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Horoscope for the week of 9.30 - 10.6 || Pluto direct, Mars in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio

Last week was quite an interesting one! With the squares from Venus and Mercury in Libra to Saturn in Capricorn that took place, gearing up for a super new moon in Libra and a Saturn-South Node conjunction that took place - this calls in a need to be kinder to ourselves, to bring into balance what needed to be brought into balance, a releasing of karma and an examining in our relationships. Who are we showing up as for ourselves and for others? How are we letting the stress of life get in the way of that?

It wasn't all stressful last week as there were some really positive aspects that occurred between Mercury and Venus to Jupiter in Sagittarius - this was showing us where our release valve was - where we could choose to look on the bright side rather than be super bogged down or stressed out by the way that things are.

On Monday, the moon moves out of new moon territory and into the sign of Scorpio - usually if we have some compulsive or out of balance emotional tendencies, they can tend to come up for us whenever the moon moves into the sign of Scorpio. The deep waters of Scorpio can sometimes make Libra energy that feels the need to stay close to the surface uncomfortable, but when in doubt, take the plunge.

Tuesday, Venus in Libra will make a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. One of the many themes of Pluto-Venus connections are control, which is something that stands out as I'm writing this. How many times a day do we unconsciously or consciously try to control other people? Sometimes we as people can get a little bit carried away with our expectations and I think this aspect will call into question where our expectations are a little bit out of alignment. Our wellbeing and peace shouldn't hang on what another person decides to do!

On Wednesday, the moon moves into Sagittarius which brings a transient, lighthearted, humor-seeking energy which will really be a nice change of pace for a few days in the middle of a nuanced and deep week.

Thursday, Mercury moves into the sign of Scorpio, under which we can become very probing and intense - really needing to get the answers to some of those deep questions- searching for those within ourselves and the outside world. This Mercury placement is generally really good for long periods of concentration - and for talking about things that matter, but there is a little bit of a harshness as well as an exaggeration of compulsive tendencies that can rise to the surface under any Scorpio alignment - so just be mindful that you're not allowing the dark crevices of your mind to swallow you whole!

Also on Thursday, Pluto stations direct! This is going to be deeply felt by all of the people who are super sensitive to the energies of the planets - because Pluto takes such a long time during its retrograde station (this time from April 24th - October 3rd). With this Pluto retrograde, we've seen a massive amount of inner transformation and change, especially in the house that Capricorn resides in your natal chart. This is our personal and collective relationship to authority, power & control - and certainly over the past six months at least we've learned that we can't control anything outside of ourselves! With clarity and calm, we can co-create with an open sense of ease and flexibility, but that takes a certain amount of SURRENDER, a virtue we've all been learning. This is a beautiful opportunity to watch the inward shifts that have taken place spill out into our external worlds.

Friday, Mars moves into Libra! Mars is all about action and aggression, taking charge and getting things done - and Libra can be rather passive or indecisive as an archetype, so Mars doesn't very much favor being in Libra. It can become harder to express our anger, to release it - especially if repressing and stuffing down is your main coping mechanism. Mars in Libra can have a hard time deciding where to take action and where to place its energy - and the physical vitality doesn't necessarily burn as brightly. Sometimes, when Mars moves into Libra, the tendency can be to effort in different directions to create balance rather than balance arising in the moment. This placement can bring a lot of beauty in our lives if we simply allow it to.

Saturday, the moon moves into Capricorn- preparing to move past Saturn and Pluto on Sunday. Saturday can be felt as a practical and grounded energy, with a little bit of a cynical or potentially pessimistic lean. It can be easy to feel a little bit depressed under this moon sign, but we can be very generating and productive on the flip side, depending on how it hits us individually.

Sunday posits a little bit of a challenge with the Sun in Libra, causing us to focus on our place in our relationships and how we're showing up in them, squaring Saturn and the South Node still together in Capricorn. This kind of aspect can make us feel like we're not doing enough at times or that our efforts in relationships aren't really amounting to anything - this is a day to remember to be kind to ourselves and that nothing good comes about by beating up on ourselves or deeming ourselves unworthy.

