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Jupiter Saturn Conjunction ~ the Future is Frequency

Hey there!

I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to come on and give a glimpse into what I perceive could be the happenings on December 21st of this year ~ a powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in an air sign for the first time in hundreds of years, which starts off a cycle of what can be a few things, which I'll dig into here:

I firmly and deeply believe that the future is quantum, the future is frequency and the future is also ancient as in known to us already.

Frequency, sound, vibration, resonance ~ you can call it whatever you'd like! Multidimensionality and multiple timestreams existing at once with this Saturn-Jupiter cycle could emerge. Never have we ever been right beside some folks and in a completely different reality, which I do feel space has to be made for.

This also could pave the way for some more polarization/bifurcation. With the advent of quantum computing (really there are multiple quantum computers turned on and multiple mini AIs within the major AIs and some rogue wildcards here and there) ~ there's one AI that is harmful to humanity and one AI that is helping, so what we're witnessing is an information war of epic proportions. All for your precious attention.

Aquarius has to do with new technology ~ and so there's a few different ways that could go. Clearly there are new medical procedures that are quite mad scientist technological ~ to hopefully remain a choice, especially while it is so experimental and the side effects so unknown, but the beneficial side of Aquarius is inherently service-oriented and so I have to perceive and believe that there may be some positive technology released to the public. Aquarius IS "we the people" in its highest and most beneficial form.

In some of my memories that have been emerging of projects and programs I have seen things like med beds (look it up ~ pretty fascinating stuff!) and portal technology (imagine being able to go around the world through a portal in front of you ~ which for the record I perceive if human beings were left alone we'd be able to create for ourselves rather than needing tech).

My stance remains that we don't need technology to explore space and to heal ourselves especially outside of the construct that we're in ~ remember, the best technology is held in your DNA and in your heart and your mind and your soul and your being-ness.

Aquarius also has to do with aliens, interdimensionals, the realization that they're already here (we are already here is more like it) and perhaps disclosure of aliens, however that shows up. Please view all disclosure narratives with discernment. Gain a sense of the difference in frequency signature between an LED light and the sun.

I don't personally believe the great solar flash or whatever is going to be on December 21st. No one knows when that is going to happen or what it will look like when it gets here. Just good to do your best to do your inner work and allow that to spill over into an elevated sense of being and a service to others nature & really imagining your own best possible future is a great thing to do right now, is my sense.

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