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Horoscope for the week of Jan. 2 - 8 + tarotscope & oracle cards for all signs! | as above, so b

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. 2016 was a really challenging year for most people. It was radically great and radically terrible. 2017 is going to be pretty much equally as intense, but different. 2016 (2+0+1+6) is a "9" year, marking the end of a cycle and a completion point. 2017 (2+0+1+7) is a "1" year, symbolizing new beginnings. Long-awaited endings are just as challenging in some ways as new beginnings, but we all know which is more fun.

Mars moves off of Neptune slightly Monday, Jan 2. The Mars-Neptune conjunction occurring yesterday had a couple of implications for some, from prophetic dreams and incredible intuitions to a really low physical energy source and a passive imagining about the future and what it could have in store for us. On Monday, we'll be able to see more clearly what these fragmented intuitions are telling us and also what our bodies are telling us. Since Sunday is a holiday, Monday we'll be hitting the pavement on the way to our new lives.

On Tuesday, Jan 3, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces. Venus, the planet of love, relationships, sensuality, creativity, art, pleasure and money, loves to be in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a boundary dissolver and an archetype capable of unconditional love. Sending your enemy loving-kindness kind of love. There have been several influences in the astrological energy in the past year that have been pushing us in the direction of realizing how isolated we all are. As a species, humans were not meant to go through life without a strong sense of community. It affects us in our bodies - we are isolated by cars, phones, capitalism promoting success of the individual, the notion of separation among groups of sex/race/culture and what is societally acceptable behavior. More and more, people are realizing how painful this sense of aloneness is. 2016 has been a year that has caused people visceral discomfort on several levels, because in a way we're having everything that doesn't serve us violently yanked away or pruned off, and it's so much easier to shoulder that burden in a loving and supportive community than it is to go it alone. This transit of Venus in Pisces is going to bring in universal love. Be kind to the stranger who is having a hard day, feed the dog that doesn't appear to have a home, if you see that the person in line at the coffee shop's card is declined, step in and offer to pay. It'll feel great and it'll come back to you tenfold. This is the time to check in with our biases of difference in race, gender or sexual orientation and realize that at the center of each of us is love, so there's no need to hold any sort of limiting belief systems.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is making a very light and supportive aspect to Venus in Pisces. This aspect is supportive of honest communication, fair and balanced speech as well as good conversations that could arise when we show up from a place of love. This is a great day to have those tough conversations and to hold space for people even when they disagree with us or are acting negatively or unfairly towards us. Be the bigger person, always.

On Wednesday, Jan 4, Mercury retrograde comes back to the last degree of Sagittarius. This is a re-examining of what gives us a profound experience of joy. There's the little things, such as morning coffee or great music. Then there are the bigger things like relationships, friendships and family. Then there are the bigger things like our connection to something greater and our connection to ourselves as little gods and goddesses. What is it in your life that creates this type of overwhelming joy on all levels? I know for me, moving my body in some way every day and a connection to a source of cosmic consciousness makes me feel joyful. Spending time with my loved ones and being able to be myself around them makes me feel joyful. Morning coffee, yoga classes, going to the shaman I mean chiropractor every week, astrology podcasts and books on spirituality make me feel joyful. So in 2017, I'm making a commitment to include more of these things and would love for you to join me.

On Saturday, Jan. 7 the Sun in Capricorn is making a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn at the 17th degree. Degrees in astrology have what are called Sabian symbols attached to them. This is what the 17th degree looks like (Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees):

"CAPRICORN 17 A gold ring baked into a cake. Initiation is a secretive affair. It calls forth discernment and offers immense awakening. It is a narrow path, stern and demanding. Everything proves illusory. The world becomes an empty egg. Yet the guiding ray is so pure. And if the tests are passed, exquisite self-realization is there. A reminder of what you've forgotten. A vow or promise reinstated. Something neglected and denied returning in the most startling ways. A fatelike feeling of get-it-now or get-it-later. No fruitions in the outer, yet all is bright on the inner."

This Sabian symbol to me seems very promising of a new commitment to ourselves or something we care deeply about. This almost makes it seem like anything is possible. The Sun is our ego expression and the way we experience our outer world. Pluto is death and destruction, transmutation and then the wisdom and gain that comes from that. Fertile ground comes after everything has been burned away that doesn't work. This is a big day for inner listening, paying attention to signs and symbols from the universe and going inside yourself to see how you need to transform your life to get better results from it. Don't forget that we are all co-creators of our lives. If anything happens today that causes you unrest, take a deep breath and feel your feet on the ground. The lesson of this in the short-term is to be okay with not being okay.

