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The Astrology of the Charlotte Black Lives Matter Protests -

The past several months have been completely insane for a lot of people. Almost everyone that I know and have spoken with over the past six months have been going through a huge life change, or internal change. People have been waking up and tapping into their intuitions and also their unconscious darker underpinnings as the axis continues to shift towards a more “awake” perspective - an inclusion of masculine and feminine qualities. Right now, the world is operating from an imbalance of an overly masculine perspective. The overgrowth of war, separation and destruction makes it clear that right now we need to embody a more feminine perspective.

*When I say “masculine” or “feminine” I’m not referring to gender or people. I am referring to masculine qualities in an Eastern view being something outward, assertive and separating the whole into different parts for further rationalization. Feminine qualities are more inward, receptive and holistic.

I’d like to say that I believe personally that we should lift up the people of color in our lives and give them just as much of an opportunity to succeed, because they haven’t been given that. It seems as though they have been systematically kept in a holding pattern and are viewed much differently than white people by the police, the criminal justice system and also other Americans. There is so much hype surrounding what it means to be “American” and I have to say, it’s all bullshit. The American Dream is that everyone, regardless of their gender, skin color and religious/cultural beliefs and traditions, have the same chance to have a successful career and to make a life for themselves. It is clear that is not the case in this country as poverty has reached an all-time high and police brutality continues to affect the lives of so many people of color who do not deserve to be affected. Then seeing some of my white Facebook friends criticizing the rioting and the looting, which is an understandable reaction to years of systematic oppression. My heart aches for the black man that was shot in the Epicenter on Wednesday night as well as the children of Keith Lamont Scott who now have to go through this scary world fatherless. Last night (Thursday) the protesters on the ground did a wonderful job at gathering peacefully and I have never in my life been more proud of a movement happening in Charlotte.

The Astrology of it All:

This week, the Sun and Jupiter are moving through Libra. The Sun illuminates whatever sign it comes into contact with and Jupiter expands the traits of the sign it is moving through. Libra represents harmony, fairness and balance. The law resides in Libra. Right now, this means that the focus is on others. The focus is on the greater good for all as Libra cannot stand injustices (and this is a big one).

Additionally, the Sun and Jupiter are being stressed by Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of transformation - burning things down only to build it back up over and over and over again. Pluto in Capricorn represents death and destruction to all of these faulty systems (as Cap represents systems and structures of power). I feel the Black Lives Matter movement being successful is contingent on some other corruption being exposed and falling by the wayside, such as the sociopathic dark-triad shit that have kept our loved ones oppressed for so long. The big people on top who control the news media and the interests of the military-industrial complex or the pharmaceutical countries or oil. THIS is an overgrowth of masculine energy. I think that the Black Lives Matter is a step towards eliminating the destructive power structure in this country and even in the world. Archetypally this transit shows that the “powers that be” are causing some serious strain on the desire for fairness and equality that is in a much more personal place.

Pluto and Mercury also station direct this week, which means that prior they were retrograde. Mercury retrograde is colloquialized and does affect a lot of communication, short-term travel and merchandising. I would say that even more powerful is the Pluto retrograde stationing direct. Pluto retrograde allows us to sift through our unconscious mind and the mind of the unconscious and conscious collective. Pluto stationing direct in the same week as Mercury screams “OUT WITH THE TRUTH. NOW.” Pluto and Mercury working together are like getting right to the heart of a situation regardless of any rhetoric or bullshit. The time is now to speak out your truth.

Saturn, the very linear planet that represents time and its constrictions and values pragmatism, is coming out of a seriously stressful aspect to Neptune, the planet of illusion, dreams, transcendence of the earthly realm into the energetic and astral realm. This transit brought a lot of disappointments, depression and setbacks and a lot of that is easing up now which means this is the perfect time for this all to be happening.

Black Lives Matter.


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