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How this weekend will affect your sign || Eclipse in Cancer, Uranus direct, Saturn-Pluto

Welcome - you have made it to one of the most pivotal turning points of our life here on earth! It's crazy to think about. This weekend is an entire reset - brings a whole lot of very poignant change - will call you to look at all aspects of your life and the truth of each situation carefully so that you can really make an informed, empowered choice.

The fun starts off with a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer on Friday, January 10th at 2:21pm and at 8:47 PM Uranus stations direct.

This offers us the chance at a big emotional release, to see where our soul has been and honor & recognize that, to really find our emotional home - where we feel safe and comfortable - in the midst of all of this. I do think that some of the things we'll see may make us uncomfortable - we may recognize some truths about ourselves and the world through the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is really exposing it all - and this can cause us emotional discomfort around the time of the full moon, which will be in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

This weekend really offers a chance for us to change our DNA, to change our ancestral lines, to jump up to a whole new level and open a portal to a whole new path and a whole new life, we just have to get through some discomfort first. Don't allow the fear of going through the discomfort keep you from taking the next step - doing what you came here to do!

Uranus direct indicates internal change over the last six months that becomes very much externalized - big changes to our sense of worthiness, our self-esteem and our bank account/personal and collective views on money. We may wake up and realize that we are worth more than what we've been settling for - and we may arrange the methodical steps to make that something that is recognized in the world - it's going to put a redirect in front of us - an opportunity to correct our course by yet another piece of information being revealed.

Sunday initiates the Great Conjunction with Saturn, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury all together on the very same degree in the sign of Capricorn - which is honestly about getting serious (within reason) and as an extension of that, making the tough calls and advocating for what you want to spend the next thirty years of your life doing. What kind of precedent do you want to set? If there's a part of your life that requires radical change, a big breakthrough- Sunday could be the moment - it's just very dependent upon you and how you'd like to play this energy.

Let's go through the signs - I'll start with Cancer. As always, I recommend that you find your rising sign based on your exact time, date and place of your birth! You can also look at your sun and moon signs at your discretion.

Cancer: The full moon lunar eclipse is happening in your sign - in the part of the sky for you that is so central to you it's not even funny. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction oscillating closer together and apart in your house of partnerships has been making it challenging perhaps to rely on other people, or perhaps you're undergoing a serious lesson in your relationship life and your ability to set boundaries with others. This full moon will offer you a chance to come away from it all, perhaps connecting with a sudden new friend or cause that you care about with Uranus direct happening in your house of networks, communities and friendships. Sunday is definitely decision day - and for each Cancerian that will look different. Some of you are learning how to overcome your own inadequacies and shortcomings in a relationship so that you can rise to meet your partner, others of you are tired putting up with the same crap and are putting your foot down.

Leo: The full moon lunar eclipse is happening in your house of isolation, solitude, dreams and intuitions, making it a very intuitively vivid, albeit a little bit lonely, day for you. This is definitely a good day to connect to something spiritually and to really ask for the presence of something greater to walk with you - because you are so busy in your daily life it's hardly tolerable. With Saturn and Pluto coming apart and back together, to conjunct fully on Sunday in your house of mundane daily life, work and chores/life's homework, it looks like there's just been one thing after another for you to address, after spending the majority of last year cleaning house emotionally. Uranus direct is going to activate the desire to be free in your career - to have flexibility and purpose in your work - and with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happening in your house of the smaller pieces to make that big vision happen, you may find yourself a little bit busy for the first part of this year - and it seems to be for something! Decide to take some time to yourself Friday.

Virgo: The full moon lunar eclipse will be falling in your house of friendship, no doubt your friendships and relationships - your community in general - has been a big source of support in your life over the last year. It's important to also lift them up if you're available to in addition to allowing them to support you! And they will - your community is being blessed with some gems right now. In terms of your own personal joy, found through your creativity, perhaps your children or your romantic relationships is feeling a little stifled, especially in the last year, with a breakthrough on the horizon on Sunday as Saturn and Pluto connect. Uranus direct will be bringing an unexpected change to the way you believe about the world, and as a result, an unexpected change to the way the world believes about you. You've been really shifting and changing in your beliefs about the future and about God - perhaps in an unforeseen direction. This will only take that shifting and amplify it to the next level.

Libra: The full moon lunar eclipse will be falling in your house of career - so maybe you've begun to see yourself moving in a new direction in the last year. The ideas will be filling up your brain - of new ideals and passions to pursue in the workplace. Underneath the surface, emotionally and perhaps in matters to do with your family, there's a lot going on. You may be having to give care to a parent, or you may be rediscovering parts of yourself that your inner child locked away forever. That is not easy and sometimes additional awareness is painful and on the other side of it is a clean slate, where you can discover your own truth in the situation. Uranus direct will take up space in your house of intimacy, vulnerability, your private self, the deeper inner layers and other people's energy - so you can have a realization about yourself rise up to the surface for review or maybe there's some shared energy that is coming up for review.

Scorpio: The full moon lunar eclipse is going to be happening in your house of higher learning, expansion, wanderlust, travel and spirituality - and this full moon may illuminate some disillusionment in your space- some places where perhaps you've lost faith based on what your logical mind is showing you, which is not in the most optimistic space since Saturn and Pluto are together and conjoining on Sunday in your house of the small mind, communication. On a mundane level, drive defensively and get your oil checked and on an esoteric level, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is going to ask you to reveal a serious truth that you've discovered - you may have to open up and speak on something or choose to think something new. Uranus direct is coming in your house of partnership - so new shifts abound in your relationships - expect the unexpected!

