Horoscope for the week of 11.13 - 11.19 || lessons & releasing w/ the Scorpio new moon

Happy Moon-day everyone! Scorpio season has been full of trials, tribulations and lessons for the majority of the people I've talked to, the people close to me and myself. I do think that there's been one or more big plunges into the depths of the unknown where we have to face something we're up against. I do think that we're mostly out of the woods, especially because Sagittarius season starts next week, so in this last week of Scorpio I would love if everyone reading this would make big efforts to release, release, release anything that is not of our highest good. Whether it's thought patterns, behaviors, addictions, unhealthy coping mechanisms- key into your intuition to see what needs to be let go of and let GO. Once Sagittarius season comes on, we're all going on a journey, curiously in search of the new, trying to expand and explore with wanderlust in our eyes and in our heart. We don't want to go on our journey with a whole lot of baggage weighing us down.

This week, Saturn in Sagittarius is moving from the 25th to the 26th degree. The following degree change is from my all-time favorite book by Ellias Lonsdale called "Inside Degrees" -