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Horoscope for the week of Aug. 7 - 13 || tick, boom, adjustment, pause, heal, reflect, review // ECL

Greetings! It's lovely to be writing this blog on this Sunday evening. I have a delicious cup of cinnamon + ginger tea and am recovering from a long work weekend. The transformation in the air with the astrological influences and the veil lifting are felt on a very deep level to me and I am very grateful to be able to share in this medium. I have been blessed lately with the right clients at the right times who really value my services, so if you read this or any of my social media posts, or have purchased a reading or a reiki treatment from me, I am so grateful. To demonstrate my gratitude, somewhere in this blog you will find a code word. If you reach out to me for one of my services and you put the code word in the subject line or in your medium of connecting with me, I will give you 30% off the service you are requesting. Thanks for being here.

So, with that, we have quite an exciting week up ahead. The very first thing I'd like to talk about is the lunar eclipse/full moon coming up tomorrow. The winds of transformation and change are fast moving right now, so try to stay grounded using the methods that work best for you. There's a lot of zany and all-over-the-place energy and feels. This full moon in Aquarius is highlighting where we fit into our community and our environment. It's important, as it is Leo season, to allow for self-expression and letting your voice be heard. Leo as an archetype will not hold back from speaking their truth unless it's to benefit someone they love. My favorite subject in astrology is evolutionary or karmic, centering around the North and South Nodes of the Moon, points based on the moon's axis. The North Node, currently in Leo, represents what as a collective we could all stand to really integrate. The South Node, always opposite the North Node and currently in the sign of Aquarius, represents what we as a collective could benefit from coming away from.

With that, our destiny (North Node) will open up before us (eclipse) when we really feel everything that is going on right now in our hearts (Leo). When we draw into the mind-space to avoid our feelings (Aquarius) we will be thwarted by the Universe (South Node). We will miss something. If you're not in your body, not in your heart, you will miss the goodness, the bliss, the change, the awakening, the chances that the world has in store for you right now. Don't miss it.

To give a little background on what else currently going on, we have a denseness of retrogrades occurring at the same time. Saturn is still making its way back through the late degrees of Sagittarius which is where we're really trying to find our sense of enjoyment, belief and curiosity. We are seeking something outside of ourselves for meaning. Pluto moving retrograde in Capricorn indicates that with that enjoyment and curiosity, on a karmic level, integrity is an absolute imperative. Our actions and our thoughts are coming back now several times as fast, so keep that in mind as you move about the rest of these longer term retrograde influences.

Neptune and Chiron are both moving retrograde in Pisces. Neptune is all about transcendence of the physical body and the material realm, be it through escapist tendencies or spiritual ascension. Neptune is one of the planetary rulers of Pisces- Pisces is all about the collective unconscious. Chiron, dwarf planet that lurks between Saturn and Uranus, is bringing up wounds that are personal and collective alike - they are one in the same. Right now is a great time to engage in the practice of radical compassion. When you come from a place of service without judgment, it makes your own healing that much easier, provided you are doing the work. Old wounds are coming up right now regardless of whether or not you are willing to honor them by going inside yourself and doing healing work. Systems of energy healing serve to benefit people a lot right now. Neptune is going to go direct after Chiron goes direct, and Neptune will follow Chiron out of the sign of Pisces. What this looks like is a massive healing sweep of the collective. Yet another reason why with the North Node in Leo it is important to keep your heart awake.

Additionally, Uranus moved into retrograde station last week in Aries. Textbooks say that we are going to be experiencing a lot of change and that this will revolve around our ability to be free and independent, to assert our identity. All of that is true, but I actually believe that with the retrograde motion of Uranus, that we will be able to completely reinvent ourselves- rewrite the script entirely if we choose to. This is a really great opportunity to reflect on the way we present ourselves and the congruence of our identity and our ego with that of our higher Self.

Mercury moves retrograde later in the week in Virgo, calling us to really let go of certain thought forms as well as any lingering perfectionism. Everyone is a person, people make mistakes, and there is very little reason to needlessly criticize, blame or find excessive fault in your environment. Go easy on those in your lives and especially yourself. This is a time to take a solid assessment of what is working from a logical perspective in your life and what isn't working. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (politely) needs all of that sh*t that isn't working to die and quite frankly, this week is THE week for that.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. A quincunx aspect is 150 degrees and it simply means that the two star bodies can't see each other from where they are in the sky. This aspect is interesting after the eclipse period for a few reasons. As much as I try to deny this within myself, as a Leo sun sign, the ego is sizable. Sometimes when change is propelled by a cosmic or universal source, it can be really difficult to assimilate on all levels, but especially the ego level and the body level. All this is really is growing pains. The classic spirit versus soul. A good way to quell this is through meditation, spending time in nature, and of course to honor Leo season- expressing yourself creatively and openly. It's a good time to seek social support and healing. Allow yourself to dream Wednesday as the moon will be moving through the sign of Pisces and will come over Neptune. Healing can take place if you allow it.

