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Horoscope for the week of 7.3 - 9 || deep full moon in Capricorn with Pluto + spiritual release

Good evening friends! Hope this weekend isn't too intense for everyone with Chiron moving retrograde. There's a lot on the mind for the collective and a lot of stuff coming up for everyone including myself. It's really hard to sit and be with things that are painful which is one of the themes of Chiron's retrograde station, but everything really does happen for a purpose. Nothing is by accident and the universe is kind and loving.

The North Node in Leo as well as Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius are changing degrees this week! The North Node moving through Leo right now is trying to remind us to get into our hearts and try to let that guide us. The following is an excerpt from Ellias Lonsdale's book Inside Degrees, one of my most prized astrology resources:

"LEO 24 Sunrise over Stonehenge. Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you're often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving."

- This degree point is reminding us that the point of divinity in everyone is in their heart. This seems like a time where the call of destiny goes quiet in favor of the more mundane aspects of life but you know it is always there.

Saturn is also going from the 23rd degree of Sagittarius to the 22nd and this is what Ellias Lonsdale has to say about it:

"SAGITTARIUS 22 Blackbirds flying out of a pie. Darkness seeks release by the right vessel, at the right time, in the right place. You must be able to contain the darkness and to form it into an exquisitely sculpted-out seething chaos, and then discover your willingness and ability to reverse field, to give over the very thing you took as your own. This comes the hard way, by enduring the ravages of living in a volatile chaos almost as victim and then seizing command of your own vessel. Until you do it, the darkness leaks out around the edges and fosters the worst all around. Usually, triggering so much subtle destruction and indulgence in the negative brings you up short, and triggers the final reckoning and the huge release, sending darkness on its way and opening a space for light to flood through and start a new cycle, where the old had seemed to be decadent and established for the duration."

- Man that's a lot. This sounds a lot like Pluto and Chiron that are both retrograde. This degree of Saturn is going to pose as a purge and an amazingly powerful release point where everything comes to a head and we have to release or fall. Sink or swim.

On Monday, Venus in Taurus is going to be making a positive aspect to Chiron in Pisces, newly retrograde. This is where it's good to take our existential wounds we are healing from, all of the things that can't really be put into words, and take them into the body. The moon will be in Scorpio so major healing can be found by receiving body work, doing yoga, taking a walk outside, eating a tremendously healing meal with lots of colors present and finding enjoyment in the sensual. It can be a good way to deal with the intense Mars-Pluto energy we're all reeling from since the weekend.

On Tuesday, Venus enters into the sign of Gemini! This is a time where love is lighthearted and conversational, spontaneous and not-too-serious. In this Venus in Gemini period, the possibility for potentials that don't materialize into something serious with Saturn directly across the sky in Sagittarius making his retrograde motion. The best policy for Venus in Gemini is to keep it light and to not expect too much.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury in Cancer will be making a square aspect to Uranus in Aries. This is a tough one because Mercury in Cancer wants to communicate with lots of emotion and Uranus in Aries is freedom-oriented and those two energies are very incongruent. This is a day where some people will be feeling unheard and other folks will be feeling like they can't listen for another second, so it's really about just finding a balance between time away and time with.

On Wednesday, emotional Mercury in Cancer makes a positive aspect to Neptune moving retrograde in Pisces which is a time where we have idealistic hopes for the future based on our emotional state. The moon will advance into Leo but early on in the day there will be a very supportive grand trine with the moon in Scorpio, giving us an added bit of backbone to express the important things. Later in the day, Mercury will move into Leo and certain communications could become unstuck and things will be moving faster and conversation will get a little bit lighter and there could be less heart-to-mouth. Our focus will be on ourselves in the world at this time.

Also, the Sun in Cancer will be making a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces and also a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra. This aspect gives to projection- upon situations and people- especially in the realm of relationships. The Sun trine Neptune is really seeing what you want to see in people with those rose-colored glasses on. Don't be afraid to be realistic about people today with the square to Jupiter in Libra, emphasizing an expanded importance on security (Cancer) in relationships (Libra).

On Thursday, the moon moves into Sagittarius which can make the internal landscape a bit more restless, wanting to wander about and allow some time to dream and some time for fun. Spiritual insights abound with this lunation.

On Friday, Mercury in Leo is making a very positive aspect to Venus in Gemini, allowing for fair and balanced communication to flow freely. The only thing is that the tendency to sweep things that aren't pleasant under the rug for the sake of harmony and some things can't really be ignored. The Moon together with Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be hindering to your ability to express your emotions, so it's a good day for instead writing what you are going to say instead of having big communication.

On Saturday, the Moon moves into Capricorn for a day before the full moon on Sunday. This full moon in Capricorn is going to be exactly on top of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, so it's expected that this will result in that big emotional release for the light to flood in, as Ellias Lonsdale mentioned in his degree interpretation. This light could look like new love or new money, but it is on the way as soon as the damn breaks and the release happens.

Be well!


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