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*long* Horoscope for the week of 11.29 - 12.5 and a glimpse into 2022

Greetings! This horoscope is likely longer than it otherwise would be. If you're reading this, I am likely grateful for you :) Hope that all is well in your world.

Lots going on in the cosmos at the moment!


To recap, this past week the Sun and Mercury both moved into Sagittarius (happy solar revolution to the Sagittarius in the house). Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, with an arrow that aims towards truth and the highest ideals, usually. This is the sign of spiritual texts of all kinds, philosophies, belief systems (which dictates a good portion of our reality). Sagittarius as well is a sign of religion, wandering, travel... and with the Sun and Mercury conjuncting the South Node in the last week, this is an indication that we are releasing unhealthy attachments to unrealistic outcomes. With the North Node still in Gemini, we are still taking every day as it comes, day by day, moment by moment. This also brought up some changes in the transportation system and many many many have been made under this South Node in Sagittarius transit (same energy as 9/11).

Chances are you also had to release a belief or a belief system/construct/web in the last week as well! This was definitely an invitation with these nodal conjunctions.


We are right in the middle of eclipse season! I wrote this update for the eclipse and the surrounding days:


Woooo! Here we go!

Eclipse season is a time of change ~ for the world and the collective, for each person individually. When it comes to making our own wants and wishes from the perspective of our "human" manifest, it can kinda feel like going against the grain. This is because it can feel like our spirit, greater forces that are at work on all sides, really seem to take the wheel by creating changes that we may not otherwise create. For me personally, in eclipse season it's all about Thy* will, not mine. (*Insert your higher power here)

I feel that right now with people personally, individually, there is a divine Play at work in our lives. There is always a greater intelligence beyond and I know for myself and for the people in my life there are a lot of story arcs that are building and becoming more complex. The story is beginning to change and shift but perhaps not as fast or quite in the way we would like it to.

Full moons are intense period, but eclipses are suuuper intense. This one is especially intense, at the 27* of Taurus due to its conjunction with Algol. More on that in a minute. It's giving us a preview into next year, with the nodes moving from Gemini and Sagittarius, the axis of knowledge, belief, questioning, mind, curiosity, movement, travel, conversation, religion... and moving into the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, the axis of security & consistency versus intensity, sexuality, passion, depth, of possession and possessiveness, of the still & deep, rooted.

These nodes changing is going to bring about change in our world ~ it changes the backdrop for the collective. The last nodal transit of Sagittarius/Gemini changed the way we collectively approach travel, movement, beliefs and I anticipate that the nodal transit of Scorpio/Taurus will likely bring about changes in our monetary system, put a strong emphasis on resources, nature and our values and ethics will become more important than ever.

When you side with life, life sides with you at the end of the day. When you look after the Universe, when you look after Nature, nature looks after you. It's really not as complicated as implementing a bunch of new kinds of technology and tax regulation... ultimately that takes us away from the ultimate realization which is that we are Hers, she is ours and what happens to her, happens to us.

Taurus has to do with what we find valuable, what is worth it to us, and I think it'll be a time of coming back to nature, coming back to priorities, coming back to our bodies and prioritizing embodiment. The North Node transiting this space from January 18th 2022 - July 18th 2023 (and this lunar eclipse!) could ask us to massively re-evaluate where we place our energy, our time, our investments and we'll really appreciate what we actually have more.

With the South Node in Scorpio transit, this has the tendency to bring out the darkest parts of people. This is where we will have to reckon with our shadow selves or allow ourselves to be absolutely consumed by it. The way that people have really chained themselves to particular belief systems during this time with the South Node in Sagittarius, and the way that we can see people's belief systems being all kinds of used against them... is what happens when we let the South Node run the show.

So as much as we may want to masturbate our pain body, become paranoid and to really focus on everything that is wrong, we will benefit with the North Node in Taurus in focusing on our feet on the grass, this tea in our hands, the planet we are on. We will be challenged to refine ourselves to HER signal, rather than artificial signals, with corruption, grabs for power and depravity as things to watch out for.

I think this nodal transit is also going to be really powerful for people on a healing journey. What a beautiful time to be in the Great Work. The ability to really release old twisty chaotic karmic patterns and to heal the part of you that says that you cannot see so that you can see, and very clearly, while your soul stubbornly breaks its way more and more into your body as a revolutionary response to increased levels of darkness.... is kinda what it's all about.

It is imperative in my opinion that during this South Node in Scorpio transit that we at least attempt to grow to lean into a more shamanic view of death... because Scorpio does have to do with both fears, fixations... and death. Don't even get me started on the way that death is regarded in Western society. We don't want to look at it. But, the reality is, in this realm, everybody dies.

Every passing moment, we have cells that are dying and every passing moment, we have new cells that are forming. It's the cycle of life and I think growing into a more earth-based form of gnosis and spirituality can assist us in viewing death as a transfer of energy, as the beginning of something new, rather than something to be avoided *at all costs* because we are in the age where certain people may begin to have access to technologies that extend the length of this human life. What are the risks and benefits? What is the cost? These are the questions that this idea inspires in me.

