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Weekly Horoscope: Feb 13 - 19 + oracle readings for each sign! || addressing our impediments to find

On Monday, February 13th, we become acutely aware of what is expected of us. The moon ingresses into the sign of Virgo, making a contentious square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is where the details meet the big picture and somehow don't add up - maybe there's just not enough time in the day or money in the budget. Have compassion with yourself and keep your expectations of your energy in check.

Some folks will celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th. Appropriately, the moon is going to move into the sign of Libra, which is the sign representative of relationships. This is a good omen, in my opinion. The feeling of potential impossibility we experience on Monday should subside as Saturn in Sagittarius positively aspects the Sun in Aquarius, allowing in self-recognition for all that you have, in fact, been doing. Expectations are at the root of all evil for the most part, so keep your mind open. Jupiter is stationed retrograde in the sign of Libra, making a possibly painful quincunx aspect to Chiron, the aspect of the wounded healer, in Pisces. A quincunx aspect is an aspect of 150 degrees and what happens is the two signs don't see each other from where they are on the 360 degree wheel. There's a lot of incompatibility and lack of understanding when it comes to quincunxes. This is simply to be viewed as a trigger point. We have all gone through disappointments, betrayals and abandonment in relationships, which is why relationships in general are such a psychological minefield. If you are partnered, try to understand some of the innermost reactions of your partner and how they relate to the experiences of their past and then find compassion for them. If you are single and going on a date for valentine's day, I would highly recommend being deliberate with your speech to avoid getting into touchy conversations and reflecting on the way that you date. If you are single and enjoying your alone time on this Tuesday, focus on a plan to heal your wounds from past relationships to further your highest growth.

If in fact anything comes up for you as far as wounding in relationships, Wednesday is a great day to really take the time to heal and move past some of that unwanted emotional stuff. Loving-kindness meditations are great for that because they bring in a feeling of positivity and love for everyone, regardless of their relation to you. The moon in Libra will be conjunct (or at the same degree) of Jupiter rather early in the morning so pay attention to your dreams and their connections. This is a good day to spend in relative quiet in spiritual contemplation.

On Thursday, your intelligence will positively support your will. Mercury in Aquarius will be making a positive aspect to Mars in Aries. To me this looks like having very profound ideas and innovations and then immediately putting them to action without too much thought. Trust your intuition during this time!

On Friday, the moon moves into the sign of Scorpio, which tends to be a rather volatile place for us to be emotionally. This Scorpio moon is making a harsh square aspect to Mercury in Aquarius, so the depths of what we feel may not be on the very same page with our thoughts. This is a day where we may feel like our minds are racing and that work is overwhelming. It can be good to close your eyes, even for five minutes, to take yourself out of your thoughts and out of your emotions and closer to the core of who you are.

Early in the day on Saturday, the moon in Scorpio will be squaring the Sun in Aquarius. This is a time where what we want very deeply may not be what we are expressing outward or that there's some ego battle between your inward self, your ego self and your higher Self (especially because Jupiter is in retrograde). Let all of your selves have a voice. The Sun then moves into Pisces also on this day, so it's a good time to take note of any displays of compulsive patterns of behavior. This Pisces season is the time to get rid of any unwanted addictions or attempts to self-sabotage.

On Sunday, things get a little lighter as the moon moves into Sagittarius. This could be a good time to let yourself wander a little bit, to daydream and to seek out new experiences. This could also be a day to seek out a faith-based activity, whatever that means for you.

Oracle reading: I'll be using the Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor to deliver a special message for each sign this week. Fix your eyes upon your Sun + Moon + Ascendant signs!

Aries: Door to Personal Healing and Happiness:

"This card is a harbinger of positive change. The beautiful, light-filled door opens onto a lush, rainbow-lit spring filled with vibrant lotus flowers. Whether you're working on some inner healing, such as breaking an addiction, or looking to make some external changes, such as finding a new place to live, this card signals that your life is opening up and new opportunities are about to appear. The changes you've been working on are ready to blossom with wonderful results, so make sure you see your personal intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations."

Taurus: Door to Spirit (reversed)

"When this card is reversed, you may find yourself feeling an extreme disconnect. It seems your intuition is failing, and you can't maintain the peaceful moments you are longing for. You may be too distracted by worldly matters or personal problems to arrive at (and enjoy) the deeper sense of your spiritual connection. The paradox is that the more you can let go of the drama, distractions or intense emotions, the more your spiritual peace will bring you solutions for these issues. So relax and let go. Meditate on your soul self, your higher self that resides in your own heart center. Allow that connection to grow, and you'll find that many new doors will open as a result."

Gemini: The World

"This card is reminding you to expand your vision and contemplate some much broader options. The world is wide, so there's a lot out there to consider. In the modern age of dating technology, this could be specifically referring to creating or expanding to a more global network through the internet or social marketing. Drawing this card also lets you know that you have unlimited resources available to you, and now is the time to think big. As they say, the world is your oyster, so get ready to gobble it up."