Sagittarius: The full moon lunar eclipse is going to be happening in your house of intimacy, vulnerability, your deep inner depths and that of others - other people's stuff and the stuff that we hide. Chances are, you're going to have to look at something that is deeply triggering you or you're being called to be vulnerable in a new way. This is big emotional and psychological growth for you, especially because beliefs around financial lack are coming up heavy with Saturn and Pluto edging closer together and apart for the last year, to conjunct on Sunday which could either signify a breakdown, a breakthrough or both as it relates to finances and self worth. Uranus direct in your sixth house may present to you new opportunities - pay attention to your daily life, the people you meet, the interactions you have - maybe there's a message or an opportunity in there for you.

Capricorn: The full moon lunar eclipse will be happening in your house of partnership and just other people in general - so it will be illuminating the way forward with relationships. If you're single, perhaps you can set some intentions to meet a person with whom you can have a clean energetic partnership and also examine what you've had in the past that you no longer want. If you're partnered, perhaps you're drawing into deeper intimacy with your partner and are seeing the way through the challenges you may be facing together. Your identity and your personality have been really worked over, with you having to really come to the reality of having a physical body with limitations and you may have had to accept support in ways you weren't quite comfortable with. Uranus direct in your house of creativity, dating, children and play can bring in the importance of connecting with the juicy and vibrant parts of life - to get out of stuffy air every now and again.

Aquarius: The full moon lunar eclipse will be illuminating perhaps ways that you have been stuffing your emotions - repressing them for them to show up in your body. I'd highly advise that you make a loving commitment to your health and to your body - a proclamation of love from you to you - so that you can continue to show up in service as only you can. Saturn and Pluto together have been dredging up some of your deepest fears, likely from past or parallel lifetimes honestly, and putting them right in your face so that you can know that there really is nothing for you to fear. This is a very spiritually cleansing, purifying and consciousness advancing transit, but it's not easy. You're asked to surrender everything that doesn't support your spiritual walk. Uranus stations direct in Taurus in your house of home, family and emotions - you may decide to suddenly move or go across the country in your car, spontaneously adopt a pet, or decide to completely revamp your home to make it feel more like who you're becoming. This is also spontaneous emotions rising to the surface, which fits the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. You don't have to know why you're crying to get it out of you!

Pisces: The full moon lunar eclipse is happening in your house of play, creativity, joy - this is a time for you to really embrace what fills up your own cup, if you have any outlets that you enjoy. This is also a time where you may be feeling particularly romantic - if you have a new partner, enjoy them! If you have kids, enjoy them - this is a day to celebrate everything YOU. The way Saturn has been moving closer towards Pluto and further apart in your house of friendships indicates that there are some people in your circle you're realizing you can't trust - and there's no time like Sunday to make those tough cuts. You're able to give so freely when your energy isn't drained! Uranus direct will be happening in your third house - so keep your notebook on you for ideas that will come to you like rapid fire - what is going on in your mind may be too much for you to anticipate! There will be a lot of momentum on having new communication that surprises you as well.

Aries: The full moon lunar eclipse is happening in your house of home, family and your inner, emotional life - this is going to be very clarifying as far as what home actually is to you and what it isn't. You may feel like nesting, taking some time out to just breathe and be, maybe not do much of anything - and that's okay definitely allowing yourself your inner sanctuary is a very positive way to spend this eclipse, especially with the challenges you've been facing in your career the last few years - perhaps taking on more than you can handle, there being more than you can keep up with or maybe even you have a challenging boss. It's okay to draw away from that on this full moon lunar eclipse - and this career lesson will close out at the end of 2020. Uranus direct will be happening in your house of finances and self-worth, so at work today you may get some unexpected feedback. Uranus is neutral in the way that it expresses itself - it gives and it takes away both at different times and it's hard to predict exactly which. I think the lesson here is to detach a little from the importance of possessions and knowing that while money and self-worth are connected, money doesn't define you.

Taurus: The full moon lunar eclipse is going to be happening in your house of communication - for the last year you've been really learning how to express yourself in words, even though it may be challenging for you to express things that are intangible, you've been learning. This full moon lunar eclipse may come with a conversation that changes the game for you, or with a new idea or a piece of writing that changes the game. Definitely make time to write and talk and get stuff of your chest - you've been going through a bit of disillusionment as far as your faith and your place in the world and in the future is concerned, your ability to learn and grow along with the rest of em, so this is an opportunity for you to start a process of breaking through that - by having faith anyway, by growing anyway, despite some cynicism that has been mounting in your life the last year and some change. Change is simply the climate of the times, so you have to trust that you will break through this, with Uranus stationing direct in your first house of self, who you're becoming is very much a mystery to you - so perhaps all of this has just been forming you into a more evolved version of yourself who knows how to deal with cynicism when it's in front of you?

Gemini: The full moon lunar eclipse will be happening in your house of finances and self-worth - so perhaps this is you closing out a cycle that says you can't have whatever it is that you need or want - closing out a cycle of waxing and waning and perhaps you're breaking through to the other side, where your self-preservation instincts are up and you're looking out for yourself and your resources - your time, money and energy. Saturn and Pluto have been coming together and apart, to come together finally on Sunday, in your 8th house - so if you've been really churning through some of your inner turmoil and wondering if you were ever going to breakthrough to the other side - especially if you've been really working on yourself and sitting with yourself, you're going to see the light at the end of the tunnel on Sunday. The last two years have really taught you how to nurture and care for yourself on a whole other level - especially with Uranus in Taurus moving through your house of the subconscious mind, hidden realms, dreams - you've likely been in a space where your intuition is rapidly expanding and your constructs are shattering - that is a lot! Ground yourself in your own self- your own time, your own resources, your own body.

Enjoy your full moon lunar eclipse! If you enjoyed this, you can donate to my ko-fi, where you can support your favorite creators for the price of a cup of coffee!

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