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Horoscope for the week of May 10th - 16th || New moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Pisces

Hello loves! I hope that you are having a good weekend so far. This is a great time to fill your gas tank <3 Just thought I'd start out this blog post with that message.

Last week, Venus moved into Gemini ~ which has been feeling interesting! Venus in Gemini allows us to express ourselves in communication with others with more ease, it increases our desire and drive to make sense of things and collaborate with others. The emphasis in relationships is on communication ~ how does talking with certain people in your life make you feel? Venus in Gemini has such a lovely curiosity that we can all begin to imbibe during this transit.

Monday, Mercury in Gemini is really taking the stage ~ forming a conjunction to the North Node also in Gemini and making a gentle sextile to Chiron in Aries. With the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius, it's best to walk forward with an open mind. This also can offer an astrological association between some of the polarity and contrast we've been experiencing ~ Gemini has to do with black and white, good and evil, yes and no, right and wrong ~ and all of the other polarities that exist. The highest peak in the evolution of everywhere we have Gemini within us is learning to bridge your own polarities ~ learning integration. Getting clear within our own selves and bridging the gap between knowledge and intuition is a healthy expression of Gemini.

The South Node shows us what to release as it orbits and with the South Node moving through the sign of Sagittarius, this is us taking a look at some of our deeply held beliefs and asking "who says?" and "why?" ~ and perhaps getting comfortable with not knowing or certainty. It's much more about the steps you take in present time than looking at the rest of your life with the South Node in Sagittarius. It's not about the world as much as the change that you can affect on your community and local environment.

The North Node in Gemini is encouraging free thought and open communication as well while the South Node can have us in dogmas or ideological magical squares ~ but the people who are willing to transcend differences on any level and bridge the gap while still being convicted about what is important to you personally, based on your value system as Uranus in Taurus is consistently reminding us of.

And the North Node in this position, glimpsing upon Chiron in Aries in a way that could lead to a catharsis or some kind of understanding, feeling seen and heard. Chiron is interesting ~ the archer dwarf planet shows what's really reminding us of our imperfection and our wounding. Chiron in Aries is causing people to really forget about themselves and their lives ~ and what makes them individually unique ~ and I think when you forget about yourself you could be missing out on personal revelations that allow you to break through to the next level on your own souls journey.

So perhaps Monday allowing for your true, imperfect self to come out and to share vulnerably and openly ~ to have the conversation that you've been putting off ~ seeking to understand, seeking to accept. This is a day that could provide healing through communication especially with Mercury assisting in the ability to perhaps stay neutral ~ though the tendency will be there to overanalyze things and perhaps overshare :)

Also on Monday, the moon moves into Taurus preparing to become new on Tuesday ~ usually on days leading up to a new moon I feel tired, like I need to rest, care for myself, be at ease, try not to do too much rushing... and both Monday and Tuesday I highly encourage everyone reading this to get outside in whatever capacity you can ~ be it burying your feet in some dirt, gardening, going for a walk or a hike ~ even if it's just 15 minutes. Do it!

Tuesday is the new moon in Taurus! I personally don't work with the moon I do generally use astrology to track my own evolution ~ and some of the questions I'll be reflecting upon on Tuesday are:

1) What are my primary values?

2) Are there any ways that I can strengthen my relationship to nature?

3) What is interfering with my ability to perceive myself as worthy of ____?

Since Taurus is the most grounded sign, the most fertile ~ this could be a highly creative day ~ one made for sharing food, receiving body work, physically moving, savoring some art or music, painting... in tarot, this sign is related to the empress card which has to do with a phase in which we are in gestation and about to give birth to something... and I'm sure we've all been feeling a few contractions in the last year. So perhaps you give yourself a space to really yield to nature on Tuesday, in whatever way that you can. I was meditating a few weeks ago and it occurred to me that our inner nature, our essence, and nature (flowers, trees, animals) aren't very different from one another... so when you nurture yourself you are nurturing nature.

So what are we nurturing? What are we giving life and consent to? This new moon in Taurus is going to conjoin black moon Lilith in Taurus as well as the fixed star Algol, which doesn't necessarily carry the greatest energetic and physical connotations... Especially with Mars in Cancer square Chiron in Aries also on Tuesday, there could be something this week that slightly disrupts our stability or feeling of security.

