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Upcoming Class Offering 

Astrology 101 

August 28th - October 2nd 
7:00pm - 8:30pm 


Join me in learning about the building blocks of astrology! This 6-week class will be set up so that by the end of it, you will understand how to read your own natal chart and that of your friends. Your learning style and astrology chart will be taken into account to provide you the best possible learning experience ♥ Each class will be one part lecture and one part Q&A in a comfortable environment. I strive to create an open and nonjudgmental learning environment.
In addition to being a part of an in-person class environment, you will be added into a private FB learning group along with the handouts and during these five weeks you will have access to me for questions and chart analysis.


Wednesday, August 28th: 

Class 1: Some general guidelines, perspectives on astrology, finding your ruling planet, the planets in astrology

Wednesday, September 4th: 

Class 2: Introduction to the Signs, Signs Aries - Virgo


Wednesday, September 11th: 
Class 3: Signs Libra- Pisces, Essential Dignity


Wednesday, September 18th: 
Class 4: Houses in astrology


Wednesday, September 25th:
Class 5: Major five aspects, chart shapes


Wednesday, October 2nd: 
Class 6: Natal Chart Reading Practicum (either classmates reading for classmates or classmates reading for participants, depending on the group)

Early bird: $222 (before August 15th)
After August 15th: $250
Register on the "booking" link on this site! 

Folks who register for this class are eligible for a discount for a new class, Astrology 201.

"I am blown away by your approach and your ability to intertwine psychology/natal charts, really your understanding of humanity and your hope in terms of our ability to reprogram our patterns and learn via struggle. I love that you see the uniqueness and the "thumbprint" in a safe way. I also love your ability to express how beautiful even what is perceived as darkness in humanity can used as a catalyst and valued. So, from one Scorpio mind to another, your ability to convey the depth of the topic was awesome for me! Also, I feel like I have a definite starting point to understand not only the building blocks of charts, but also to really get more out of the Astro reports that I love reading, so can now build on using my intuition to build on the interpretation that someone else has. I look forward to studying and learning more. Your examples caused the material to come alive!"


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