Capricorn: this is a noticeable shift and transformation evolving around your physical body and your relationship to yourself that brings a new direction and motivation into your career and drive. You'll find yourself hitting up old friends this week or they will be in your orbit.

Aquarius: for you, this week brings a shift in your unconscious mind - you may notice it's a little bit lighter. The work is definitely inward for you at this time and so there's a need on some level to change your belief system based on the recent stuff that you've seen. Your mind will be on generating and bringing about new projects in your career.

Pisces: this week for you brings a shift in your friendships and your space in the community in which you reside - perhaps you're realizing just how much you have to give to that right now or are adjusting some expectations around that. You may be having some stuff come up in a deep way, perhaps around intimacy and are going through some belief system changes this week.

Aries: this week for you brings a shift in your career- perhaps you decide you want to take some time off or switch directions altogether. Your relationships and career efforts are certainly duking it out for your full attention, so it's a matter of honoring yourself and your own inner balance. Your mind could be diving deeply beneath the surface for healing and understanding - and there is a certain amount of space required for that.

Taurus: this week for you brings a shift in your beliefs - if you've experienced some disillusionment recently, this week may bring in a surge of new experiences that bring you fulfillment, now that you've learned your discernment lesson. You may be realizing on a very physical level that you need to make some changes - perhaps you need to slow down and just pay attention to your body more. Your mind will be on your relationships and any transformations of difficult conversations or feelings to be had there.

Gemini: this week for you brings a deep purging and shedding - Gemini's are going through one of the more challenging Pluto direct stations this week. You've been diving beneath the surface and doing deep work and I think this is the moment where it externalizes for you, so you have that to look forward to. You may want to give yourself a little break from the healing process and go have fun in your own leisure and creative space and that's totally recommended, as on some level your mind will be focused on checking off the boxes for the next few weeks.

Cancer: this week for you can bring a major change to one of your more significant relationship. You're really purging all harmful manifestations of others in your life and doing the inner work it takes to be able to make those tough cuts. You may desire to stay at home more, in an inward season, which is a really healthy place to individuate and disconnect from the outside. Your mind will be desiring to have fun and play games, so don't expect an enormous amount of focus over the next few weeks.

Leo: this week for you is all about tuning up your lifestyle, perhaps making even more changes to it, so that you can fit in all that you really want to do. You realize on some level that running yourself ragged and doing favors extensively is NOT going to serve you any longer, and that there is a need to streamline and simplify. Be mindful of outbursts in communication - it's your responsibility to ensure that you can handle all that is on your plate and not project your inner stress onto the outside world! Your mind may be quite reflective on the past over the next few days on the past and on matters of home and heart, so give yourself a little bit of space for that.

Virgo: for you, this week brings a shift in your ability to experience joy - perhaps you've been a little adult all of your life and you're finally allowing yourself to have fun to the fullest capacity. You may be incredibly generating over the next month as finances are concerned, but be mindful not to burn a hole in your pocket! Your mind will be on learning something new and perhaps that will add to the numbers in your bank account.

Libra: for you, this week is going to bring a shift that is deep inside, felt by you and those closest to you - perhaps you shed another layer of childhood conditioning or maybe even on a physical level you decide you want a home base that is way more in alignment with who you're becoming. You may have way more physical energy than usual under the influence of Mars and your mind will be on your money!

Scorpio: for you, this week will bring shifts in your communication - you may decide that you give less of a crap and want to censor your truth less! You may feel a little bit more tired, inward or withheld than normal over the past month - give yourself time to primarily think about yourself and what you & your body needs from you! Try not to get too mired in self-analysis as well.

Sagittarius: for you, this week will bring really big shifts to your house of finances and self-worth - so you could perhaps experience an externalization of the work you've been doing on yourself in these areas! You may feel more extroverted with Mars moving through your house of friendships and community - just be mindful not to burn any bridges and to honor the severing of connections with respect and grace if that's something you're dealing with. Your imagination expands as your logical mind is a bit constricted over the next few weeks.

I hope your week is full of many blessings!

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