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Horoscope for the week of 9.23 - 9.29 || Equinox + Libra Season

Greetings! I hope that you are having a beautiful evening so far. Last week, Saturn stationed direct which has brought a lot of forward movement on the lessons we're learning, the karma we're shedding, so that we can potentially see the other side of whatever it is we're working through right now - also this weekend was the epic mutable grand cross that caused for a little bit of frustration and confusion, but also provided an opportunity to expand beyond the limits of our consciousness.

Monday begins the week with the Sun moving into the sign of Libra - the fall equinox! This is where (at least for us up in the Northern hemisphere) we begin our descent into the underworld, into our shadow during the colder months so that we can die a symbolic death and be reborn in the spring. This energy is really well-suited for slowing down and releasing projects that aren't really panning out, or finding a way to wrap some of those up. Ever since Mercury and Venus traveled together into the sign of Libra, it's been a lot more relaxed - way more than five inner planets in Virgo where there's so much to do and so little time - Libra season is an opportunity to find balance - if there is a part of our lives that has gotten too much attention lately and a part of our lives that has gotten too little attention, we can even the scales during this season.

Libra season can also strengthen relationships - as the weather gets just a little bit colder outside, people start to fall into a natural rhythm of coupling up. It's a very good time to examine the way that we relate to others. Ask yourself about your own idiosyncrasies in relationships during this time. Sometimes I notice that I can feel unsupported by others when really I'm doing way too much for others and somehow not properly supporting myself, for example. The Sun is in its fall position in Libra which means it can be harder to assert ourselves when we need to which is always something that you can do to find balance during this season.

Tuesday, Mercury in Libra is getting a really positive boost from Jupiter in Sagittarius - we'll be able to look on the positive side with such ease under this alignment and it will be easier to find the humor in even the most challenging of situations. This is an incredibly social and jovial alignment of these two planets. The moon moves into Leo adding heightened creative energy to the mix as well!

On Wednesday, Venus in Libra comes up against its first challenge, squaring Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. Saturn and Venus are both in their home signs - Saturn also loves to be in Libra so while this may not be super feel-good as it relates to the balance in our relationships, we'll be able to get down to brass tax with greater ease under this alignment. This really calls attention to "love isn't enough" in some partnerships - sometimes, if it doesn't work in reality, it's not meant to work- this can also look at times like a shedding of karmic partnerships or a need to release an aspect of a relationship with Venus and the South Node doing their dance.

Thursday, Mercury in Libra squares up with Pluto in Capricorn which has the potential to go a number of different ways based on each person - sometimes, when Mercury and Pluto square each other, we may have to face those inconvenient truths we've been avoiding. We may need to look at a situation as-is, especially if we're of the avoidant variety. If you're like me and you're particularly probing for whatever the "truth" of the situation is, this will be an easier day for you. And remember, truth without compassion is brutality.

The Sun in Libra will oppose Chiron in Aries which may leave us feeling exposed or wounded on an ego level - if we get criticized at work or in our partnership - and we may be particularly self-critical on Thursday as well. I'm a big proponent of self-compassion because each and every person makes mistakes and there's really no shame in that. The moon will move into the sign of Virgo which means that our critical nature will be well-cultivated especially because it'll be in its dark moon phase, the phase right before the new moon where the shadow tendencies of that sign rear their ugly head.

Saturday, Saturn and the South Node conjunct once again - they've been traveling together for quite a while which hasn't exactly been a walk in the park this year. For those of us who have been craving power and control, we've had to really dismantle some of those tendencies within us in favor of an easier, softer way and this highlights that - this also shows that on some level, the direction the collective is moving in is different from the way that our governments and institutions are set up.

Also on Saturday, the dark moon resolves and the new moon in Libra is ushered in for a chance to reset altogether. This is a time for us to find our own unwavering inner balance and stability - the peace within is what we're looking for during this time. Look below to find how this will influence your sun and rising signs (I highly recommend people check their rising sign first - more accuracy).

On Saturday, after our relationships being put through a little bit of struggle with the Venus square to Saturn earlier in the week, Venus in Libra gets a helpful expansive positivity boost from Jupiter in Sagittarius. This causes us to enjoy those we're around and to see the good in those we link up with. This will assist in lifting the mood from the Saturn-South Node conjunction, though sextiles are a choice to tap into - choose wisely.

New Moon By Sign:

Libra: This new moon is bringing a rebirth to your identity - focus on yourself today for the most optimal results, reclaiming some space and time for yourself despite that selflessness and people-pleasing is in your nature. This will continue to set you apart and help you unwind whatever cycle you're working on closing out from your family of origin.

Scorpio: This new moon is going to bring some balance to those fears and worries that remain unconscious - your dreams and waking state imaginations will be incredibly vivid. The more that you tune into something spiritual or perhaps even get into your body, rather than believing your mind, the better.

Sagittarius: This new moon is bringing you the ability to see your circle of friends and your role in your community really clearly - who you need to pull back from and who you can go towards. You may decide that you want to lean on your community for support at this time or do something to support your community, rather than focusing on what it is that you have to gain from interactions.

Capricorn: This new moon is assisting you in revamping your career- perhaps you want to bring in more balance or learn a new skill that can be used toward your bigger picture vision. Don't let ego, the need to be perfect or the endless quest for power and control to take over- simply step into inspired action and plant those new seeds.

Aquarius: This new moon for you is about bringing balance into your beliefs - rather than perhaps being fanatical or too passive about something you believe in. If you desire to get out of the country, take a look at some tickets - if you want to learn something new, figure out what it takes to sign up. This gives no time for your subconscious mind to rule the roost.

Pisces: This new moon for you is about you going into your basement level, your shadow self, and cleaning it up in there - integration and reclaiming can be really powerful for you on this new moon. You may have an emotional release and the ability to see more clearly as a result. Try not to get swept out of that space by others- and for that matter, take a good look at your friend circle because there are a few folks that are pulling on you a little bit too much.

Aries: This new moon for you calls your focus towards your relationships in your life- perhaps they could use a little bit of reflection and attention from you - if your career and the challenging things that are going on in that space are pulling you away from your love, or from others in your life, it's time to find balance in that.

Taurus: This new moon for you is bringing balance in your lifestyle - you may decide to put a plant-based lifestyle into your space or try out a new exercise regimen. Perhaps you realize that something needs to change for you to be able to support yourself in a more well-rounded way. This can really allow you take back your power from a part of your life that is causing disillusionment.

Gemini: This new moon for you is all about experiencing the fullness of fun and joy. Try not to allow some doom and gloom that has been coming up for you get in the way of expressing creatively - and you will have something to express on this new moon day.

Cancer: This new moon is all about making your safest sanctuary away. You may feel particularly inward around this season and it's fully and totally okay to continue to cut the cords to people that aren't serving you, favoring more your inner world to your outer at this time. This energy is super well-served for listening more to your deeper pangs, sitting in the darkness that creative expression is born out of, rather than getting pulled out of your own experience by others.

Leo: This new moon for you is all about communication - perhaps you're tired of saying the same things over and over again. Leo rising folks are the busiest people in the zodiac right now - the feeling of "busy" is almost unbearable and it's wearing down your physical body. Take the time to draw away and to be still so that you can say what you need to and mean to say.

Virgo: This new moon for you offers an opportunity to find balance with your money - with spending and saving, manifesting new opportunities for income and finding beauty within yourself and all that you have to offer and the value you bring. This is something that could easily be derailed by escapism and indulgence if you allow for that.

I hope that you enjoy this new moon and the fall equinox! <3

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