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Horoscope for the week of Apr 3 - 9 || The ego vs. the higher Self vs. other people (who will win?)

Hello starseeds! I hope you are all having a terrific Friday. Things have been a little bit energetically overwhelming with the beginning of Aries season happening in the middle of lots of planets making their retrograde cycle. Currently, Venus and Jupiter are in retrograde. Jupiter began its retrograde cycle on February 6th and will continue to be stationary until June 9th. Jupiter deals with luck, optimism, blind faith and also an assortment of spiritual teachings and source wisdom. We're all being guided by our higher selves and our spirit guides all the time, but right now we may feel cut off from the wisdom of our higher selves while spontaneously being bombarded with new intuitions and insights as Aries season begins. Venus went retrograde on March 4th and will continue to be stationary on April 15th. Venus deals with love, relationships, all things pleasurable, sensual and financial. This is a time where a lot of relationships have drastically changed. I've seen a disproportionate number of breakups in the past month and I think we're all just coming to grips with the reality of our romantic situations. It helps to know you don't have to have it together all the time.

This week, two more planets will be going through a retrograde cycle - Saturn, which goes retrograde on April 6th for a time of reviewing and re-reviewing all of the fine print, paying attention to how you're handling the practical side of life as well as the obstacles in your life. Things may come up that you have to go back over and there may also be some obstacles in achieving what it is what you want right now. Mercury is also going to be going retrograde on Sunday, April 9th. The influence of Mercury going into a retrograde (or stationary) motion is very overblown or popularized, but it's not a good time to finalize anything that has you signing on a dotted line, for a big purchase or a new job. It is a time to think of creative solutions to problems (Taurus) as well as re-centering and coming to grips with specifically what you want to manifest.

Monday is a great day for career, job and communication to align with your higher Self. Mercury in Taurus will make a positive aspect to the karmic North Node of the Moon in Virgo. This influence will allow us to zoom in on things that aren't congruent with the imprint we want to have on this world, cut to the root of them and then fix them. Since Pluto is in Capricorn, these placements will be in a configuration called a Grand Trine. In Earth signs, they are very beneficial for practicality and matters of this physical existence. Take yourself outside and put your feet in the earth. Also on Monday, the Sun in Aries will be squaring the moon in Cancer. A square holds with it the energy of contention, discord and confusion and with these signs we'll be pushed in the direction of initiating newness in our lives. New relationships, new jobs, new thought patterns. With this square, it's important to look at whether or not your head is in line with your heart. Aries is considered "exalted" or well-placed in the sign of the Sun and the moon finds herself at home in the sign of Cancer, so this will be a mere soulful checkpoint.

Tuesday will be rather low-key, maybe a little lazy as we have Mars in Taurus making a quincunx aspect to Jupiter moving through a retrograde cycle in Libra. A quincunx aspect occurs at 150 degrees where the two planets literally can't see each other from where they are on the celestial wheel, and the energy acts accordingly. Mars in Taurus makes us want to laze around and eat all day, and with Jupiter not seen from this place in the sign of relationships and love, this could signify that motivations are down all the way across the board and that romantic relationships won't be on the forefront of the mind necessarily either. My best advice for this transit is to do something creative.

On Wednesday, the moon moves into the sign of Leo. A day where hearing from our loved ones and having heart-centered conversations gives us meaning and purpose to keep moving. A great day to be demonstrative of your love for others and for romance to prosper. Be mindful of your instinctive tendencies in relationships for optimal functioning.

On Friday, the Sun in Aries is going to be making an opposition (180 degrees) to Jupiter retrograde in Libra. A day where the ego and the higher Self will be dueling it out and it's best to just surrender to the madness. This is a great day to release the bullshit that is holding you back from being fully yourself in relationships. People can't accept you if you aren't showing up as yourself.

Saturday, Venus in Pisces is going to be making a square aspect (90 degrees) to Saturn in Sagittarius and the moon moves into Virgo. Suddenly, mutable mahem ensues. Saturn in Sagittarius is about holding onto your spiritual integrity and I think there could be a good degree of temptation to stray down a path romantically that may not be the best thing for you in the long run. Venus in Pisces wants to give every situation the benefit of the doubt and right now the planetary alignments are calling us to hold back on that and be discerning. If you still feel a stir on April 15th, go right ahead. The Moon in Virgo is going to make us hyper-aware of our bodies and of the details - use that as a vehicle to get through Saturday. Pay attention to the way your world makes you feel and let it lead your way.

Have a lovely week,


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