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Horoscope for the week of 6.5 - 6.11 || Jupiter goes direct + Gemini/Sag full moon = Jupiter blessin

Good evening starseeds and earth angels,

Hope your weekend has treated you well. I apologize about not being able to put up a horoscope last Sunday- about once a month I get these horrible migraines and it can be very difficult for me to look at a screen let alone pull information in from my higher Self.

Retrograde season changes this week as Jupiter goes direct on Thursday (June 8). This influence will be felt big time and could allow direct access to source. Jupiter represents spiritual truth, belief systems, philosophy, travel, higher learning and optimism but also blind faith. Jupiter has been moving retrograde in Libra, so our relationships have been experiencing a major overhaul. With Venus in Aries making its recent retrograde motion back through Pisces, relationships that weren't meant to be ended straight away or new ones that were supposed to be materialized. The way that we see the people in our lives and relate to them has changed and now the people we have been attracting are more aligned to what our soul purpose is. We may have been asking what the purpose of all of the change is and we may be having a hard time trusting ourselves to be ourselves around someone else. Jupiter moving direct will hold so much immediate insight and clarity on what is actually going on instead of feeling like we are somehow blocking ourselves from our higher Self or path to walk down. I was recently reminded of the fact that sometimes it's not the destination, but the journey, and sometimes when you look back, it's easier to see the meaning behind the changes that took place. Everything will come to make sense this week.

Saturn in Sagittarius is still moving retrograde, moving its way to the 24th degree of Sagittarius. The following is an excerpt from the book "Inside Degrees" by Ellias Lonsdale:

Sagittarius 24

"A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil" The one who lives inside is awash in colors, tones, and symbolic ritual displays of an extraordinarily precise attunement to the heart and soul of ancient wisdom. You are suspended in a long-ago time. So much of your being is still back there. The evolution of the world since the ancient times is neither acknowledged nor accommodated in any way. It all depends upon whether this exquisite gift of soul remembrance is honored or exploited. If it is exploited, which is so very tempting, the life empties out of meaning and value and becomes false and repulsive. If it is honored, the expanded faculties on tap become revitalized and find a fresh relevance. As the Divine Feminine reveals what we need to know and draws us to our utmost capacity, it is with an unfallen grace of sensing directly into the deepest parts of people and all they can become in the ancient future just ahead.

- Right now, this retrograde planet is asking us collectively to pay attention and mind to the divine feminine, our intuition, the ability to feel into people and ourselves to really understand who we/they are. Keep in mind that when we accept whatever lesson Saturn is trying to teach us, we are rewarded.

The North Node also changes degrees this week! This is also an excerpt from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale:

LEO 26

"A fire burns at the bottom of an old well"

Deeply, foundationally held away, asocial and centered upon individual treasures of ancient vintage, you are hostile to close approach. You need leverage and control, and are driven toward extreme autonomy, remembering the way it has always been. Deep in there, warmly radiant, you focus on keeping alive what has gone out upon the surface--a karma of caretaking the mysteries. But your personal expression veers toward crusty, hard-edged, protective, and guarding behaviors that can become obsessive and almost paranoid. Your rigid commitment is to holding steady and outlasting sympathetic cycles and contexts, with a note of fierce conviction that this is all that counts; nothing must moderate or minimize or relativize what has been agreed to and made an iron law.

-The North Node is what we collectively could benefit from focusing on and right now this is telling us that we need to go inside ourselves. With Pluto being retrograde right now, we've been really requiring some spiritual work. Sometimes, it involves looking your darkest parts and the parts of another square in the face until it looks like something you love. The ask is that we break away from our obsessive mental patterns or anxiousness surrounding what our heart really wants.

Today (Sunday, June 4th, Mars moves into the sign of Cancer. Generally speaking, Mars isn't really in a good strength in Cancer. Astrologer Alyssa Sharpe explained very articulately that when Mars is in Cancer or most water signs, the anger or the explosion that is Mars is muffled by the stillness of water. There may be an explosion, but it's deep underneath the surface. Our will may not be as strong at times this Mars in Cancer season or we may require a little bit more introversion or rest than otherwise necessary but we will gain love and emotional understanding. The tendency towards passive-aggression in this transit is one to watch for.

