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Horoscope for the week of 3.26 - 4.1 || libra full moon & mars-saturn connection

Greetings all! This week has certainly been a doozy for me and people that I care about for sure - a lot is going on that is really good and a lot is going on that is really hard and when there is that much contrast it's hard to know what to do with ourselves and it's hard to settle in. Mercury moved into a retrograde station in Aries on Thursday and the Sun moved into Aries and we celebrated the solstice. There is a lot to transform and a lot to step into - we are called to be deliberate with our communication and our actions at the very time that a t-square forms with the moon in Cancer, the Sun, Mercury (rx) and Venus in Aries and Mars/Saturn in Capricorn.

On Monday, the moon moves into Leo which is where we express our creativity and what is really going on in our heart. We become emotionally more open to our loved ones while over the weekend we may feel a bit closed off energetically and a little more private. The North Node is also in the sign of Leo energetically nudging us towards our destiny, so heed subtle signs when you see them that edge us towards where we are supposed to be (especially Tuesday)

On Wednesday, Venus in Aries is making a conjunction to Uranus in Aries where it's really important to come to the center of our being and align even further and even more with who we really are (and over the weekend we will need this). Reflect on your soul's purpose and if you don't have the chance to reflect, you'll likely meet someone who will nudge you in that direction. The moon also moves into Virgo which tends to be a little bit more duty-bound, a little bit more thought-oriented so it's important to not be in our heads on Wednesday even though the temptation is there.

On Thursday, the Sun in Aries will be making a square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn and this will be the beginning of the rather complicated or harsh aspects of the weekend. This is where we feel we have to work so hard and do so much to be worthy of what it is we deserve just by being alive and being ourselves. Try not to be too critical of yourself- even if you feel you should be. Comfort in the discomfort is really hard to achieve but it's the goal for Thursday.

On Friday, Mercury in Aries moving backwards makes a positive aspect towards the North Node in Leo. Mercury retrograde is all about re-evaluating and reflecting, going inward. This aspect is about higher-order destiny-invoking ideas and thoughts coming to you. Aspects have not been easy lately- this week and last week are exhausting with a lot going on on the surface and a lot going on underneath. Friday is the pause and take a deep breath in the week of a marathon.

Saturday Venus takes the center stage! Venus is the planet of love, relationships, power, money, pleasure, creating and play. All things that we have to be in the "receptive mode" for. Venus moves into the already Venus-ruled sign of Taurus where it feels very comfortable and at home. Venus in Taurus takes love and puts it in the sensory arena, so this is the time to adorn yourself like the god(dess) you are, shift your focus towards the foods you're eating and allow creativity and abundance into your space (seriously - it will help with the upcoming transits).

Also on Saturday is the full moon in Libra! This full moon calls our awareness to the dynamics in our relationship with ourselves and the relationships we have with others and then Mars and Saturn in Capricorn throw a bit of a wrench in that and complicate the situation. Mars and Saturn add in the commitments that we have outside of ourselves and outside of our relationships to give some thought to. This includes any and all commitments but especially work-related commitments. Saturday is a full moon to prioritize - where you are now, what you want, where you're going. Seal the deal with meditations and intention setting and to honor the planet Venus, it's a great day to do something creative and fun.

On Sunday, Sun in Aries will make an exact conjunction to Mercury retrograde in Aries and Mars and Saturn will connect in Capricorn. Full moon days are usually really intense and there tends to be a bit of a drop-off point energetically the day after, but unfortunately Sunday is also a pretty high-energy day. Whenever the Sun and Mercury connect, our minds can get in the way of what we are trying to achieve. A lot of times we will be our own worst enemy by believing the lies that our minds try to convince us of. If there were a day to meditate, Sunday is ideal so that we can try to calm the mind and listen to our heart. Mars in connection to Saturn indicates a point of exhaustion on a long road where we stop to take a little bit of a break - and with the Sun-Mercury connection we may beat ourselves up for it. There is no need to do this - if your energy has its ups and downs on Sunday it's probably because you are a human being. Forgive yourself and try your best to uplift using the tools in your toolbox.

Wishing you guys a great week! For a detailed natal chart reading, connect with me - <3

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