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Horoscope for the week of 4.2 - 4.8 || a break with discernment

Good day starseeds and earth angels alike! I hope you all are recovering from the extremely heightened energetic layout this weekend. The full moon that forms the contentious aspect with Saturn and Mars which are together in the sky- definitely doesn't happen every day. Saturday was certainly one of the most frustrating days and some of our more frustrating days are also the most rewarding looking back. Whether we like it or not, contrast (the stark difference between we want and what is) serves to propel us into our soul's growth. People who experience a lifetime full of ease aren't growing that much in the end. Keep that in mind during the more difficult weeks- this week, we chill a little bit as the astrological alignments calm down a good bit.

On Monday, the Sun in Aries makes a positive aspect to the North Node in Leo. This is where we can make some pretty deep discoveries about who we are and what we are doing, giving a glimpse of what our destiny is in this life. Definitely a day to carry around a notebook and write things down. The key on Monday as the moon moves into the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio is getting out of the water just enough to be able to see the Sun. Emotions are powerful vehicles of intuition and transformation, but sometimes we can get a little lost down there in the mire and the muck. Bring your head slightly above water, elevate your consciousness by meditating or doing a body-based practice and try to get out of your head and your own way. Don't give in to obsessiveness and don't dwell too much on the stuff you simply cannot change.

Wednesday is a day to watch what we say. Mercury in Aries makes a square aspect to Mars in Capricorn which is where we are compelled to talk more than we listen and may allow our conversations to be ego-infused. Especially with the moon in Sagittarius- this is where we tend to blurt things out without thinking. Think before you speak and be impeccable with your word.

Thursday, Mercury in Aries makes a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn, causing for a reverse effect from the day prior which is where it can feel like we don't have the correct words to say in a given situation. We must be patient with ourselves as our thinking may be delayed or we may not be quite as productive as we would hope- some systemic error might get in the way of us actualizing. By letting go and loosening the grip, we can be outcome independent and still have a great day.

Saturday, Venus in Taurus makes a sobering aspect to Saturn in Capricorn on the same day that the moon moves into Capricorn. This is a day where we may be thinking seriously about our future- in relationships and in life in general. A Venus in Taurus person in a natal chart is not going to pillage their time on the person that isn't right for them, and this aspect to Saturn compounds that. This is a really good day for examining the future objectively and planning for it and also being discerning about the ways in which we spend our time.

Enjoy your slightly more chill week and e-mail me at for a more detailed reading.


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