move from the sign of Cancer into the sign of Leo, after being stationed retrograde through the early degrees of Leo and "backwards" into Cancer. This energy is very lighthearted, very humorous and does inherently cause us to be a little bit more self-centered, which in this society, especially for women, isn't really a bad thing. Mercury in Leo is an amazing placement for personal branding, so if you have a business you can tap into the creative levity and approach your branding in this new way that isn't so serious. 

To add to the bigness of Sunday, the moon will move into the sign of Capricorn which may bring heightened awareness of our limitations, does tend to bring a grounded focus - if depression is your tendency, it's good to plan things that assist you with that during a moon in Capricorn transit. If you're like me and you are out in space sometimes, a grounded, practical focus is actually welcome and healthy. 

I hope you enjoy my writings for this week and that you enjoy your week ahead! The intensity builds for the weekend, but who doesn't love stuff that can finally shake loose right? 

<3 M 

- Moon in Capricorn 

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