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The twelve sun signs at their best -

It is my belief that when a sun sign is really shining, they are exhibiting traits of their opposite sign. When you look at the opposite signs together, you can see that each pair represents a certain type of polarity that is very present in real life. My close friend Leah termed it a "teeter-totter" effect.

The opposition pairs are:

Aries (I am) - Libra (we are)

- Balancing the self with relationships with others

Taurus (I have) - Scorpio (we have)

- Balancing our possessions, self-worth and emotional "stuff" with that of another

Gemini (I know) - Sagittarius (we know)

- Balancing the details and low-level, logical learning with higher logic and spiritual truth

Cancer (I protect) - Capricorn (we protect)

- Balancing the emotions and internal phases of every day life with what we must be pragmatic about to build a legacy for ourselves

Leo (I express) - Aquarius (we express)

- Balancing the needs of the ego and the self with that of the collective

Virgo (I serve) - Pisces (we serve)

- Maintaining a rationality and attention to detail and still occasionally allowing yourself to get lost

The highly functioning side of each astrological sun sign:

* PSA: This is only looking at the sign of the Sun. Your astrological birth chart has way more information about you as an integrated person and adds a more complete picture of your psychology. E-mail me for a reading at if you would like more information regarding you as a whole person in the context of your natal chart.

Aries: When the Sun in Aries is highly functioning, they have no problem understanding that their energy is dynamo, innovative and pure fire. With this, though, comes a need to cut a little bit of their Aries brunt with a little diplomacy. If Aries is in a good headspace, they'll have no problem cutting their expression with more honey and molten lava and being patient and kind towards others.

Taurus: When the Sun in Taurus is highly functioning, they will not be afraid to break up the fuss and do something that causes a serious change for the better in the long term. Taurus energy is usually resistant to change and also resistant to delving into emotion without their being a reason behind it, so when they're not afraid to walk through the line of fire keeping in mind the unpleasant feelings won't last, the Taurus is in good shape.

Gemini: When the Sun in Gemini is highly functioning, you won't find them spreading themselves too thin, doing favors for people needlessly and engaging in conversations that just don't matter. This is because a well-developed Gemini is referencing the bigger picture at all times. They aren't burnt out because they know they have to sustain their somewhat spurt-ish energy source to do the things that matter in the long-term.

Cancer: When the Sun in Cancer is highly functioning, they are able to take the time to feel their feelings and take care of themselves, hold space for others and also reserve some hours in the day for the more pragmatic things in life. The nest will fall apart if someone doesn't make sure all the bills are paid in it.

Leo: When the Sun in Leo is highly functioning, their ego is in check. They are not afraid to let other people stand in the spotlight for a while. They let other people celebrate their successes, too! A Leo that is passionate about a cause that exists outside of themselves is a solid Leo indeed.

Virgo: When the Sun in Virgo takes time away from their precious to-do lists that they can get lost in, closes their eyes and begins to dream or fantasize and escape, even if it's just for a few minutes or a few hours, they find they can return to their work with a fresh perspective. Any Virgo who makes self-care a priority instead of ruining themselves to serve others is an outstanding virgo.

Libra: When the Sun in Libra can unabashedly carve out a path for themselves without first having to defer to an other, they are a very highly functioning Libra. The Sun is in its "fall" position in Libra because the sun represents ego expression and Libra is a lot about relationships with others and less focused on the self.

Scorpio: When the Sun in Scorpio has gotten over a few obstacles or traumas not with a fear or skepticism of people but rather with a wise outlook that allows for them to be discerning about its environment, they are very highly-functioning. Also, a Scorpio that keeps up with the practical aspects of life is doing quite well for itself.

Sagittarius: The Sun in Sagittarius is highly functioning when it is able to zoom in from the big picture onto some of the smaller details of every day life and are able to schedule themselves, respond back to e-mails and messages that need to be tended to and are able to tame their wanderlust slightly for the sake of their job, their family or themselves and the more specific things that they need.

Capricorn: The Sun in Capricorn is highly functioning when it is not ignoring what its deeper longings and feelings are, but rather finding a healthy and productive way to express them. A Capricorn that is able to take a little bit of time off of work, to relax or to go on vacation, without bringing thoughts or materials from their job, is doing just fine.

Aquarius: An Aquarius that is able to let go of the needs of the collective or the group, even though they feel them so strongly, is a highly functioning Aquarius. Their humanitarian persuasions often take them outside of themselves and their sense of ego identity, so it's good to call back a little bit of their "me"-ness in order to be well-rounded.

Pisces: A Pisces that makes time for the errands and practical things such as keeping up with oil changes and appointment dates is a highly-functioning Pisces. They can get lost in their imagination as their dream-world is very rich, but in order to be a human person in a body and not just a floating spirit, Pisces has to engage with the physical and material world that is very much tied to reality. A fishy that can balance their need to escape and still interact with the things that need to get done is doing well for themselves.

Stay tuned for the sun signs at their worst! ; )

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