So this full moon lunar eclipse is going to give us a window into where we're going in our personal lives as well as in the collective and where we're going. Pay attention to themes of earth changes, shifting in financial markets and geopolitical changes because the next two weeks beginning tmrw, early in the morning on the east coast, and some of the trends that emerge are going to show up with a greater presence in 2022.

The thing about the last few months with all of the retrogrades is that it's really slowed a lot of people down, a lot of people have been feeling blocked around certain things ~ and frustration is high. I think around places where people feel stuck in their personal lives or unable to move forward even though the desperation to move forward is palpable. The desire for a bunch of things to change.

Since this is the longest partial lunar eclipse in 500 years, which is interesting, I do feel that it may help us to shake things loose and continue to move forward in a way that we may not expect ~ a massive shaking loose and opportunity to release. This full moon, lunar eclipse is on the fixed star Algol, which is an aspect of Medusa's head. This can be very explosive, big energy, can definitely get dark and into issues of spiritual bankruptcy and decapitation. The key I think within this eclipse window is to keep your head on straight and to try to act in integrity with your spirit while interacting with the changes that are in front of you. And this full moon is also square Jupiter... this really amplifies and makes whatever this release and shift is... even bigger and more extra. Jupiter in Aquarius has been forcing us to be innovative, to figure it out, to come together in the organic sense around a more common goal... and this full moon, with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus definitely can aggravate already exaggerated clashes between groups of people, value systems clashing... especially as we ride out the chaotic circus that is the North Node in Gemini for the rest of the year, until January 18th.

I have heard a lot this week that people have had a hard time sleeping, certain physical body type symptoms or like just... things not functioning quite right. I have been noticing that ever since the time change, it feels like we're over a world line or like we got CERN'd... or a minor dimensional shift... whatever the case maybe, whenever things shift in that way noticeably it's good to sense into and observe what has changed, lucidly.

The next eclipse will be a new moon, solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th and this will be a time where it'll be easy I think with the amount of Sagittarius energy we'll be experiencing where we'll want some kind of optimistic new beginning, a new adventure of sorts. Sagittarius energy has been so very maligned and stifled in my opinion in the last year and some change with travel and its additional weirdness as well as the various polarized belief systems running rampant like viruses on a computer, where nuance isn't recognized. In a positive sense I feel that this could bring out some inner bravery... and weirdly I have this sense that people are going to be having prophetic or spiritual experiences who perhaps aren't at all accustomed to that.

The square from the planets in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces in the latter part of November and December are going to bring out an intense idealism and brings the potential for self-deception... perhaps the easiest type of deception to enact. It'll be really good around the time of the new moon solar eclipse on the 4th to really keep our feet on the ground, while our head is in the clouds.

Wishing you ease and peace ~ you're not alone if you're goin *through* it rn.


And yeah we're really in the thick of this season until December 4th so relax if you can, how you can, embrace the changes <3


Venus finds herself in shadow phase this week as she prepares to station retrograde on December 19th until which is putting us all into somewhat of a sorting process... where we're really rummaging through our lives in a sober way, sifting through our hobbies, partnerships, friendships, familial relationships, income streams, professional ventures and adventures... this time could put a bit of a recall on situations that have long outstayed their welcome in our lives.

Venus in Capricorn is very duty bound.. it's really asking us what we can see ourselves committing to in the long term and forcing sober reflection to help us to spring forward into long term planning and really taking a good solid look at where our own particular future is headed... in addition to the future of the world. This I feel like when Venus stations retrograde really closeby to Pluto will also bring us to confront some real-world type monetary situations... I'd be looking to see what is happening with financial markets as well as just like corruption being leaked in the news cycle (shocking no one).

This Venus in shadow period... you may begin to notice things cropping up that may feel uncomfortable but please, for all of us don't sweep them under the rug or that may come back to bite you during the retrograde transit itself.

We are in the months preceding the US Pluto return, happening from February - March of 2022, which I don't think quite anyone knows exactly what will happen or how this will shake down. I have looked over the USA chart with the Pluto return on it and I'm just going to be honest... it looks quite vulnerable to outside "entities" ~ nations or corporations ~ and additionally looks financially vulnerable. I also feel like this is an opportunity for the extremely artificially divided "country" (corporation) we find ourselves in to actually unify and come together... or perhaps succeed and go separate ways ~ there has been talk of succession with states like Florida and Texas, for example. In order to get to a place, you have to

Pluto when it returns... brings death and an opportunity for rebirth. So I do think perhaps this could mean death in the literal sense of the word, but also I think this means a symbolic death ~ a death of a concept, an idea. I don't necessarily think that the ever-detached-from-reality predatory elite class will necessarily evade the karmic implications of the US Pluto return either.

I believe that your connection to a land mass means something in a sense... and although most of America is a cultural melting pot and many people are not native to here, and well... you see what happens to people who are. So in a sense, a lot of people (not everyone!) find themselves a bit detached from where they came from and their roots (Cancer ~ opposite of Capricorn which is where Pluto has been traversing since 2008!) and that a nation with both historical and cultural amnesia, however that shows up for each individual, is a vulnerable one.

