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Horoscope for the week of 10.16 - 10.22 || new moon in Libra- mirrors, projection and the realm of r

Greetings! Hope you had a fantastic weekend, full of ease, transcending all the full plate of bullshit the universe has blessed us with this week. This week will be a little bit easier and equally significant in different ways with the impending new moon opposing Uranus and a few planets changing signs.

The North Node in Leo, calling us to drop into our heart and then live as an extension of it, is changing degrees this week from the 22nd to the 21st degree. The following degree interpretation is from my favorite book "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale:

"LEO 21 A holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow. Ornamental display and deep underpinnings. Within the karmic theater you perform to the hilt as your best self and your worst self grappling with each other in extreme mutual polarization. The witnessing intelligence is far removed from this dramatization, and registering every nuance from beyond. Within the precincts of the drama there is also a compulsion to go against form and show the other side, against what is expected or assumed. Yet as the observer beholds this very compulsion, it is minor and trivial, only a personality quirk. The inward wisdom drives you, the karmic performer, to outdo yourself in switching and reversing polarities. But ultimately you are not amused and archly await steps toward maturity and the dawning of ability to see through yourself on the spot. Which is a very difficult and advanced state and the only one that inspires and urges onward this quixotic combination of outward entrapment and inward fair witnessing with the utmost dispassion."

- This degree interpretation calls to mind the polarity of this human existence we're living in. There are things we love about ourselves and things we wish to improve upon. Projection wars can be real- what we are aversive to in our relationships and interactions with others can be closely connected to something we are trying to avoid within ourselves. In a week, Scorpio season will be upon us and we will have no choice but to go inside and do our work, so use this week to get started early!

Monday (today), we begin the week with the moon in Virgo, anxiously sorting through all that has fallen into the cracks and possibly mentalizing our emotions. The Sun in Libra will be positively aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius, making today a great day to get work done, be productive and also hold in mind the bigger picture of ourselves in our relationships and interacting with our lives.

On Tuesday, Mercury sashays into Scorpio where the mind becomes probing and psychological. Depending on where Scorpio is in your personal natal chart, this may be a day where we have a hard time staying light and positive and where we may be tempted to go to our really dark place and stay there. The message here is that even in the darkness, we have our flashlight as a release valve and such intense self-inquiry and personal inventory can be used to improve ourselves dramatically in the next few weeks. Mercury in Scorpio is all about congruence and the truth, but we may be slightly out of alignment with our higher Selves as Mars in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries. A quincunx aspect is 150 degrees from one planet to another in the sky and simply means that these two energies or planets are "blind" to the stuff of the other. Uranus in Aries has been providing us with tremendous insight into our personality and our individuality, while Mars in Virgo wants us to produce massive amounts of work and focuses more on selfless service than the intuitive inspirations from our higher Self. Ideally, we can take Tuesday to get work done, be of selfless service to others and not forget to sit down, meditate and check in with what we need to receive from Source.

Wednesday is a rather lucky day as Mercury in Scorpio comes on top of Jupiter, very newly in Scorpio. Though Scorpio comes through as darkness, Mercury and Jupiter together will add a great deal of levity and ease on the communication front. Truths will be brought to the surface and revealed on major and minor scales in the days leading up to and after this conjunction. Additionally, the Sun in Libra will be making a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces, so these planets will not be able to see each other. The thing to keep your eye on is whether or not you let the people in your life take you away from your childlike sense of wonder, your imagination or your drive to exist spiritually. Don't let other people dampen your intuition or your connection. The moon moves into the sign of Libra as we gear up for the new moon on Thursday and makes us extra other-focused- don't forget to take time to create and dream.

On Thursday, there's a special new moon in Libra! A concentration of Libra energy pervades with Venus, the Sun and the moon followed closely by Mars later this week as Jupiter just wrapped up his transit moving swiftly and abundantly through this sign of relationships and other people. During the full moon in Aries, I suggested you water yourself first. While self-care is always a priority, the planetary energy is encouraging us to reflect on our relationships with others. What are our habits, tendencies, patterns and defense mechanisms? I highly recommend journaling or spending time with a nonjudgmental loved one to air out some of the ways we find ourselves through other people, in ways flattering and not. That way, next week when Scorpio season begins, we can plunge into our depths and have things to work on practically.

This new moon and all of the planets in Libra at this time will be opposing Uranus, causing us to feel anxious or restless on Thursday. During new moon cycles we can have less energy and the need is there to draw in and rest to honor yourself. This Uranus transit will jazz things up quite a good bit energetically, but could bring some discordance between ourselves and others. Everything that is happening, including arguments with loved ones or friends, are here to teach us. Ground into the earth for anxiety relief and trust your intuition- make mental notes of the visceral impressions the people in your life leave you with and evaluate what kind of treatment you will accept and what you simply won't.

On Friday, the moon moves into Scorpio, creating a rather inward and potentially emotional weekend. The moon in Scorpio is blessed for psychic abilities and intuitive awareness and understanding, but the tendency here can be to become impulsive, paranoid or depressed. It will move over Mercury, causing a busy mind, so the need to meditate to get out of your thoughts and into your heart (and even further below as Scorpio rules the genitals) to remember your goodness is there.

On Sunday, Mars will move into Libra, which opens the door for conflict resolution and deescalation to take place. This also will open up a creative window and an opportunity for balance in the lifestyle. This can bring a need for balance that may not ever be fully satiated due to the fact that life just happens sometimes. Sometimes the balance is to just be with what is even if what is aren't harmonious or are even causing you pain. Be with yourself to hold space for others and try to not be ill-tempered with the people you are in relationship with.

Have a lovely week and stay tuned for some new moon tarot updates on Instagram and Facebook! To book a reading with me at Okra Charlotte, Sanctuary Imports or remotely, email me at

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Meredith <3

(Image created by Buck Rackley)

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