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Horoscope for the week of 6.26 - 7.2 || communication snafus and facing our wounds with Chiron retro

Good afternoon starseeds! Sorry this horoscope is running a little bit behind. Hopefully the alignments this week will make up for it!

Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all currently retrograde and up next, this week, Chiron joins the retrograde portion of this program. Chiron is a dwarf planet that travels between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron represents what wounds us and what we need to heal from. Once we go through our Chiron lessons and understand our Chiron issues, we can help other people heal from those very same issues. Chiron retrograde begins on July 1st and can potentially open some of our deep wounds for us to look at them again. If something wounds us, it's possible that these wounds open back up because there is stuff left un-healed the first time. Take good care of your body, get enough sleep and minimize the damages significantly.

On Monday (today) the moon is in Leo! This means that it's a great time to express yourself creatively and have a little bit of fun. Indulge yourself in something that will make you truly happy today. Center your heart whenever the moon is in Leo. Mars in Cancer is also making a positive aspect for Neptune in Pisces, where our emotions may be a little watery or weepy but we'll find needed insight and healing from a divine source if we ask.

On Tuesday, Mercury in Cancer is making a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra. This is a day where it could be really easy to misread how to communicate in certain situations. You may be trying to communicate emotionally in a situation that calls for logical communication and vice versa. With Mars and now Mercury in Cancer moving through that positive aspect to Neptune, it can be really easy to misread what kind of communication a situation requires. It's a great day to hear things that are different from what people said and a great day to say things that are different from what you mean. The moon in Leo will be crossing over the North Node, reminding us that these miscommunications are only avoided by taking the route of the heart.

On Wednesday, Mercury and Mars in Cancer are going to be making an aspect called a conjunction, which is where they are going to be stacked on top of each other. Mercury and Mars agitate each other, stoke the fire of disagreement and really cause a needing to get your point across. In Cancer, it's possible this shows up in a rather passive-aggressive way. Venus in Taurus will be making a quincunx aspect (150 degrees) which basically means that what is really best for us and what we're craving in a relationship sense are not lining up with each other. This is a day to avoid having big talks if you can help it. The moon will be in Virgo which may cause an anxious stir inside of us, so maybe wait until the moon is in Libra for a conversation that requires diplomacy.

On Thursday, Mercury in Cancer will be making an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Sometimes, this can look like things falling out of our mouths that come from an unconscious, dark place. Other times it can look like someone saying something to you that comes from their unconscious and dark place. This can be tricky to navigate because we may find ourselves in power battles in communication. Know when to really stand your ground, especially if you rarely stand your ground, and know when to compromise and give a little, especially if you rarely compromise. Pluto wants us out of our comfort zone always.

On Friday, Venus in Taurus is making a square aspect to the North Node in Leo. Destiny wants us to open our hearts and see where that leads us, but sometimes Taurus doesn't have enough trust in that. Venus in Taurus would rather wade near the surface, indulging in things that are visceral and require the senses, avoiding what is deeper underneath the surface. Fight this tendency in yourself on Friday!

On Saturday, Chiron goes retrograde. This transit can be a little bit of a downer but the moon is going to be with Jupiter in Libra which should lighten up things quite a bit. The best way to deal with whatever wounding Chiron brings to the table is to work them out with the people you love. Help people help you - ask!

On Sunday, Mercury in Cancer will be quincunxing (150 degree) Saturn in Sagittarius. Our communication and our emotions may not exactly be in line with our practicality right now. It's okay, but it's important to not make any major life choices from an emotionally reactive place. Key into the moon and Jupiter in Libra and weigh out all of your options. Additionally, the moon in Libra will be opposite Uranus which makes for internal restlessness but also innovations that come to you at the speed of light, so keep a small notebook to write down any flashes of genius that enter your consciousness.

Have a lovely week! M

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