On Monday, we begin the week with the transition of the moon from Libra to Scorpio. When the moon is in Scorpio, we can be a little bit unconsciously driven by our passions and our emotions to a level that may be excessive. We can also tap into our deep, internal wisdom, but it's a conscious choice to get there. The moon will be making positive aspects to Neptune and Chiron, which are in the sign of Pisces. Water healing water healing water healing water. Monday is a portal into our deepest emotions, to find some self-compassion, before settling on what you want your full moon intention to be!

Mercury will be interestingly aspected on Monday- in a square aspect between the North and South Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis and making a gentle sextile over to Chiron in Pisces. The North and South Node of the moon are two highly karmic, spiritual influences and Chiron represents our wounds and healing from them. This is a day where some karmic communication could arise, maybe you have a miscommunication or there is someone who literally can't understand you for some reason or another. There could be a difficult conversation pending that you are not quite ready for or the realization that someone your close to has very different ideas about life. The gentle aspect here between Chiron in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus is what could really help us if we decided to grab onto it. Go for a walk barefoot. Do some hip circles. Find a way to get into your body and into nature. Do some deep breathing and deep dreaming. Engage your senses in the pleasurable with an allowance of compassion and enjoyment.

It is my belief that Tuesday will be an absolutely lovely day. Mercury has been moving through the sign of Taurus for a while now, longer than it normally takes Mercury to go through a sign because Taurus volunteered to participate in the retrograde. Mercury is not necessarily super comfortable in Taurus, it feels as though people are trying to rush it but it wants to take its time and do things purposefully and deliberately- albeit slowly. Venus has been moving through the sign of Aries and had its own retrograde stint there. Venus in the sign of Aries can be a little bit selfish (which is a great thing in my opinion) and it can lack foresight, It rushes into relationships and then gets bored or it conveniently forgets certain truths about relationships. It's also THE spark you feel when you meet someone new and are attracted to them.

So these two planets are both moving signs on the same day and both of them will be in their home signs! Venus is moving into Taurus and loves to be there because Venus with Taurus could just laze around all day and be fed grapes and eat chocolate, stopping for a few hours only to create a beautiful piece of art or music and then returning to the laze. Mercury will be moving into Gemini and loves to be there because Mercury with Gemini really amps up the ability to think and speak quickly and clearly on a myriad of subjects. So we'll have our mind and our hearts in order and Jupiter will be stationing direct later in the week, only adding to the clarity poking its light through the clouds.

Also on Tuesday, Uranus in Aries will be making a harmonious aspect to the North Node in Leo, which gives sudden intuitions and innovations we should expect in a positive direction.

Late in the day on Wednesday, the moon moves into Sagittarius. When the moon comes into Sagittarius, the emphasis can be either on finding or escaping from the truth. There can also be an increased drive to seek spiritually and an increased drive to want to have fun.

Friday is the highest height energetically for the week. This is the day of the full moon (expect to see how this will impact you personally in blog posts to come!) and a great day to set an intention for what you want to manifest. Sagittarius is quite a manifestor because it has belief, but sometimes Gemini serves to block this with thinking too many thoughts. Make sure that what you are thinking and believing on this full moon are aligned with your intention, especially because Jupiter goes direct on this day also.

Also on Friday, the Sun in Gemini will be making a quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. A quincunx aspect is 150 degrees between the two placements and they have a really hard time seeing each other from where they are in the birth chart. There may be some noticeable discrepancies that come out on this full moon day in our ego and the work we are doing on ourselves right now. Make sure that with this full moon day where Jupiter also goes direct, that there is nothing egoic that is getting in your way. Let go of things that aren't working for you even when it doesn't feel comfortable.

On Saturday, June 11th, the moon will move into Capricorn for the weekend. This is a time where we are focused on building and planning, hoping for the future. Capricorn in the sign of the moon may make accessing our emotions a little bit more challenging usually until Sunday when the moon will cross over Pluto in Capricorn which will really open the floodgates of emotion and allow us to see right into the center of the storm. Be gentle with yourself.


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