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Horoscope for the week of 9.13 - 9.19 || retain your center

Greetings loves!

I hope that you are doing well. In this time of transition it's super important to refine your relationships, to consider the quality of them ~ and to really be choosy with who you share your energy with. There's clearly a psychological civil war brewing, lines have been drawn in the stand which is very "north node in Gemini" and I think that in order to preserve peace of mind, a gold standard in today, it's good to clear out people in your life who want to force anything on you how you can.

Also keep in the back of your head just how many planets are in retrograde right now if you're struggling to get things off the ground. I do believe that we can manifest in a way that arches over astrology, but that's only after serious deep inner work. This is a good time to go inward, to reflect, to heal, to integrate and to write your checks to the Universe as my friend Brilla said, so that when October and November through January hits, you can begin to cash them.

Tuesday, Mars, the planet of conflict, aggression and sexuality moves into Libra on Tuesday until October 30th when it will moves into Scorpio where it will be dignified. Mars in Libra can sometimes bring a passive flavor, making it harder for us to speed up any amount, in addition to how many retrograde planets there are. This will be nicely aspecting the north node in Gemini throughout this transit so it's good to really keep our focus on what we can control, making small actions that lead us to where we want to go.

Another aspect of this Mars in Libra that comes up collectively is lawsuits. I suspect that there will be some people disappointed with the legal system and power plays on behalf of all of the corporations. Pluto in Capricorn is at peak corruption in our institutions and systems at this point in time.

This is also where we may find on a positive note that it's easier to be diplomatic and to get your point across, and people who realize just how aggressive they've become may have impetus to soften any amount.

Also on Tuesday, the Sun in Virgo which is causing us to really look at the minutia of our own personal lives, our environments, our health, is moving into an opposition with Neptune. This is where we can kinda lose track of who we are, which is why I recommend this week to write down your personal mission statement and values. We could lose ourselves to other people in our lives ~ and really just in general this is the time to stay on top of your spiritual protection. I'm going to be working on courses in the coming weeks to offer folks assistance with this accessibly, but this is a time to stay conscious. Your dreams maybe super active this week due to this aspect as well as the waxing moon to come full on Monday in Pisces. Write them down.

The moon will move into Capricorn on Tuesday, giving ourselves the opportunity to assess what's going on in the real world and to assess what our next steps need to be from a very practical space. The moon will trine the Sun on Wednesday which really gives us that nice ability to get oriented towards the practical and the natural.

On Thursday, the sun in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn, which is in a retrograde station. This is a good day to change something that you need assistance from the Universe in changing. Check which house the Sun and Pluto are traveling in for more information on this! Pluto transits can sometimes feel dark, even when there's positive aspects, but I think it's interesting how there's this assumption that the "light" side of life is better because it feels better, when I've had my most profound blessings come after time of really reconciling with my own inner darkness.

The moon will move into Aquarius as well on Thursday, coming up against Saturn on Friday and Jupiter on Saturday which both give us a different perspective ~ pretty much a guarantee once a month when the moon moves into Aquarius. This gives us a birds eye view perspective, like really zoomed out, which helps us to see things in our lives differently. 10/10 would recommend.

Friday, Venus in Scorpio will square Saturn, which is retrograde in Aquarius. This doesn't look too pleasant from my perspective but it's a transient aspect. Venus really wants to feel things deeply in Scorpio, wants us to look at certain things that are uncomfortable so that we can inevitably feel more resolved... and Saturn in Aquarius is sorta this new guard, artificial force that benefits from us being disconnected from ourselves. So it can kinda feel like your path forward is constricted or limited in some way ~ this is a low self-esteem and self-worth aspect, so if that is something that you wrestle with it's good to use Friday as a day to affirm your innate worthiness of being.

Sunday, the moon moves into Pisces which will wane to its full glory on Monday, which is going to produce dreams and visions for many on the thread of awareness and with lucidity ~ and it can almost feel like the ream world is merging with the "real" world (this is the dream, just my opinion). This could easily exacerbate some of the desire to escape that pervades this country and the world right now, with Neptune where it's at in Pisces. This full moon will be closeby to Neptune, so keep an eye out for your illusions, make sure that they're grounded. This is all about the difference between what is practical and what is idealistic ~ what is possible and what is impossible and the way that those definitions can change.

I hope that you enjoy your week ahead!

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