Thursday is busy! Mercury in Virgo will make a very positive sextile (usually made by two complementary elements - fire/air + earth/water) to Venus in Cancer, allowing a chance for graceful and loving communication to take place before Mercury begins its retrograde station in Virgo. Venus in Cancer feels sometimes like a warm blanket- very comfortable and sometimes possessive. We take on a security orientation when Venus is in Cancer. This allows for nurturing before we question everything in reality during Mercury's retrograde transit (cue laughter).

Additionally Thursday, Mars in Leo makes a quincunx (150 degree, blindsided aspect as described earlier in the horoscope) to Neptune moving retrograde in Pisces. This is where we need to take the growing pains of yesterday and check our actions. Are you acting from a place of connection to spirit? Are you acting from a place of self-destructive egotism? Congruence is always the hope and the goal for a quincunx aspect- keep yourself accountable on Thursday. The Sun in Leo will be making a sextile (fire + air) aspect to Jupiter in Libra, opening a doorway to fun and expansiveness in relationship and alone time alike.

On Friday, the moon will begin its dance through the cardinal fire sign Aries. This is where we remember that it's okay to be a little bit selfish with your time, energy and resources. We take the healing that happened on a subtle level with the moon in Pisces and now we turn it into acts of practical self-care. If something feels right, do it. If it doesn't, don't do it. You're your own best guide with the moon in Aries.

On Saturday, Mercury begins its retrograde station at 11 degrees Virgo. The following is an excerpt from a book written by Ellias Lonsdale called "Inside Degrees"

"VIRGO 11 A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse. Innocence has its ways to persist. You can grow up, yet retain the stance of the novice, the beginner, the wonder-worker. You foster a knack of renewing your original, basic values and way of being at every critical juncture--a quality unique and unmistakable. At any age and within all situations, coming at things as though we all just got here and we are simply trying things on for size. The best of this quality is a sticking to prenatal resolves of a lofty integrity that refuses steadfastly to fall under the weight of the critical mind. The worst of this quality is that in its zeal, its dedication, and its self- insistency, it invariably puts others to shame and generates in others the self-consciousness and self-judgement you are yourself bypassing. Therefore, what is good for yourself proves to be bad for others, and results in a quandary, a confusing and puzzling situation, eventually impelling you to add one borrowed ingredient: the ability to take yourself lightly."

- The last sentence - "the ability to take yourself lightly" is really resonant for me. Mercury in retrograde's influence in my opinion is pretty overblown, the world isn't going to end. I started this business on a day when Mercury was moving retrograde last year just to stick it to the man. My belief about retrogrades is the slower a planet orbits, the more a retrograde influence will be felt. Mercury is extremely fast-moving and the influences felt are super transient. If you are a Gemini or Virgo sun, moon, rising or have a prominently placed or aspected Mercury, this will be felt more. We live in a very Mercurial society where we still have to run the rat race to pay our bills each month, so issues of Mercury (transportation, communication, contracts, work, logical thought) frustrate us immensely. Some people like to avoid making concrete decisions like accepting jobs or welcoming in new relationships, but honestly there will always be challenging astrological influences and life happens anyway because it has to. I like to focus on ways to transcend the astrology because that is what it is all there for! To transcend this Mercury retrograde transit, have a little patience with yourself and others. Trust that there's a cosmic reason that you are stuck in traffic, frustrated with your current circumstances. Take yourself lightly.

Also on Saturday, Venus in Cancer will be making a healing and loving aspect to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This is a day to really give and receive love in practical and spiritual ways. This could also be a day to really heal any issues around your mother, if there are any. Healing around possessiveness, manipulation and resentments are all possible. The Moon in Aries will move over Uranus in Aries, so try to charge this healing influence by showing up as your true and authentic self.

On Sunday, the Sun in Leo will be making a positive aspect to Saturn moving retrograde in Sagittarius. This is a really great time to evaluate long-term and short-term goals- where you are coming from and where you are going. It's beneficial with this aspect to see if there are things you can practically add and take away to allow more ease and flow into your life. When I was writing this initially it was so surprising to me that Leo season is almost over and that Virgo season is upon us and Virgo is all about the harvest. Especially with Mercury in retrograde already there now, really do some inquiry on what exactly you want to harvest in the coming season. Once you're done with that, it's a great night to relax and take it easy, maybe eat a big meal, hang out with friends and if you're lucky enough, end the night with some lovemaking to honor the moon in Taurus.

Wishing you all the love and blessings! Now that you've made it to the end of the blog, the cw or rather code phrase is "awakenedheart." Enjoy your discount lovelies!

xo M

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