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Pluto and Saturn Retrograde

Hello loves! I felt very inspired to come on and write about the movements of Pluto and Saturn this week- they are both stationing retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This is a big week for slowing down, going inward and trusting the truth within.

Pluto, the outermost planet in our solar system, is a slow-orbiting influence. It can take sometimes up to 21-30 years in each sign - that is a long time! Pluto in astrology represents our darkness, power, sexuality, intimacy, death and rebirth and how we move through transformation. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and will move officially into Aquarius in 2023. Capricorn as a sign has to do specifically with external authority, power, business and work. On a personal level, this indicates us each dismantling, sometimes forcefully, the internalized nature of the external authority. This is also huge in recognizing our own sovereignty, our own power and competence. There is a lot of power in human agency and choice. On a collective level, we are observing the corruptness of the government and the systems and institutions we're under simultaneously- watching what will be eventually the collapse.

Saturn is the taskmaster, bringing us challenges and obstacles so that we will work really hard to make whatever it is we want or need out of life real, grounding whatever we want or need into reality. We end up mastering whatever lesson Saturn puts us through so it's very much a double-edge sword. In a way, it limits and constricts the qualities of whatever sign and house it comes into so that we're able to move through challenges. Saturn moved into Capricorn in December of 2017 and will officially leave in December of 2020 but does take a parlay into the sign of Aquarius in March - July of 2020. Saturn in Capricorn is about doing the work to create a more supportive and sustainable, purposeful future. Capricorn is the long-term five or ten year plan that we set for ourselves and in a way, we are definitely setting ourselves up for something though some of us may not be sure what that is. Any laziness, procrastination and avoidance of whatever the "work" is for you- even emotional or spiritual work, is not going to stand up in court. Collectively, we will continue to see increased and even forced accountability among government and institutional leaders.

A retrograde station is where a planet appears to be cycling back from earth, but is actually moving away from us. Sometimes, the energy of a planet becomes harder to navigate, like with Mercury in a retrograde station, but with Pluto and Saturn, those energies become much more internalized. Pluto will be in retrograde station from April 24th of 2019 until October 3rd and Saturn from April 29th of 2019 until September 18th.

Since the South Node, or collective release, is also around these two planets that tend to bring lessons or destruction in order for growth and creation to take form - releasing materialism, workaholism, greed and power obsession - the service to self mentality is quickly becoming more and more unsustainable.

This Pluto retrograde is about finding our personal power from within rather than around us. Finding our own sovereignty amidst all sorts of "shoulds" and "should nots" that we have internalized from society. The dominant paradigm is changing- the old paradigm is being deconstructed- with the North Node in Cancer, it's important to focus on relationships with others, how they make us feel emotionally and ways that we can self-soothe through the dismantling process. Saturn retrograde is all about going inside to find the truth, outcome independence (distancing yourself from expectation of result) and finding your own purposeful work- not avoiding that. We may face some red tape in getting things going in our external, especially with Saturn-ruled things: government, leaders, institutions, society.

Saturn and Pluto are closer together than they have been for years (35 years I believe) and this takes them a little further away from each other. These major lesson-bringing planets are going to move together in 2020 and that will be the big turning over of a new leaf in the collective systems and government - the first big collective step toward a new world.


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