Taurus March 2017 Horoscope

Early in the month, there will be a heavily Neptunian influence. Neptune dissolves boundaries and transcends the boundaries of space/time and has to do with escapist themes as well. There may be a lot going on for you right now as far as friendships, community and networks. Having the Sun, Mercury, the South Node, Chiron and Neptune- at times overlapping with each other- all in Pisces are bringing a lot of people towards you right now in a way that feels very karmic or fated. You may be called to help a bunch of people and trying not to spread yourself too thin. It’s also possible that you feel called towards certain causes on a soul level. Due to the North Node being in Virgo, it’s important to remember to maintain your own space for you-time, creativity and expression.

There are lots of pushes and pulls coming from the Aries/Libra axis early on this month. This axis demonstrates the self versus other people. The “I Am” versus the “We Are.” Jupiter is still stationed retrograde in Libra, allowing us time to reflect on relationships and their purpose in our lives. For you, Taurus, this is occurring in a part of the sky for you that represents your daily life, work as well as health patterns in behaviors. However, it is important for me to point out that this could be you re-evaluating the people that are present in your every day life. Maybe there is something that is not quite right about your relationship to a coworker, a manager or a friend that you see very regularly. Jupiter in Libra will be opposing Uranus in Aries on March 2nd, which is pulling you in the direction of the bigger picture of life. This looks like insights coming out of nowhere, possibly from a dream, about the world beyond this third-dimensional reality some Taureans are hell bent on stapling themselves to. Open yourself up to whatever insights come through during this long-term transit of Uranus in Aries, just make sure what is coming through for you is congruent with your every day life and relationships, with Venus moving retrograde in Aries beginning March 4th.