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Horoscope for the week of 9.6 - 9.12 || Virgo new moon ~ harvest season

Hello loves! I hope that you are taking the utmost care of yourself and prioritizing your inner work and intuitive cultivation in this time of transition <3

This week we start out with a Virgo new moon! woo hoo! This is the season of harvest, the season where we can clearly see the energy of some of the seeds that we've planted since the beginning of Aries season and this is also an amazing day to plant new ones. Virgo new moon helps us to anchor ideas into form, to give spontaneous impulses a purpose and a direction.

This could be good for starting new practical endeavors that are in alignment and for spending time in nature in appreciation. This new moon is going to be trining Uranus ~ so set your energy to be open to surprises that move you towards what you're creating for yourself consciously and be open to the changing tides of new opportunities and new information.

This new moon as well will be widely opposing Neptune which is interesting ~ we want our manifestations and our intentions to be grounded and sometimes Neptune can bring in very escapist or illusory ideas ~ but it can also stimulate active dreamtime experiences and forms of gnosis and inner wisdom, so it's kind of a choose your own adventure game with this new moon tomorrow. :)

On Wednesday, Mercury in Libra will be opposing Chiron in Aries which does look like news that isn't that great. Chiron in Aries is putting the emphasis in its retrograde station on healing ourselves and looking at ourselves individually ~ while pretty much all of the outer planets are causing us to foist our awareness and attention towards the collective, it's still super important to go within and to continue to heal, to process as things happen. It's arguably the most important thing!

With Mercury in this opposition to Chiron, this can be wounds or triggers that come up in communication and people-pleasing tendencies to rise up to the surface. This is where we may seek social approval or be receptive to social conditioning so it's good to be aware of influence that feels "foreign."

The moon moves into Libra and will join with Mercury in this Chiron opposition which does make us a bit touchy, most especially to the opinions of others both that we know well and that we don't know very well. The one really nice thing about the moon in Libra is that it prompts us to seek the beauty in life ~ which is still very much present.

On Friday, the moon moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Scorpio which is interesting! Venus will be in Scorpio until October 8th. Venus has to do with relationships, receiving ~ and this is where we can become alert to some compulsive patterns within relationships, whether that's in wanting to control others (seeing this A LOT these days) or jealousy/possessiveness.

This is also a time where we can crave deep, intimate connections in our friendships and romantic partnerships. A time where we throw small talk out of the window and want to go deep. The moon joining Venus in this transit calls us to process darker emotions, engage in some shadow work. You could be the lightiest light being in the world and you'd still have a shadow to integrate ~ so may as well take this weekend to actually bear witness to the disintegrated parts of you!

Sunday the moon will move into Sagittarius and connect with the South Node in Sagittarius and square the Sun in Virgo. This can bring up frustration around things that we need to release and let go of in order to move forward... especially our deeply held beliefs/indoctrinations (Sagittarius) so that we can be more present and more detail oriented. We may feel a sense of frustration with the desire to get things done and our orientation towards security, versus this desire to perhaps escape or to dig really deep into our dogmas. This square from the Sun and the moon will move off by Monday as well as the conjunction from the moon to the south node. :)

Enjoy your week!

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Sending good energy to all!


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