Horoscope for the week of 7.23 - 7.29 || major total lunar eclipse + mercury retrograde!!!

Greetings angels and starseeds! I hope eclipse season is treating you well. For a lot of us it looks like change on a grand scale. The thing about change is that it can be messy, chaotic and emotionally uncomfortable. There's a reason this super long eclipse on Friday in Aquarius is called the blood moon- these eclipses are all causing so much uprooting and change that it's as if we are picking the scabs off a wound for it to heal in a way that's more authentic, more real. Right now, however, we're in the bleeding phase. The thing I want for everyone reading this to remember is that this eclipse is making some serious karmic and fateful aspects that are tied in closely with our destiny - where we're going. We have to remember through the bloodshed and the tears of painful change that there is something better and for our highest good waiting for us on the other side of it. Mars is retrograde with so many other planets and Mercury is moving into retrograde station and has been in its shadow phase for a few weeks now- this is really important as it unlocks the key to move through this cycle with awareness and grace. The key is to move with the grain, to move with the current, not to challenge it and effort in major ways to go against it. The changes are destined, we can only control what we can control and what we control is how we react and how we feel on the inside. Now more than ever, the importance of slowing down and meditation is great.