Saturday, in addition to this cray Sun-Pluto conjunction, Venus in Pisces will be conjunct (touching) the South Node in Pisces and opposite the North Node in Virgo. This may be a day where people you have fated or karmic connections with reappear, if briefly. The way that you can tell you have a fated or karmic connection with someone (doesn't have to be romantic) is if you felt instantly drawn to them, something wasn't quite right about your relationship (ie: timing issues, central themes of discord), if you feel like at times you can see right into their soul and if you learned a big life lesson in knowing them. If you experience a happenstance encounter with someone you are trying to have back in your life, it may be best to wait a little while before indulging those whims. Neptune and Mars are also in Pisces, Neptune being the boundary dissolver and Mars being our will to act. Neptune can put rose colored glasses on us and a negative manifestation of this alignment could be us projecting and creating the story that is in line with our most desired outcome without any regard for the consequences. Be gentle and careful with yourself and know that it's perfectly okay to let by-gones be by-gones. Appreciate the lessons and release these people to the past.

This week for the tarotscope I've decided to switch it up a little bit and use my learner deck, the traditional Ryder Waite tarot. It's been a long time since I worked with this deck and the new year has me feeling nostalgic. I'll be shuffling five times (or slightly more/less depending on if I feel intuitively guided) and as an added bonus I'll be pulling a card from Caroline Myss' archetype card deck for each sign as well as general with a little information about the light/shadow side of that archetype. <3

It's important to look at your rising, sun and moon sign for best results! As always, for a more detailed reading, e-mail me at

The Archetype card for the week is the warrior card.

"Light attributes: strength, skill, discipline and toughness of will. Heroism, stoicism, and self-sacrifice in conquering the ego.

Shadow attributes: Trading ethical principles for victory at any cost. Indifference to the suffering inflicted on others."

Aries -

Archetype card: Trickster

"Light attributes: Transcending convention, stuffiness and predictable behavior.

Shadow attributes: Manipulating others through duplicity."

* Based on your spread, I can tell you guys are going through quite a loss. Maybe it is heartbreak, the sudden end of a cycle or the feeling that what you really long for will never come. You seem to have imbalance between work and home life or that something isn't really fair to you right now with regard to home and work. You got the last major arcana card, the World, indicating that this is definitely the end of a cycle for you and your life is transforming in a major way. The only way out is through. Be with yourself moment by moment and don't allow petty manipulation of circumstances to get in the way of deeper healing and shadow work that needs to be done at this time.

Taurus -

Archetype card: Dilettante

"Light attributes: Delights in the arts without having to be a professional. Alerts you to the danger of becoming superficial in your pursuits.

Shadow attributes: Pretension to much deeper knowledge than you actually possess."

* Your spread is calling for a time of R&R&R: rest, relaxation and reflection. Some negative or toxic pattern has recently been released from your life in a divine way. Addictive behavior, relationships that bind in a bad way and shiny objects that distract you from your path are what I'm referring to. Take a week to come into a little bit more stillness and silence than you normally do. There is a cosmic reason for everything and you have to be quiet to understand the causes and effects of the recent changes brought about in your life. It's time to take the plunge inside yourself and to stop avoiding that in favor of more surface activities and indulgence.

Gemini -

Archetype card: Mentor

"Light attributes: Passing on wisdom and refining a student's character.

Shadow attributes: Inability to allow the student to move on to the role of the Master. Imparting false instruction."

* There is a clear pulling away from a false sense of love and home life this week. You may have recently ended a relationship or are positing yourself to be more focused on building in your career rather than to tend to the relationship and the nest. There could be a new endeavor that you have been marinating over, but nothing has happened materially yet. Revert back to the Sun-Pluto conjunction's sabian symbol and know that you're not alone. A lot of people are going through profound internal changes and those changes haven't manifested externally yet. Keep building your ideas knowing that someday very soon you'll be able to plant the seed to put this endeavor into forward-motion.

Cancer -

Archetype card: Priest

"Light attributes: Facilitates spiritual commitments. Serves as a channel of spiritual energy.

Shadow attributes: Violates the trust of your spiritual community. Seduced by your own spiritual role."

* Your spread this week is also very spiritual. You are favoring your insights and intuitions to material development this week. You have a big week in terms of personal growth, realizations and revelations about who you are and where you're going. You may dream up visions for the future that may seem unattainable, but everything is attainable with faith and belief. Your finances and your career will catch up with the deep internal psychospiritual changes you are making.

Leo -

Archetype card: Monk/nun

"Light attributes: Selfless devotion and single-minded dedication to Spirit.

