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Horoscope for the week of 9.20 - 9.26 || Full moon in Pisces, four nice trines and more ~*change*~

Hello loves, hope you're having a good wrap to your weekend.

If you felt somewhat of a "wake-up call" moment, some frustration, especially towards the end of the week (Thursday, Friday) that was when the Venus and Saturn square was going really strong, so you're not alone at all in that. I experienced that and observed other super fixed people (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) really experience that, but now I/we have a list of lessons that we can use moving forward.

This is in addition to the fact that ALL outer planets are retrograde, with Mercury to join next Monday. This IS a time to go inward, reflect, see what needs to be corrected, purge, feel and retrieve the aspects of yourself from the past that need to be retrieved. You can do it. :)

This full moon in Pisces on Monday, 9.20 is very interesting. It's in the latter degrees of Pisces which is where fear bubbles up from within us ~ and what we do with that fear and instability is really up to us. We can project it outward or we can really look at it, what it connects to, reflect on it. I've struggled a lot in my life as a Virgo Mercury-Venus-Mars (all conjunct) with the notion of "surrender" but I'd say that this is the day to do it.

This is a good day to dream a good dream, to be conscious with your thoughts, to take notice of what arises from the deep, from your unconscious and subconscious minds ~ and if you're naturally sensitive it's a good day to batten down the hatches. Take a salt bath, be with water, set your intentions into water, be water. :) Compassion, but not too much. Do no harm, but take no shit ~ from yourself, from others.

Also on Monday, there's some really nice trines that will offset, or maybe pull us out of potentially, what arises from within the deep-within-us. The start of the week really is a good time to set the pace for the rest of it, due to a few challenging aspects that take place that I'll discuss a few paragraphs down.

Mercury in Libra will trine Jupiter in Aquarius ~ this is a nice aspect for connection and community, finding a space of collaboration even in spaces where there could be conflict. Monday is a good day for forgiveness and grace for sure especially with that full moon in Pisces. Mercury in Libra likes to discuss ideas, not people ~ and Jupiter in Aquarius even in its retrograde glory is very expansive and far reaching into the future. This is a good time for networking in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Also on Monday Mars in Libra makes a trine to the North Node in Gemini. I love trines from Mars to the North Node, even with Mars where it doesn't necessarily like to be in the sign of Libra because it really does allow our actions to align with where we're going in a way that doesn't feel stressful, that may even feel easy. Monday is a very mental day, full of stimulation and communication, but with this full moon in Pisces we have to remember to stay grounded in our center and to take breaks from the outer world and draw into your inner world.

On Tuesday, the moon moves into the sign of Aries which could feel like a jump start jolt to the face after the moons transit through Pisces :) We can get pretty firey, angry, heated under the moon in Aries so you just want to make sure that you cool your jets how you can.

Wednesday the Sun begins its descent into Libra, where it doesn't *necessarily* like to be. This is where we can seek things like balance, harmony, validation, from our external world and our relationships when ideally those states of being are ones that we arrive to internally. As the weather gets a bit colder over the course of this Libra season, the desire is there to couple up ~ and I invite you to do so with super discernment this year if that is something you experience! With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened at the beginning of 2020, that was time to retire played out relationship patterns collectively.

The thing that is really nice about the Sun in Libra is our access to a refined creativity and the ability to see the world and ourselves through the lens of beauty.

Mercury in Libra on Wednesday will be squaring Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ~ and Mercury is super close to going into retrograde (Monday, 9.27). This is a time where unconscious tendencies to try to control, cajole or manipulate others comes up really strong and where tensions can arise in communication. This is a transient, but difficult, transit.

Thursday, Venus in Scorpio is going to oppose Uranus in Taurus. It's interesting ~ Uranus loves to be in Scorpio and Venus loves to be in Taurus so they're opposing from where they're not exactly comfortable. Uranus in Taurus can show us where we are resistant to change in our physical reality and can bring on a lot of changes in our value system and in our relationship (as well as in the monetary system, collectively) over its transit until 2025 through chill, grounded, rooted and sometimes resistant Taurus. Venus in Scorpio can sometimes make us feel paranoid or compulsive.

So one thing is for sure with this Venus opposition with Uranus ~ it brings change. Change makes us super uncomfortable on the whole, so make sure you're treating your nervous system well through supplementation, frequency music from Dr. Virtual (on youtube :) ) and maybe also breathwork. Best to expect the unexpected with Uranus.

The moon will be involved in this Uranus-Venus opposition with the moon moving into Taurus, which can normally feel like a two and a half day period where we're able to set ourselves straight, get grounded, once every 28 days. However, our emotions are wrapped up in whatever this change ends up being for us. The moon in Taurus is one of my favorite placements to have in friends and people close to me AND the one thing I've noticed is that there can be almost an immovability or a stubbornness and that's something that if you resonate with that or feel that coming up on Thursday can be transmuted with Taurus things: smells, tastes, body awareness, touch. :)

As we move towards the weekend there are some nice trines to help us to settle and integrate any amount from this weeks crescendo of change before Mercury stations retrograde on Monday.

Saturday, Mars in Libra trines over to Saturn in Aquarius for an ease in staying focused, an awareness of what we want to commit to and act upon. Maybe we decide that we want to set some limits for ourselves in a part of our lives, which is what Saturn teaches us. This will be felt in the days leading up to and after this aspect so do your best to observe this week what you feel you may need to set some limitations around.

Sunday, the Sun in Libra will trine the North Node in Gemini which is lovely for relationships and connection as are most air trines. This also serves to align us with what we know is best for us to be placing our attention on. We'll see it clearly on Sunday if we're paying attention. And the moon is going to move into Gemini as well and will conjoin the North Node, so if we get rattled during the week Sunday will set us straight and we'll be more clear :)

Another reminder, Mercury is stationing retrograde on Monday, 9.27 ~ which is notoriously not a great time for signing contracts and documents, beginning or ending relationships ~ but idk I'm kind of under the impression that life doesn't really stop for the planets, so do your thing, just do it carefully and pay attention :) If you need to get your car or tech checked out, do it before Monday!

With all my love, M

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