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Horoscope for the week of 5.6 - 5.12 || reflect but do not drown in your reflection

Grand rising!

Hope you guys are having an awesome day so far - Mercury took a crazy journey last week in Aries which could have potentially made us self-conscious in certain areas of our lives as it came up against Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. These times are full of some challenging choices and some delayed gratification in favor of long-term reward which is not always easy for some of us more impulsive folks. Sometimes we have to trust the process- even when we face some sort of setback, we have been on a trajectory of improvement for the most part. Venus in Aries will be coming up against those same energies this week, bringing the focus to decisive action in our relationships.

The new moon in Taurus felt more like a purge and a release than other Taurus new moons that have come before. This was a very physical and materially oriented new moon and honestly, I think this Taurus season has done a lot more to jolt us and surprise us with new changes than prior Taurus seasons- it's normal and natural to feel a little bit unsteady right now.

Monday, Mercury moves into Taurus which slows down the pace of our mental rhythm which for some comes as quite a relief. We gain a lot from working and communicating in a methodical way. Slow and steady wins the race and patience is a virtue!

Also on Monday, Venus in Aries moves into challenging aspect with the North and South Node axis in Cancer/Capricorn. I think the main message with this is to not let present time impulses or insecurities govern the direction your life is moving in the long term- an insecurity or a negative thought about self we have tomorrow, we may not even remember in a few months or a few years and our painful awareness of self is heightened right now.

The moon moves into Gemini which makes our mind incredibly active and may cause us to be a little bit internally restless- especially if that is your base tendency. The moon will move over Mars and will oppose Jupiter on Tuesday which definitely exacerbates any feelings of being pulled apart. It may be harder to find exactly where "center" is on Tuesday which means that you should spend extra time trying!

Also on Tuesday, Venus in Aries will make a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn which may bring up those really nice age-old feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, unlovability - really these are things we all face and it's easy not to love ourselves unconditionally and it's easy to beat up on ourselves or put excess pressure on ourselves - just know that energy is super available for all of us on Tuesday which is why it's important to hit the ground running affirming worthiness of self. Sometimes we feel that we have to do a lot for those we love and while it's good to come from a place of service, it's easy to do things with a little contingency - a little expectation that these things that you do for others will come back. On a day like Tuesday, it's good to have no expectations so you don't run into any unnecessary resentments.

On Wednesday, surprises abound with Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus! I honestly read this as a deconstruction of thoughts that we perceive as comfortable. Certain thoughts keep us bound and stuck but they can feel safe because they're reinforcing perhaps more negative formative voices external to us. Think out of the box and expect out of the box for optimal results on Wednesday.

The Sun in Taurus will move through a gentle sextile to Neptune in Pisces, making Wednesday honestly one of the greatest days to be creative- we may be a little bit less focused on work but this aspect will bring a soothing gentleness to Mercury and Uranus' disruption. The moon will move into Cancer as well which brings a good amount of emotional understanding and more of a deeper inward feeling. We become a little bit more sensitive during that time. On Thursday, the moon will move into alignment with the North Node in Cancer and will oppose the dark forces in Capricorn - Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. Whenever this happens, the North Node conjunct the moon in the nights sky, this provides a major opportunity to see something in a different way - this points us toward our collective destiny which right now is asking us to soften and consider self-care and emotional wellbeing as two hugely important things.

Thursday is a very interesting day for our relationships with Venus in Aries both positively aspecting Jupiter in Sagittarius and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This will feel both expanding and limiting- in a way, we're able to see all sides and facets of those we're in relationship with- light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad- all of which are constructs we set for ourselves, sometimes overshadowed by societal influences. Jupiter, which is stationed retrograde right now offering up a more reflective and inward energy, is going to bring tolerance, acceptance and compassion to the flaws we may see in ourselves and others. It's important not to berate ourselves for the mistakes we make.

On Friday, the Sun in Taurus will positively aspect the North Node in Cancer. The North Node in Cancer is asking that we realize personal comfort which sometimes creates societal discomfort (South Node in Capricorn) and the Sun's journey through Taurus is prompting the realization of comfort in the body. The body serves as a roadmap for our successes and our failures, our shame and pain as well as our divinity and the moments we have truly felt pure bliss. It holds the karmic record and DNA- it's disarming to realize how much potential we have if we take an active, preventative role in our health, creating comfort in our body temple.

The moon will move into the sign of Leo on Friday which opens up a very buoyant, heart-centered and creative energy. This may be felt as a breath of fresh air- we're able to let our inner child shine when the moon comes into the sign of Leo. We are more generous with our love under this moon transit as well.

Saturday, Saturn in Capricorn, stationed retrograde, will positively aspect the Sun in Taurus which will be felt as a relieving, grounding aspect. This weekend will serve as a crystallizing of everything we've worked (so hard) for since Saturn moved into Capricorn in December of 2017. With Saturn's retrograde station, lasting until September 18th of this year, we have a chance to re-evaluate if we are "doing it right." This does NOT mean "doing it right for others." It means - are you able to sustain the path that you're on? Take this weekend to clarify.

I truly hope you enjoy this week from the bottom of my heart! If you'd like to check out the information for my upcoming money class on May 16th at my house in Charlotte, North Carolina at 7:00pm and the astrology reading that is gifted with it AND if you'd like to book a session with me, my booking information is on the "book online" tab! I so appreciate you <3

Love, M

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