There are plenty of both imperial nations and billionaires alike salivating over the farmland, corporations buying up houses to rent them out... and we kinda stand by and allow it to happen because we're *extremely* propagandized and also propagandized to hate each other and to cast blame on different groups within society that change throughout the years. So when all of this happens under our noses, it shouldn't necessarily take us by surprise I think as much as it may, for some people. The moral of the story is... love each other and come together. It is actually time for that authentic unity we've all been talking about.

However, I do feel like many many many will band together and be part of the rebirth of whatever passing through this tight squeeze leads into on the other side. The Chiron return of the United States is also right around the corner, in 2023, which also looks pretty vulnerable especially where private property, land etc are concerned. I think it's smart to work out contingencies for things like preparedness & defense right now. <3 How you do that, if you do that, is up to you :)

The North Node is at the final degree of Gemini before it moves into Taurus on January 18th, 2022 so this is a great recap of the time since May of 2020... and certainly quite a finale. This is a great time to review the chapter you've been in since May and just really embrace the change that comes with the nodal shift next year. I have a lot to say about the nodal shift and will find a way to consolidate the places I put my ramblings. :)


This week's horoscope:


Monday is quite a lovely day... definitely the good vibes highlight of the week, with the moon moving into Libra activating our social graces and our desire to find balance in our lives, harmony in our relationships. Monday is also kinda... the energy that we don't necessarily quite want, may feel a little funky, but it's the energy that we need.

I say this because Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron retrograde in Aries are in a sextile right now, providing a non-conventional, outside of the box perhaps a bit harsh... but solid base for our individual healing and development should we choose that. There's lots to learn about ourselves right now with this aspect and Aquarius has to do with the greater picture.

Saturn and Chiron will both also be aspecting Mercury in Sagittarius which in my opinion actually allows us to bring a bit of levity to things that otherwise maybe uncomfortable. Mercury in Sagittarius is the ultimate meme-lord, making humor out of the darkest situations and realizations. It's all up for humor to this transiting Mercury.

Additionally, Mars in Scorpio will be trining Neptune which may have us acting towards our ideals and really feeling a lot... this is a lovely aspect that to me has the frequency of compassion and understanding and acting from that place.

So all in all, Monday is great :)


Neptune stations direct on Wednesday in Pisces! Neptune in Pisces has been transiting the sign it feels most at home in since 2011... and in some areas of our lives or another there's a certain spell we're working on either undoing or reinforcing. Some lie that we are telling ourselves. It's super important not to go to sleep to some of the perhaps sobering spiritual and philosophical realizations we have had since Neptune stationed retrograde on June 25th. We've had to go deeply inward to confront some illusions we may have held up for lifetimes... don't forget or lose that wisdom you gained!

The moon moves into Scorpio on Wednesday which means our emotions take the plunge and especially with the aspects it will make to Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter (Thursday) we may have to sift through some uncertainty, intensity... and in my opinion this is a snapback to what exactly we were dealing with in this Scorpio season that just recently passed (October 23rd - November 21st). Especially because this is the dark moon in Scorpio (the balsamic phase before a new moon, or in this case, an eclipse) we want to be really aware that the shadowy aspects of Scorpio are coming up strongly... so extreme emotions, mistrust, paranoia, darkness... Meet your shadow over these two and a half days as the moon takes this journey. <3


Friday the moon moves into Sagittarius for a dark moon day which means the shadow of this sign is alive and well... which means people digging their heels on on what they believe in why, arrogance of the armchair philosopher, looking to the Priest of the times for direction. Key into your INNER truth Friday.

Saturday there's a new moon solar eclipse at 12* Sagittarius, thus closing out our eclipse season window! As we move into the rest of the weekend and next week there will be a lot less (but still some because 2021) liminality, uncertainty... we'll be on the other side of this super charged window.

This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will catapult us forward into our future... and will really tie up the last 18 months with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. We will really get a clean look at what all we've released (hopefully a lot!) the dogmas we challenged, the places we didn't get to go (because South Node in Sagittarius can sometimes interrupt traveling plans). As we close out this 18 month long transit in January it's exciting to get to a new chapter, but we may feel pangs of closure in the next month as one book closes and another opens.

This solar eclipse as well is going to start us on a new path so it's important to pay attention to what we are (unconsciously or consciously) aligning with as Sagittarius does have to do with spiritual alignment. I do feel as well like a lot of people are going to set off on totally new directions in new locations including perhaps myself coming up on this solar eclipse. <3 Eclipses plant something new into being ~ allow yourself to be surprised.


Sunday the moon moves into Capricorn so the hangover coming off this eclipse is very very real... I can already feel it *giggles* ~ this is where we can begin to see what was initiated for us during this eclipse, begin to let it settle, integrate and get "serious" about it.

I hope that you have a beautiful week! <3 <3 take care please!!!

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