Cancer: Caring Connections

"This card shows a couple in a tender embrace, with the woman holding the blossoms of new love. Like the community card, this reveals a caring connection - but usually between two people only. This card upright signals the beginning or deepening of a kindred-spirit friendship or even the appearance of new love. It can also signify a formal business partnership. When this card appears, be on the lookout for new connections presenting themselves. The relationships you already have may become more intimate, purposeful or present at this time. Notice the opportunities to forge new or deeper bonds. There may be a tender karmic connection at hand!"

Leo: Woman Holding a Heart

"The woman on this card wears a butterfly in her hair and holds a lovely, large heart in her hands. For a woman, this card upright could be a reflection of your own state of peaceful emotion and receptivity for love, or it might be a message that your family issues are going to resolve. You're an intuitive woman who understands the emotions of life, and you're bringing that awareness to all that you do. This card upright could also indicate the presence of a female friend, teacher or confidante who's here to help with issues of love, family or emotion. This is an even-tempered and caring person who resonates with you and your emotions. This could also portend a new love interest or friend coming your way."

Virgo: Goddess of the Moon (reversed)

"This card reversed reveals a blocked intuition, an inner disconnect or a sense of living in the dark. You have a deep desire to know your purpose and truth, but they can feel very distant. This is a message of dissatisfaction where your inner life is concerned. It's possible that extreme worry and discontent are the obstacles to the inner peace and wisdom you seek. If so, you need to let that go and renew your faith in yourself and your eternal spirit. Get out of your own way and release the fear that's been blocking the truth of your blessed, eternal nature. Your soul, your higher self, knows you best, so allow stillness into your life. Listen to the stirring of your own intuitive voice and trust what you receive!"

Libra: Envy

"This card shows a woman holding a huge pearl in one hand and a platter of coins and pearls in the other. She stands in a silver room looking out at a golden city on the horizon. She has a life of value already, but she ignores that and longs for the shining prosperity she sees elsewhere. Instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, her desire for more only causes a deep sense of lack and dissatisfaction and that energy shows in her dress. This card upright is telling you that you need to let go of the jealousy and acknowledge the blessings you already have in your life. Now is the time to shift your focus. After all, when you envy others, it only attracts more to them, not you. Notice all that you have and thank the Universe for it. Now is the time to move from a consciousness of lack to one of value. With this shift, all things change."

Scorpio: Journey

"Pack your bags! The Journey card foretells upcoming travel or a shift in location. It may be as simple as a vacation, retreat or class, or even a work-related trip. This card could also signal a move of residence or a job relocation. The upright position indicates that the plans should go off without a hitch. Still, be clear about your motivations and mindful of logistics. All of life is a journey, and this card is telling you that you have some exciting and inspiring adventures ahead."

Sagittarius: Seventh Chakra, Archangel Uriel

"The beautiful angel Uriel - also called the Fire of God - wears a brilliant crystal crown vibrating with a passionate connection to the Divine. She brings great power to your seventh energy enter, which is called the crown chakra and located at the top of your head. This card upright indicates an open and free-flowing channel of information and inspiration from the wonderful beings in the spirit world. This could also be a time of great intuition for you and guidance from your higher awareness, so allow yourself to quiet your mind and listen. Now is a great time to get connected. The assistance from Spirit is great, and whether it's the presence of an Ascended Master, a powerful angel like Uriel or a loving family member or friend in spirit, their love and willingness to assist is always there. They even open you to the Akashic Records (or Alaya Consciousness) the storehouse of all information! This connection is open now, and you will find that your own spirit and the spirit of those around you will be able to provide the answers you seek and the blessings you desire and deserve."

Capricorn: Strategy

"This card shows a pen, journal, compass and key. When you receive this card upright, it indicates that this is the optimum time for setting up a very specific strategy for achieving your goals. Write about the direction you want to go in. Consider any potential change in course that may be needed. Be aware of the particulars regarding your goals and have some conscious plan in mind. Structure the short-term goals needed to make your long-term goal a reality. This card is telling you to spend some time setting things in order. It's time to take full control. Add thought to action, and set your sights on the road ahead."

Aquarius: Door to Value (reversed)

"This card reversed signifies a partial or perhaps potentially complete closing of the door. The hoped-for new opportunity where money or career is concerned may be delayed or possibly even derailed. Don't be disheartened, however. This card reversed reminds you not to put all your eggs into one basket. Diversify your interests and your efforts, and let your intuition guide you to the next doorway. In the meantime, open your heart and your mind to the other sources of value in your life. Money is a commodity, but so are time, tranquility and love. Choose to open the doors of these wonderful experiences yourself, and find real value there."

Pisces: First Chakra, Archangel Michael (reversed)

"When this card shows up in a reversed position, you may be facing some significant challenges and even some very difficult emotions. The energy in your first chakra may be blocked, revealing potential fears about your safety, feelings of insecurity, or even depression. This blocked energy could also signify financial worry or desperation. Issues of instability can shake you to your very core, so it's going to be important to get the energy moving freely through this chakra once again. Call upon Archangel Michael for assistance and visualize his light and power filling this area and bringing you a greater sense of your own true strength and eternal stability. Meditate on the affirmation below and feel your sense of safety and balance return."

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