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Weekly horoscope Feb. 20 - 26 || One giant step forward

The past week has probably been quite intense for a lot of people in different ways. Themes of shedding old patterns that aren't working anymore, huge insight and transformation are coming up. In a lot of ways, with the upcoming new moon/solar eclipse, we are coming up on the end of a cycle. Spring is coming and we will finally be able to plant NEW seeds as well as also figuring out how to make the best out of what we have now.

On Monday, Mercury in Aquarius is giving a boost to Uranus in Aries. This is going to be some relatively uplifting and enlivening energy coming through, maybe a stroke of genius hits you about something you've been putting off or something appears out of nowhere that really puts you on a productive path.

On Tuesday, Mercury in Aquarius is going to be blessing Jupiter retrograde in Libra. This is a great time to talk about ideas with other people, but pay attention when you're doing so because the Sun in Pisces is going to be with the South Node of the Moon, indicating past karma. Pisces season is when we engage with universal love, but it's important to remember that sometimes loving people the right way means setting them on their own path. This is a day to really come to grips with the principles of attachment. Notice that when you hold on too tightly to people that they seem to float out of your hands.

Also on Tuesday, the moon in Sagittarius is going to be touching Saturn, so this is a day where we may be more attuned to the real difficulties of our situations and how our belief systems and thought constructs attached to the difficulties of our situations. Seeing the practical isn't always the most uplifting thing - this is a much more sobering influence.

On Wednesday, there may be some difficulty that arises. The moon is going to be on top of Pluto, making a square aspect to Mars in Aries. This may be a day where deep seeded anger rises to the surface. It's a day to check in with resentment and where it is coming from. Try to cut to the root of your resentments instead of lashing out at those you're feeling resentful towards. Also, notice what inner transformation is waiting for you. Sometimes Moon-Pluto causes things to be shown to us that we weren't really trying to look at so we can address them and then transform.

On Thursday, Mercury in Aquarius is going to be making a positive aspect towards Saturn in Sagittarius. This is when some of the frustration of our environment is dealt with. This upcoming aspect reminds me of the times when I don't clean my room for so long I get so fed up with myself and just DO IT.

On Saturday, Mercury moves into Pisces. When Mercury is in the sign of the fish, swimming in opposite directions, sometimes it can be challenging to properly communicate what your needs are in a way people can understand. On the positive side, this is a great time for mental creativity and allowing time to let yourself dream. It's important to pay attention to your dreams, intuitions and synchronicity as we finish out the zodiacal wheel, beginning anew in Aries with our base needs, instincts and material surroundings.

Sunday really does bring a grand finale to the week. This will be the day of the new moon solar eclipse with the Sun and Moon both in Pisces. This is the last lunation of the astrological calendar and even more than that, for some this is closing out a more-than-ten-year cycle and we are shrugging off the last unnecessary bits before moving forward. This is a transcendent quality of being shown everything that you need to see to understand how to close the chapter on this day. Mars also meets Uranus in Aries on the SAME DAY as this new moon. This is a big conjunction, only happens every once in a while, and guarantees the presence of newness almost immediately after this moon. Some of the newness could come as a bit of a shock, so just breathe deeply. Some signs enjoy change and intrinsically understand it and others (cough, fixed signs) are more prone to holding on, so take the steps that you need to take to allow the old to leave you so that the new can take its place.

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