Shadow attributes: Negative judgment of the physical world. Excess piety."

* There may be some manipulative people in your orbit this week, Leo. The archetype card that you drew is interesting because you can be so very generous to a fault. Leo's exist in a world where love rules over everything. Be sure to watch out for emotional manipulation this week, favoring a connection to yourself. Strive to put yourself first and to deliberate on major decisions regarding people this week.

Virgo - Archetype card: Damsel

"Light attributes: Understanding the nature of healthy romance. Inspires you to rely on yourself.

Shadow attributes: Waiting for a Knight to provide for you. Seduction by romantic illusion."

* My cards felt extremely sticky when shuffling for you, Virgo. There's a major feeling of romantic and spiritual lack when I look at this reading. Maybe there's a person who you have idealized greatly. Maybe you're going through the end of a relationship or experiencing residual loss from a breakup that happened in months past. A good way to get over this feeling is to put yourself into aloneness. Be your own light in the darkness and discover what makes you feel better in a healthy way. If you are in a miserable relationship, this may be the week to have that well-warranted conversation.

Libra -

Archetype card: Fool

"Light attributes: Fearlessly revealing emotion. Helping people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy. Shadow attributes: Using humor to wound rather than liberate. Denial of your emotional truth."

* You may be dealing with a loss of money, a pay cut or a feeling of lack financially right now. There is a need to let go of old energies to step into a new love. This could be a new spiritual connection that's right there for you if you'd open your eyes and look. There's also a need to harness your sexual energies right now in favor of something more beneficial that could meet your mind-spirit-soul needs.

Scorpio -

Archetype card: Bully

"Light attributes: Highlights your tendency to intimidate others. Helps you confront the inner fears that bully you.

Shadow attributes: Conceals deep fears behind verbal or physical abuse."

* You have a good bit of external conflict showing up in your reading, but not in the way you may think based on the archetype card. You are really priming yourself to be rid of all of the conflicts that bind you. Connecting to your higher self this week instead of focusing on the needs of your small self could help you to forge those connections that could cause the conflicts to come to an end. There may be an earth sign energy you are letting go of in favor of more divine and fertile ideas and truths. As above, so below.

Sagittarius -

Archetype card: Athlete

"Light attributes: Dedication to transcending physical limits, including handicaps. Development of personal willpower and strength of spirit.

Shadow attributes: Misuse of athletic ability for selfish ends. False sense of invulnerability and entitlement."

* Sagittarians are not immune to worldly struggles. You are having to draw inward right now either by choice or by force this week. Think about how you want for your relationships to be going forward. You are coming out of a place where you are holding onto residual guilts and resentments as well as coming out of a feeling of being impoverished somehow and not having enough money. You also have been thinking a lot about what you want out of life lately with just a little material manifestation of that. Once you shrug off some of the slop accompanied with these feelings of lack and guilt and resentment, the world will open up for you and you will see what you need to to make changes.

Capricorn -

Archetype card: Child: orphan

"Light attributes: Independence based on learning to go it alone. Conquering fear of surviving.

Shadow attributes: Feelings of abandonment that stifle maturation. Seeking inappropriate surrogate families."

* Conflicts and betrayals may have made you feel inevitably like you have to hold everything really close to your chest - from your money to your emotions. If there is a person or people causing you a hard time, don't be afraid to open up and tell them that what they're doing is hurtful. Right now is a great time to connect with your inner child, to send them all the love. Additionally, some research could be done on healing your first chakra. Contemplate your relationships with women in your life and reflect on all of your friendships and relationships while you're at it. Are there some that feel more authentic than others? Lean into those right now.

Aquarius -

Archetype card: Advocate

"Light attributes: Inspires you to put compassion to action.

Shadow attributes: Embracing negative causes or committing to causes for personal gain."

* This week you are divinely called to let go of limiting belief systems that have been holding you back from happiness, love and financial success. Avoid prolonging the inevitable by giving into emotional manipulation, temptation or alcohol/drugs. You've reached the end of a cycle, denoted by the last major arcana card, The World. Meditate to make this new year a clean slate for you so that gifts the world has in store for you can appear.

Pisces -

Archetype card: Father

"Talent for creating and supporting life. Positive guiding light within a tribal unit.

Shadow attributes: Dictatorial control. Abuse of authority."

* This week it is important for you to distance yourself away from those who are causing you pain and heartache. You are the ones to love people regardless of their treatment of you, but right now you need to give some negative energy up for the sake of healing your life. Try to release people who try to control you and release the urge to control others. Try to open your eyes to some of the possibilities that will open up to you if you put healing in favor of things that are simply unnecessary for your growth.

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