But I think this day can also yield many fruits especially if we're able to examine our choices. Mars in Cancer has us in a space that is very emotionally touchy ~ and Mars in Cancer making a square to Chiron in Aries can amplify our sensitivity. Since cardinal signs are prone to action, this is where if we're not aware of ourselves, we can act out of our wounding. This is where if we have any victim patterning within us at all ~ it could show up with this square.

Getting activated and triggered can often lead to tremendous breakthroughs if we're allowing ourselves to look at our own Chiron ~ where we feel wounded based on our lived experience. Validating yourself is a huge step towards healing and empowerment.

Mars in Cancer will also make a sextile to Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday. There is a lot of interesting stuff happening in tech ~ and not every part I agree with, but I think there are aspects of it that can be healthy. For example, my teacher created a biofrequency app, I know people that have used really interesting tensor tools and can pour orgonite, people who are making free energy in their house... I feel like this type of noninvasive technology is very helpful for the times ~ and this is a gift that Uranus in Taurus is bringing us. Because Mars in Cancer is having a touchy day on Tuesday with the square to Chiron, it could be helpful to listen to some scalar waves or other helpful frequencies or sound instruments.

Wednesday the moon begins to wax into the sign of Gemini. This definitely dials up the "pace" of the week a good amount because the moon will come over Mercury and Venus both in the sign of Gemini ~ so we could feel compelled to think, speak and act ~ and with that I hope caution is employed. Because of the proximity of Mercury and Venus to the North Node, there's sooo many gems this week in terms of like.. breaking through in communication with others, collaboration, there's a certain humor about it ~ it's on a wave if you can hop on it, through learning, writing, expressing your truest self in a way that feels authentic.

Thursday, May 13th Jupiter will move into Pisces! It will station retrograde in Pisces on June 20th ~ and will move back into Aquarius on July 29th ~ where it will stay until the end of the year. Jupiter will station direct on October 18th ~ and will move into Pisces again on December 29th.

So we have a window where we can get a glimpse of the future in a way ~ we can gaze into that abyss while Saturn slows down (to station direct on May 23rd) which will help us to evaluate the best decisions possible for us.

Jupiter in Pisces can have a few different influences. For my creatives, people in touch with their true multidimensional nature, are going to have opportunities to invert some inversions and reverse some reversals and the energy of instant manifestation and the knowing of frequencies will be streaming in more and more and more for us to receive and imbibe in.

There's a few caveats though. Things won't necessarily be predictable under the Jupiter in Pisces transit. Much to the dismay of my Virgo stellium, there's no Virgo at all in the cosmos, so there's no real making sense of this transit. The North Node and all these planets in Gemini will be helpful in terms of ability to activate our higher mind and discern truth ~ but Jupiter in Pisces makes the spellwork that has washed over people stronger and the narratives that are spun like webs louder.

This will likely only exacerbate the division and polarity that we're seeing, but it will provide pockets of magic and divine timing and right relationship.

The thing with this transit that you want to be cognizant of is this idea that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. We've all had a relationship where we thought the person was one way, but it turns out they were another way and our idealized version of them we created in our mind wasn't reality. Scenarios like this could crop up on micro and macro ~ and I'd say with Jupiter in Pisces and the South Node in Sagittarius ~ I'm on alert for ANYTHING that appears like a cult.

Really good to activate your sacred discernment through this transit and you will be able to hop on the magical wave this provides you. <3

Thursday Mercury in Gemini will make a trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius ~ and this is nice because Mercury is almost in a shadow period so this will give us impetus to make certain decisions or take certain actions that perhaps we had been putting off. This is really the time to get the things that you want to get done, done and will provide the necessary motivation and concentration to do so.

Also on Thursday, the Sun in Taurus where our feet are on the ground in this material reality gets a boost in the form of a sextile from Neptune in Pisces. This gives us a boost in the form of healing and creativity ~ and gives a more fixed, rooted Taurus sun a sense of flow.

Saturday the moon moves into the sign of Cancer and by Saturday night will come into a conjunction with Mars, and a square to Chiron. Emotions and moods could run high potentially this weekend so definitely be aware of that!

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I hope that you have a lovely week full of fresh new life and creation. <3 Take care of yourself ~ remember your innate worthiness and divinity that comes from being a human being! We are creators. <3 <3


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